Resident Evil Village Wins CGMagazine Game of the Year 2021

Resident Evil Village takes home the Game of The Year crown for 2021, with Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 coming up right behind it.

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Daver117d ago

I agree Resident evil 8 was a great game. For me its between this and returnal

1nsomniac117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Was it really that good? It seemed at least to get mediocre reviews at time of release and a lot of negativity. It didn’t particularly look great as it looked like it took a step backwards from 7.

Seems to be getting a massive amount of media positivity just before it went on sale around Christmas. id heard sales figures were really poor then all of a sudden it seemed to go through a massive overly forced marketing campaign around the same time. I thought it was capcom buying opinions.

All these sudden positive articles and then the amount of GOTY awards it has received after such a media silence after the games release all seems a little suspicious. Considering picking it up though as it’s about £23 on PSN.

TheRealTedCruz117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

It's ... fine.
Definitely a step back from 7.

Every time Capcom does well returning the series to its horror roots, they need to then go back and turn it into a glorified action game with horror elements with the sequel.

Tacoboto116d ago

The game was very well-received at release, and the sales figures were the quickest of the franchise at launch. Not the highest-rated RE game, but its metacritic is just 2pts below 7's (84 vs 86) and its user score is higher than the critic score.

Not sure where your sources are from but they were off on both fronts. Nice try on trying to make it seem like a marketing conspiracy though.

1nsomniac116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

No trying necessary, the leak regarding sales figures was right before the game went on sale so less than a month ago. A company report about Sales figures and the poor reception of multiplayer.

.. and yes it was available for all to see that ignoring the creepy Dilmitrescu(?) response it certainly didn’t receive a straight cut positive response. That’s the entire reason I didn’t buy it after loving RE7 and then still not buying it when it dropped to £23 digitally for PS5 copy. I again assume that’s the reason it dropped in price so low so quickly. I’m not complaining tho I will pick it up at that price next time it goes on sale.

pietro1212115d ago

It was meant with good reception at launch and it’s on its way to outselling RE7.

leahcim117d ago

It is really amazing, Congrats CAPCOM, the best videogame company today, by far.
I really hope you could show more love for all your longtime fans bringing back franchises that you have in limbo (Onimusha, Breath of Fire, Dino Crisis, Megaman Legend, Clock Tower, etc).
I see Capcom today like the Squaresoft of yore, when all that were touched by them went GOLD

RedDevils116d ago

Those ip need remake not remaster.

TheColbertinator116d ago

Fantastic news. Not my favorite this year but it was better than I expected.

mastershredder116d ago

It was good, not a GOY title, maybe to someone with very little RE history and a small library. This was all too familiar and felt like a redux in many places.