What Happens Next? Microsoft Buy Activision Blizzard For $70 Billion

PLAY discuss ramifications of the acquisition, the status of Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, and whether we should be cautious of a monopoly.

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ApocalypseShadow682d ago

It's what I've always been saying. Just like being against paying for online. But there are gamers who don't think long term or are influencers hiding in the threads to help push the agenda.

I've said it over and over. Microsoft isn't about gaming. They're about owning it and controlling gaming and make gamers pay an annual payment that's a revenue stream to them by using games as the carrot just like Windows. I've said Game Pass is just DRM 2013 2.0. If they're successful, they will hurt used games, lending and trading as has been said before.

Nothing good comes from mega corporations given free reign. Just more money out of pocket and limited options in the future. The fans will say it's great what's happening not seeing that multiplatform games are being bought out in favor of a service and hurts everyone else.

Remember when I said over and over about EMBRACE, EXTEND, EXSTINGUISH? It's been their modus operandi all this time. Sony has just been able to thwart their plans. Game pass was created since DRM 2013(always online) failed but they didn't give up on it. They are grooming gamers with it. They get you to like it with cheap price of entry, try to make it a standard by extending it to other platforms but their competitor, to try to put them at a disadvantage. It's text book. I've read the book and seen it coming in paperback and hard cover. They couldn't beat Nintendo or Sony through competition. So, they'll buy everything out to either make money off of their competitor if the games stay on other platforms. Or take away what everyone enjoyed. Just like they tried to force XBL gamers over to game pass with that price hike, they are trying to force gamers to buy an Xbox by locking games down.

Some will say butt hurt. But it's the industry and your wallets that will hurt soon enough if you want to continue playing the games you like. I've tried to tell what they were doing and still trying to do. I warned you. Get ready for the repercussions. Thanks Microsoft. I see through that smile two faced Phil.

My_Name_is_Earl681d ago

Yikes tell us how you really feel bud!

monkey602681d ago

While I absolutely agree with you, This just may be the future of the industry whether we like it or not. Other media have gone through similar transformations and they were powerless to prevent it. Gaming has become a media juggernaut. It has far outgrown us nostalgic fools. If this is the future of gaming.. and let's be honest it most likely is. The only ones who will truely lose out are those of us who refuse to adapt with it

SoulWarrior681d ago

Agreed, but try telling this to the fanboys that just see it as 'one upping' Sony, all MS have to do is mention gamepass and it's hypnotic, the bigger picture is gone.

MS want an all digital, all streaming, console-less future, where they control everything and consumers own nothing.

They can't beat Sony and Nintendo on the games front themselves, rather than using 70 billion to create or nature studios or new IPs, they just buy everything up to keep if off the competition, unfortunately this is clearly the MS way, and I doubt it stops here, I fear for the future of the industry and Sony's place in it after yesterday's news.

The day gaming becomes console-less, no ownership, pulling up an app on a TV, computer or a phone and having to pay endless sub fees for crappy streaming is the day I quit modern gaming, which is clearly where MS are trying to brute force the industry.

343_Guilty_Spark681d ago

Paying for $70 games a pop isn't a revenue stream?

UncertainCategory681d ago

I am genuinely excited to see how you spin Spartacus as a positive move for the industry.

RauLeCreuset681d ago

"Some will say butt hurt."

That's what they say when MS proves you right by doing things like buying up big multi-platform publishers. Any other time they ignore MS' history and act like you're wrong for distrusting MS.

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YourMommySpoils681d ago

All I know, every time I look at Phil Spencer, he looks more and more like Tony Robbins.

neomahi681d ago

Well, with all the controversy going on with Activision, who best to associate that with than Microsoft. Oh, and Bobby Kotick remains the CEO, all that talk of "WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!" and with the Microsoft acquisition, its like that never happened and Microsofts lawyers will cleanup. Yay....

MadLad681d ago (Edited 681d ago )


Kotick is going to be gone. How does acquiring a company whose leadership you disagree with, then releasing said leadership, and then restructuring the company have anything to do with condoning it?

gangsta_red681d ago

It's going to be great seeing the new games from these newly aquired studios appear on GP day and date. And even waiting for the older games to get added.

Microsoft is really going out of their way to provide as much content as possible for their users and their GP subscribers. Not bad for a company was criticized for not having a lot of game variety and first party studios.

It's funny to see some people upset with overdramatic claims that MS wants to control gaming and charge people a fee, as if the competition is offering all their games for free. Or the take that MS is ruining gaming by removing games off of multiple platforms, even when MS has provided more ways to play their games then any other platform.

Game Pass truly is a game changer and it has offered more games for anyone to play for an exceptionally low price. Personally I have played more games and games I would have never had purchased through that service. And that's what we all are here for, to play games, it's great that MS is providing even more content for their service.

