Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has led to extensive crunch at TT Games

From Polygon: "In late 2017, development studio TT Games began work on Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga at a time when dozens inside the company were at odds with management. Citing frustration over tight development schedules, the company’s crunch culture, and outdated development tools, more than 20 current and former TT Games employees tell Polygon that calls for change over the years had largely been ignored.

Multiple people who worked at the studio remember breaking down outside of work hours because of the workload and some of the stresses they were under."

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-Foxtrot118d ago

You know the industry is in a bit of a state when developers at a studio have to go through crunch over a LEGO game.

darthv72118d ago

do you have any idea how many pieces it takes to build a lego deathstar???? They been working on it for a long time so it will all be over soon.

Rebel_Scum117d ago

No doubt they’re gonna rush this out the door with an unfinished death star in episode 6 smdh…

GhostofHorizon118d ago

That's unfortunate, nobody should have to go through crunch.

Outlawzz117d ago

I will never understand why crunch is such a huge thing in video game culture. Can there ever not be crunch? Lol

SoulWarrior117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Demanding execs, poor management, whiny shareholders, it's unfortunate and really shouldn't be as much of a thing.

CrimsonWing69117d ago

Yea and? This happens with a lot of things that have deadlines in many different industries. Are we going to have a freaking article for every game developed?

Back in the day people slept under the desks in the offices. If they aren’t doing that now, things have improved.

Darkwatchman117d ago

There literally have been stories of developers in the modern era sleeping at work and not being home for weeks on end

CrimsonWing69117d ago

This isn’t anything new then.

Crunch is always going to be a thing especially in the game industry. Even with proper management you run into debugging and all the wonderful anomalies that come with software and development all while trying to meet a deadline.

I’d say the time to get pissed about it is if people aren’t getting paid for overtime or if working conditions are god awful.

Sgt_Slaughter117d ago

This needs to change and it should start as soon as possible. The stress levels endured during these unrealistic crunch periods probably takes years off of people's lives for fear of losing your job.

Just because something has always been a thing doesn't mean people can't speak up against it and advocate for change.

CrimsonWing69117d ago

It’s not realistic especially given deadlines. I have personal experience with crunch in my job. So, I can tell you this happens in a lot of jobs regardless of how well employees and tasks are managed.

SenorFartCushion116d ago


Move the deadlines.

Deadlines are made up by people. They’re just made up. They’re words on paper, nothing more.

Every single single single single game delayed is opposing deadlines.

Gamer79116d ago

It happens in all industries. Cold fusion YouTube channel has a couple of videos about the first iPhone and the apple Newton, the crunch on these 2 products was immense.

CrimsonWing69116d ago

Yea that’s what I was trying to get at. I understand this whole, “We want the world to be a perfect place where everyone is happy” mentality, but it’s not realistic and when you have deadlines it almost always requires crunch time. These people get paid for their overtime and this isn’t anything new to the industry. They know what they’re signing up for.

I hate to break it to people, but doing work is sometimes hard and sometimes stressful. In the industry of creativity it’s especially hard when you don’t have unlimited time and funding to make a project for consumers.

SenorFartCushion116d ago

@crimson (again)

Try to not do two things for me:

Have kids.

Get a driving license.

You’ll just endanger people 😅😅😅

SenorFartCushion116d ago

That’s like saying things have improved because only one person gets stabbed and not 3. Improved, mathematically, sure, but someone was still stabbed.

Crunch is seen as a failure by business owners and creatives across America, which is odd because Americans are usually last when it comes to this kind of thing. This is a studio that’s in England doing it too, which means that it’s even more egregious,

CrimsonWing69116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Stabbings are a bit different than having to work overtime to meet a deadline. I get you’re trying to say less of a bad thing doesn’t make it a good thing, but we’re talking about work and deadlines here.

Yes, crunch is a result of not maintaining the time management goals throughout a projects development lifecycle, but this is borderline common in a lot of businesses, that again, have to meet a deadline. Does that mean it’s unethical to employees or that the business is inherently evil for making their employees work extra to meet the deadline? No, it doesn’t. It sucks to have to work extra, I don’t think anyone will refute that. However, they are compensated for doing so and if they aren’t, well now we have a discussion.

Not everything goes according to plan and it’s costly to do delays, so it’s not just magically move the goal post and work until it’s finished.

Let me ask you this, Señor Fart Cushion, what would you do to change crunch in the workplace? Do you have any solutions? I assume you have a driver’s license and kids, so you must have all the answers, here.

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Firebird360117d ago

Sadly no. Which in 2022 is crazy.

Stonilein117d ago

Then they should crunch some more instead of complaining like some hoes , game devs earn about 8k per month

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