PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X head-to-head.

We've spent a year playing the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and while they're both gaming powerhouses, only one feels like a must-have right now.

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Tacoboto120d ago

Xbox is a better system relative to legacy support and those that prefer shooters and racers.

PlayStation has always had the upper hand when it comes to those generation-defining story-driven experiences.

I said in another article I preferred Halo over Ratchet - as true as that is to me, it's impossible to deny just how well-made Ratchet was. Such a cohesive well-realized pristinely-paced story, a wide array of unique weapons, huge set pieces, a Big Head Mode and fun collectibles, all on the disc in a campaign you can 100% in a reasonable 15-20 hours. Ratchet follows in a long line of titles like the Spider-Men games before it, The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Horizon, so on and so forth.

HardKnockKid24120d ago

It really sucks that a person can give one of the most well thought out, balanced and fair bits insight in N4G history and still get down voted/ratio’d.

Anyhow, agree with you wholeheartedly here. Hoping both platforms continue to pressure each other into delivering the content that they each currently lack. Love the new approach to Halo but I almost wish the story was written by Naughty Dog haha.

Zhipp120d ago

Honestly most of the down votes probably came from people who just read the first sentence

TheRealTedCruz120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

N4G be N4G.

I've been saying to get rid of the voting system for a while now. If you like, or have an issue with someone's opinion, then voice it. Don't just hit a little button and call it a day.

It just allows the majority to publicly label someone's comment wrong without even offering a counter argument.

anast120d ago

@Ted The vote button is fun to use.

Perjoss120d ago

For many years this website has had a heavy Sony fan presence in comparison to fans of other platforms, this is not a bad thing, except for the super immature ones that will downvote you even if you post facts that they do not like. For example if you say something like "X game runs at native 4k on Xbox and 1440p on Playstation" you will get downvoted even if its correct information. You don't even need to read a ton of comments around here to see that this is true.

Tacoboto120d ago

N4G people indeed be N4G people. Some like to troll, some deflect and distract, some can't let go of the past... some seem to exist here only to do all of that.

The best thing to do is keep talking about what we enjoy, and how what we disagree with could be better without inflating our negativity towards that.

Petebloodyonion119d ago

Do ppl really concern themselves with the vote/downvote system?
If you want popularity just mention Playstation is #1 and they make the best games a couple time.
the opposite rings true for your just need to question their practices (price hike, charging for upgrade, etc) and you will start to get some recurring downvotes on all your posts.

Personnally I see the system as a way to gage my usual fanbase who seem to hit the disagree button on all my posts (even things like I enjoyed playing X past games).

Hey at least it make me chuckle to see that some ppl waste their time going to all my post and spam the downvote like it's gonna teach me or something :)

(Now have your fun and click the downvote)

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Tapani120d ago

Both systems are great, but given the market conditions, they cost double of their street price or more. I naturally like Playstation and Switch for the exclusives, but the former will have plenty of stuff on PC nowadays, so I'll just wait. The consoles I really liked have been Snes, PSX, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Switch, and PS4. PS4 Pro was a good 30fps machine when an SSD was attached to it. Nowadays I can wait for the PS exclusives to land on PC, because when they are presented in native 4K60 with slightly better details than on console, they still look extremely competitive a couple of years late graphically, and always narratively are above what you find on PC normally. I also don't like the input lag of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

VersusDMC120d ago

You can get every Switch game on PC as well through emulation. And you don't have to wait a couple of's there day one. There was even a Kotaku article about it. Only place to get switch games with actual good framerates.

Tapani120d ago

@VersusDMC, where I live you will go to jail and pay hundreds of thousands in fees because of emulation. The laws in Japan are extremely strict.

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darthv72120d ago

Currently i dont have the Series X but that will change soon enough. I do have the Series S though and that has been a great little box. I have it next to my PS5 in my bedroom and use it almost daily. I don't have as many PS5 games at the moment so I have not been using it as much but that will change once I get GT7 and Horizon and especially God of War.

Petebloodyonion119d ago

I have the serie X and would tell you that your Serie S is more then enough for the moment (unless you need it for the disc drive).
4k is a overrated marketing ploy that even TV companies changed in favor of HDR and tv screen types (oled) for promotting better images and the reason is quite simple the human eyes lose details when you look from to far.
So what's the ideal distance to see the 4K difference according to Sony?

"For 4K models
Recommended distance for viewing 4K TV is 1.5 times of the TV vertical screen size. Viewed from this distance, individual pixels cannot be differentiated by naked eyes. This means that pixels effectively disappear when viewing 4K images. This creates the impression of watching TV pictures with the same detail and resolution as real life."
55 inches tv = 3.28 feets

If you are watching a 1080P screen the same effect apply at 3X time the viewing distance
55 inches = 6.89 feet

So basically you will see a difference if you are sitting between 3 to 7 feets from the Tv and after that well you can't spot the difference.
And again this info comes from Sony support site

Tacoboto119d ago

Series S is the little-console-that-could for its price point and intended use, but it's more than just resolution at this point now. It went from being the best-performing 120fps machine in Halo's first tech preview to being capped out at 60fps by only the second TP.

I would bet it's because the campaign mode buckled its resolution even further below where it was in MP in order to sustain that, which was already very muddy in that mode. Guardians of the Galaxy on it doesn't have a 60fps mode, the best they have is an unlocked fps mode. Doom Eternal and The Medium are rare RT titles on Xbox Series, but neither include that feature on the S, and Metro Exodus runs at a very low sub-HD resolution.

peppeaccardo120d ago

Nothing against XBOX BUT I did not have to read the article to know that PS5 brings the real innovation, add a portfolio of innovative games and you have full package. (For those who think I am an hater ... I have a ryzen 9 + RTX 3080 with which I enjoy each and every XBOX game on PC).

quenomamen119d ago

What you play Xbox games on PC ? How dare you !!!!

Father__Merrin120d ago

ps5 is the only one that feels new and will carry on being very popular. the games will keep coming plus theres VR2 around the corner and its got the best controller

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Crows90120d ago

ps5 is the only must have since thats the only console with exclusives. Xbox has all their games on PC and you can also just use the cloud. You dont need an xbox to enjoy xbox games. Maybe playstation is heading the same direction but not quite 100% yet.

quenomamen119d ago

Xboys think its a sin to play Xbox games on PC. No you need an Xbox to play Xbox games !!!!

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