First Party Xbox 360 Games join the $39.99 Party!

With the launch of the Xbox 360 came the new game pricing point of $59.99 being pushed by most publishers (outside of Microsoft Games)... Well, it is time to rejoice fellow penny pinchers as the the $39.99 summertime Xbox 360 game party just got a bit more crowded...

The Microsoft Game Studios first party titles (Perfect Dark Zero, Project Gotham 3 and Kameo) are joining several of the key launch titles from Electronic Arts (Madden NFL 06, NBA Live 06, FIFA Soccer 06, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06) and Ubisoft (King Kong) at the $39.99 retail price at several on-line retailers

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OutLaw6306d ago

I had the game before. But now I may consider getting it again.

clayton6305d ago

I currently have all the 360's releases, my favorites by far ar G.R.A.W. and Oblivion.

USMChardcharger6305d ago (Edited 6305d ago )

i am glad the article pointed out the fact that not all games are 59.99...just the ones published outside of M$.
price is still one thing unknown about the PS3 titles...anyone heard anything yet?

Xtrm L1481L1TY6305d ago

Yeah, hence the term "FIRST PARTY". It's in the header dude.

THWIP6305d ago

...and I could've sworn it was $40.00 then. If so, I suppose it will drop to $30?

OutLaw6305d ago (Edited 6305d ago )

I believe Kameo was $49.99 and third party games were $59.99

But I could be wrong.

shotty6305d ago

Not all 3rd party are 59.99. Rockstar table tennis was 39.99 at launch so was dynasty warrior 5. I remember also that there were a handful of 3rd party like final fantasy that launched at $49.99

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Jin_Sakai1d 10h ago

I tossed 3 grenades at cops on the PS5 version and the game crashed. 😂

mastershredder1d 9h ago

The set up to this is so dumb in/a forgettable, who gives a f moment. Nice focus on what’s really broken with this game.

thorstein1d 3h ago (Edited 1d 2h ago )

This game is now almost as broken as the launch version.

I literally saw a blown up police car just "driving" (floating) down the street. What the heck is going on? The CDPR official site has a post about all the new bugs that is 11 pages long.

Stuttering. Crashes. Glitches like Jackie sticking a gun in his head. NPCs floating around with their arms oustretched.

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Yeah, the PR stunt didn't work, liars.


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