Report: Ghostwire Tokyo PSN Page Updated With March Release Date

It appears that the Ghostwire Tokyo release date is set for sometime in March, as revealed by an updated PSN store page.

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Magog125d ago

The last of the Bethesda Playstation exclusives.

purple101125d ago

True . Is it me though, or are playstation taking the mic. In regards to the sheer amount of quality games their putting out.

I know this one, happens to be third party, but in general, with horizon and Gran Turismo coming, them the smaller games cannot be forgotten 'kena: bridge of spirits' and 'sifu'

Then at Xmas, most likey, god of war. That's at least 4 high rated games this year. As it has been, every year for last 10 years.

I don't have the money for all this. Especially if I want say, one other 3rd party game. Sheesh!

Mcardle125d ago

Covid Bonus, all these delays the last few years are bunching together game releases. 2023 is going to be off the charts.

ThatsGaming125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I can't complain with Sony's first party exclusives since launch. All have been very high quality.

The only real gripe I have is the first party dead spot from June 11, 2021 with Ratchet and Clank to February 18, 2022 for Horizon Forbidden West. This gripe applies to XB as well. December 8, 2021 and no specific ship date for the next first party game except Starfield November 11, 2022.

Oh and the other gripe I have is Sony's turn around on "we believe in generations". I understand that they want to take advantage of the install base already there, but to be frank there is no way Spider-man MM, Horizon, and God of War can be considered fully next gen games if they are not shipping only on next gen consoles. And of course the same thing applies on XB. I know people are wowed by FH5, but the fact is that it is a last gen tech game. FH4 looks just as beautiful of FH5.

eaze2013125d ago

I love xbox and the gamepass and whatnot, but absolutely agree, Sony's quality is just on another level. I started replaying God of War, this time on PC, and man that Baldur fight, how many studios would be ever able to actually do that.

It's really about the talent, and Sony has droves of them, I used to think that a lot of studios weren't making these games just because they didn't want to and instead wanted easy to make things for more money (which to an extent can be the case), but it really does come down to talent doesn't it, you need the right talent to make experiences like that, not everyone has that.

I can genuinely only hope Microsoft comes close to sort of this quality down the line.

isarai125d ago

They've always been that way...

KillBill125d ago

Odd that you would make that remark on a game that is simply a timed exclusive and owned by Microsoft?

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itsmebryan125d ago

I hope it's good. It looks interesting.

RaidenBlack125d ago

I still don't know much about this game.

plmkoh125d ago

Looks interesting enough to try.

CaptainHenry916125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Is this game coming to PC on the same release date as the PS5?

TheRealTedCruz125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It's PC day one, and a timed console exclusive for PS5.

SullysCigar125d ago

Cool - let me know when they confirm PSVR2 support, otherwise I'm good.