Rainbow Six Extraction Can Be Played As a Single-player Game but It's Not Advised

Rainbow Six Extraction has been developed for playing with friends, but you can be a lone wolf if you want.

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Garethvk117d ago

Its a bad idea as each zone can be significantly harder and you can lose your XP and operator very easily if some random attack or situation arises.

harrisonabbott117d ago

It depends entirely on the objective in my experience but also, yeah, the later stages aren't particularly fun on your own

Garethvk117d ago

Some may just ignore the objectives and for for XP on taking out as many bad guys as possible but that can take ages to get enough to advance.

Kurt Russell116d ago

This game is a lot more fun than I expected it to be. I couldn't play solo though... I definitely need someone to hold my hand as I clown my way about.

monkey602116d ago

I played it for about 2 hours last night with some friends and I just couldn't take to it.
It didn't play badly, it just didn't feel enjoyable either. It also has won't of the worst party chat bugs I've ever had to endure.

CrimsonWing69116d ago

Yea but I wouldn’t want to put my friends through this.

Flawlessmic116d ago

Its pretty cool to be honest enjoying it so far however need a regular crew to play it with as i sually dont feel confident on the 3rd excursion by myself.

In a team thats plays properly its a lot if fun when it all works

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