Guerrilla offers a preview of Aloy’s epic quest into the Forbidden West

The next chapter of Aloy’s story begins on February 18, and she’ll face a storm of new threats: a world-ending blight, Regalla and her rebels, Sylens and his machinations… plus many new dangers that have yet to be revealed.

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Magog122d ago

This game is going to set the bar for what a AAAA game can and should be! 😍

GhostofHorizon122d ago

AAAA is a rarely used insider developer talk for a AAA game that also intends to be a live-service/GaaS game.

I'm excited for Horizon as well but let's not start setting a bar before the game is even out, nothing good ever comes from that.

Magog121d ago

AAAA means the very highest level of quality and polish it has nothing to do with live-service.

GhostofHorizon121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

What you're thinking of is AAA and it's predominately used to describe the budget and has very little to do with quality and polish.

It's why a great game like Returnal is generally not considered a "AAA" game and games like Battlefield and Call of Duty are even though they lack the quality and polish.

It's a marketing term.

Hatchetforce121d ago

No doubt about it. AAAAA game from Guerrilla.

121d ago
Crows90121d ago

Actually AAA was first used to describe polished games with a level of quality that was acceptable. Games in the past would release with tons of bugs and the AAA games promised to release polished.

Nowadays it only means budget but it used to mean much more.

darthv72121d ago

I don't care how many A's went into this... it looks Absolutely Awesome!

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Eonjay121d ago

I am really into the lore of this game. People can say what they want about AI and enviormental crisis but the real danger as ever is greed and this is a cautionary story about the pursuit of money over everything.

121d ago
H9121d ago

I get what you mean by just adding A doesn't make it better

Obscure_Observer121d ago

"AAAA means the very highest level of quality and polish it has nothing to do with live-service."

The "A" (s) translates in production value. Overall budge invested in the game. Nothing more, nothing less. There´s nothing to do with "quality"

121d ago
Obscure_Observer121d ago


"Name a single game that was referred to as "AAAA" or even "AAA" that's low quality?"

AAAA is just a term with no real meaning. Just an inside joke among devs.

AAA? Here:

I could go on, but you got the message

121d ago
Obscure_Observer121d ago (Edited 121d ago )


"The Order 1886 is a perfect example of that its a game with a low review score but was definitely high quality."

No, it´s not! Love Drake and Lafayette and would love even more to see a sequel were Lafayette would join The Rebellion as well.

The game is beautiful and look incredible to this day, but it´s low quality when comes to Weak boss fights (Werewolf rinse and repeat), messy gameplay and it´s clunky mechanics.

Quality games has to work properly. Gameplay has to be spot on. So no, aside graphics and some cool characters, The Order is a low quality AAA

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ThatsGaming121d ago

A month away from launch and the trailer was pretty much non-existent on gameplay.

sammarshall102121d ago

They've shown gameplay in other trailers

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Vithar121d ago

looks AMAZING!! cannot wait :)

S2Killinit121d ago

Oh man I can’t wait. Looks amazing.

SullysCigar121d ago

All signs pointing towards this one being a knock out. I like what I'm hearing about the VR Horizon game too.

Thos franchise got big FAST!

ps360owner09121d ago

It looks great and is my most anticipated game this year so far. I still wish it was PS5 only but I understand why it isn't. Hopefully the sequel will be built from the ground up for PS5.

Crows90121d ago

It will. Im pretty sure they opted for cross gen vs doing something like a remaster for ps5. Remember the Last of Us 1. It released on ps3 at the very end and then almost immediately on the ps4 as a "remaster"

I have a feeling it was a crossgen title but needed some more work due to the shift in architecture.

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