Best Console Exclusive of 2021

Twinfinite: “It's awards season here at Twinfinite and today we're running down the best console exclusives of 2021. Let's get into it, shall we?”

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darkrider119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Well. A success where? On pc the only place with numbers it avg 31k players in comparison the old destiny 2 got 58k... On consoles we don't know nothing. Just the fact that the game wasn't number one on the charts on December. I don't even know. If any halo wasn't number on the month it was launched.... But yeah it really made the diference...

Lightning77119d ago

It was number 2 right behind COD and even sold better than Pokemon. It beat out Battlefield though that game was atrocious mess, so that's a given.

It was only number 2 behind one of the most popular game of all time that's on multiple platforms. So terrible....

In thought Xbox gamers don't buy games anymore. What happen to that?

darkrider119d ago

Yes it's bad. Because halo 5 was number one... This one wasn't after 6 years without a halo game... Xbox gamers don't even buy games on Christmas... Scary stuff.

gravedigger118d ago

That was a launch month. How about to see Halo legs in the NPD chart for January next month?

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Fishy Fingers119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Maybe they're ranking based on how much fun they had with each, old fashioned concept I know.

darkrider119d ago

Don't take me wrong. I think forza and halo are great games. This is just talk about numbers.

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ThatsGaming118d ago

I really like this Halo game. And I am glad it is back.

I have played thru most of the campaign, and it is just a lot of fun.

MP also a lot of fun.

But it isn't flawless. In the campaign, you should be able to replay missions and it desperately should've shipped with Co-op. Also, bad things happen with quick resume.

On the MP side they still have to have a full fix for match making.

InUrFoxHole117d ago

Oh absolutely 💯. There is no excuse for not having co-op at launch if I'm being objective. This game could've been a 10/10. If I'm being honest I would give it either a 7.5 or 8/10.

Flawlessmic118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I have ratchet and forza 5 tied as my the best games of 2021.

The both looked next gen and were pure joys to play, i platinum'd ratchet and finished basically every race avaiable on forza 5s map not including any online stuff.

Halo was fun and i enjoyed my time with the campaign but the story wasnt great and the graphics underwhelming. Id put resident evil i ahead of that aswell.

But hey each to there own

Youngindy21118d ago

Halo Infinite's graphics are great. I don't know what you're talking about. If you don't have a Series X just say that.

AKS118d ago

It looks like Halo. The graphics are decent but nowhere close to being among the best currently. It's a fun game to play and with a few tweaks (progression and various minor concerns) could be a great multiplayer game. I think the visuals are competent but not a big selling point for me. Games like Resident Evil Village and Metro Exodus blow Halo away visually. Forza Horizon 5 is also a more graphically impressive game than Halo. Ratchet is definitely the most graphically impressive game that has been released on a console so far, some of which is due to Insomniac being way ahead of other developers in the first year of the new generation of consoles. I expected games to start to look like that within a couple of years but not that fast. The use of reconstruction or upscaling to get both a balance of performance, ray tracing, and graphical detail is also where I expected developers to arrive in a couple of years but Insomniac decided to make that within a couple of months instead.

Flawlessmic118d ago

I have a series x thank you very much, and no halos graphics were not great, it wasnt bad either just expected more from xboxs biggest ip

brewin118d ago

Ratchet was great, but it felt like half of a bigger game. Returnal just didn't do it for me, roguelikes are not my cup of tea. I found it rather annoying honestly. I tried to like it, even came back to it for another go recently but still just could not get into it. Forza Horizon and Halo were told for me. I have GP but still bought copies of both.

Crows90118d ago

Did you beat returnal?

I have a friend who was also annoyed but only because he kept dying. He kept at it and is now playing much better and clearly loves it.

Chevalier118d ago

Same. As soon as I beat the 1st boss and got my way through the 2nd biome the game kind of opened up for me. It just took time to get used to how to not die. It was really rewarding being able to overcome the challenge.

brewin118d ago

Yeah I'm going to give it more chances but I don't like that I have to try so hard to like a game. I have a feeling it will click eventually but I just havent hit that sweet spot yet.

Crows90118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

For me returnal was the best. Only because it stuck with me months later. I sold it after I beat it and now I regret it because I'd like to keep playing it. That's never happened to me. 5/5

Halo infinite was probably the worst console exclusive for me since I don't like the open world and I don't like that it released incomplete. Also don't like the monetization scheme at all or the customization. It's got great gunplay but I need my games to have a little more than just good gunplay. Didn't like the story either. Bosses were pretty mediocre...I mean if you've played either doom game you'd know what I mean. 3/5

Ratchet was a great platformer. But it's similar to me as guardians of the Galaxy. Nice pretty games but overall it didn't leave an impact. Great characters and great dialogue though. 4/5

Forza...I'm not a racing fan...I'm a burnout fan so I prefer destruction like car games. But if someone really loves car games..I'm sure this game is great but I can't be the judge of that. The only genre I don't think I could review appropriately.

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