Ken Kutaragi Doesn't See The Point in the Metaverse

Ken Kutaragi, the creator of the PlayStation and current CEO at Ascent AI, isn't a big fan of the Metaverse or VR headsets.

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Magog117d ago

He's dead right about the meta verse but dead wrong about VR. VR is much more social than playing fortnite with or without a mic or any other online game. In VR you can tell there is another human in multi-player games and not just an NPC.

darthv72117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I like VR but it is also rather limiting. Others around you cant really share in the experience, not unless you got a super rig of a PC that can support multiple HMD. Something like this:

Magog117d ago

How many people are happy to sit there and watch their friend/partner play a video game anyway? As far as online multiplayer VR is far more social than flat games.

MrBaskerville117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Other players can see what you see on the tv. It can be a fun social experience actually.

Neonridr116d ago

I almost always out my PC to my TV when playing VR games so whoever can see what I'm doing. Beat Saber especially when I'm playing with the Mrs.

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StormSnooper116d ago

on the PSVR you can watch your friend play on the screen.

CrimsonIdol116d ago

I'm getting motion sickness just thinking about VR streamed from the cloud

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CaptainHenry916116d ago

I enjoy the VR Oculus rift but I like the Quest 2 better because it's Wireless

SullysCigar116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

The trouble is, the trade-off is comfort, weight, graphics and performance.

I agree with Ken on metaverse, but VR headsets are gaining in popularity and the tech is moving forward at pace. Ultimately, it his thoughts on this don't really matter more than anyone else's - many people don't even get traditional gaming, but the industry still booms.

The antisocial angle is a non-starter for a few reasons and it's certainly not true in my household.

darthv72117d ago

"Ascent’s goal is to develop software and products for robotics to better interact with the real world." so we may be getting surrogates soon is what you're telling me.....?

CrimsonWing69117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

VR is the future to me. Once we've gotten it to the level of traditional gaming in terms of visuals and we can translate third person camera camera controls to VR then that's complete and total immersion.

darthv72117d ago

i know this wont happen in my lifetime but maybe I'll be reincarnated as someone else and be able to experience holodecks like in star trek.

therealsasquatch116d ago

One big issue that still needs to be resolved is the nausea problem people can and do get from it.

SullysCigar116d ago

Yes, my bro-in-law gets it. They've made massive strides to understand and combat that, though, and I'm looking forward to putting a PSVR2 on his face after what we've learned on that front so far.

BoneMagnus117d ago

In the metaverse, people will be able to do whatever they want without real world consequences - that will be the appeal. Lie GTA to the nth degree.)

People were already losing themselves in MMORPGs years ago - because for them it was preferable to real life. I think the Metaverse will be the same - only far more enticing - and addictive.

ElvisHuxley117d ago

Nor do I. It's stupid, and an attempt for our technocracy to exert more control over the populace than they already do.

blackblades117d ago

I think everything that new these days is stupid, guess I'm just stuck normal world.

specialguest116d ago

Yes! Facebook is leading the charge and they have a grand scheme to do exactly what you stated. Behind the veil of what's cool and interesting about VR is a more dark engineered plan for control

WelkinCole116d ago

Just a way for FB to map out your home or current surrounding so that they can gather even more info from you

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