Halo Infinite BTB Hotfix Has Failed to Fix Matchmaking Problem, 343 Says

The Halo Infinite BTB hotfix arrived yesterday and 343 Industries had been carefully monitoring the problem with Big Team Battle matchmaking. Sadly, it seems that this hotfix has not resolved the problem.

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GaboonViper124d ago

This and Factions 2 will be my MP games i play this gen so i hope 343 sort this out soon.

slowgamer123d ago

I wish that the campaign would run better on pc, multiplayer runs fine.

GhostofHorizon123d ago

I was watching a tech break down and I think they mentioned that the engine 343 is using is not really made for open world. It seems to be bursting at seams as it is so it will be interesting to see what they do if they ever want to expand it.

Multiplayer should be smooth though because it's closed off.

anubusgold118d ago

No people are trying to run halo like its a joke its 8gb for high and 10gb for ultra if you dont have the vram you have to turn down your settings. The requirements are kind of high for halo and people are ignoring them. Even with a 3070 i get like 120 fps at 1440P

ChubbyBlade123d ago

I had the opposite experience. I get a lot of 60fps in the campaign but below 40 in multiplayer

slowgamer123d ago

I think that lowering texture quality in mp helped me to have 60.

Lexreborn2123d ago

Still waiting on that co-op update

Sgt_Slaughter123d ago

A 343 patch didn't fix a problem they created?

Where I have heard this before...

Shuckylad123d ago

VRR fix patch for Xbox would be welcome.

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