4Sh0w681d ago (Edited 681d ago )

I 100% agree with you. I dont care what Sony buys, the games are still available to be played on ps *if I want to pay for them. Same with Microsoft but in this case it's even better because Microsoft are going to add them to a sub service I already pay for. Remember for the last 25yrs, every move Microsoft has made was suppose to be the death of gaming, their last console, they dont care about gaming they want to take over, blah, blah yet here we are gaming in *part BECAUSE of Microsoft is bigger than ever, I have buds who wouldn't touch anything more than Madden & COD playing indie games & genres they had no interest in BECAUSE of Microsoft. This is a super megaton deal that really will be felt over the next decade and its a Big, Big Win for Gamepass subscribers
AND Activision will be a better company BECAUSE of Microsoft. Real talk, *if Sony had the resources to do it how much you want to bet all their fans would be screaming from the rooftops this is good for gaming?= $70 Activision exclusives on Playstation, yeah!

Deathdeliverer681d ago

It’s amazing when peoples love for something blinds them to this point or logic. Let’s see..

Your entire second paragraph. Providing content for their services is great. It is. “Not bad for a company was criticized for not having a lot of game variety and first party studios.” This is the problem. In all these years there wasn’t game variety in the first party studios. If you’re old enough you’ll know it was the same for Nintendo, Sony, Sega, NEC, and everyone else that ever had a console. Difference is they made their OWN teams, made their own titles, and bought studios that worked closely with them and showed their value.
Instead of Microsoft investing in their own teams, and creating their OWN studios they bought studios like rare and iron galaxy which is fine. Problem is everyone at rare left when it was bought. That’s why anything they released wasn’t the same quality. Think of how long ago that was. What are the top exclusive releases from the house of Microsoft? Halo, Forza, Gears, and finally flight simulator, a breath of fresh air in the console space. Still, the variety has been the same for years.
Sony bought Quantic dream. A studio. Insomniac that has been making PlayStation games forever every sunset overdrive, and stuff like that. At the same time Sony was creating new game development studios like Sony Santa Monica, Japan Studio, and so forth to increase the teams and projects they could work on in house. Created more jobs to offset the cutting of jobs when another studio closed.
With the money Microsoft spent on Zenimax, almost 9 billion, think of how many studios they could have opened and jobs they could have created. Truly original content coming from in house. With the funds used for the buying of house call of duty they could have opened top notch facilities and drew talent from all over the world to work there and really have expanded gaming. Instead they have consolidated gaming. Created zero jobs. And have shifted how the gaming industry works forever. All that could have been exclusives for gamepass.
You really gotta look at the big picture. Take off the fan goggles for a second. Good luck to the graduates looking for jobs in the industry. If you’re fanboy this is amazing news for Microsoft. If you’re a fan of the industry that has been hoping for Microsoft to invest in themselves and take more risk, it’s terrible news.

gangsta_red681d ago

"It’s amazing when peoples love for something blinds them to this point or logic. Let’s see.."

The absolute irony in this statement is astounding. It actually the opposite, seeing people's hatred for one company that will make them go overboard with criticizing them while excusing other companies for doing the same thing...let's also see...

"Instead of Microsoft investing in their own teams, and creating their OWN studios they bought studios like rare and iron galaxy which is fine. "

343i, Turn 10, Coalition, are just a few studios that MS created, they also created The Initiative. This thought process that MS has to CREATE their own studios instead of buying ones already established is such a feeble excuse considering why would they do that? Take the The Initiative , how many years does it take to establish a staff, to get set up and running? So much time that they now have to partner with Crystal Dynamics to start the game and even then we probably wont see something for at least 5 years. Why not already buy a studio house that has an already established team and projects already in the works that can be released in 2 to 3 years?

They bought Rare and people left Rare, guess what, this is something common in the industry. No one stays for long at any studio. We get daily news reports of so and so leaves here and joins there. So the fact you even mention this as some slight against MS lets me know where your bias is.

MS has also purchased studios they worked closely with like Playground, Undead Labs and Double Fine. Studios like Double Fine, Compulsion, Ninja Theory had stated themselves that they were one foot out the door as they were in danger of closing their studios down. Until MS picked them up and kept them open. Sony and Nintendo didn't do this, you could say that MS saved them by buying these studios and kept these developers working, they saved those jobs but yet your fictional argument is that they should have just made more studios to create more jobs.
Activision also approached MS for a purchase


From the article, Activision was also in financial trouble and that could also mean shutting down projects and laying people off. Now with this purchase that won't be the case. Not only that but with this purchase Xbox acquires a lot more content and variety for their console and GP. So yes, I am excited since i am an Xbox owner and GP subscriber, but according to you, I'm not seeing the bigger picture.

Every point you made to strongly defend Sony and Nintendo could also be made for MS, every argument against MS you made could also be said for Nintendo and Sony, but you choose to hold MS to some other standard that's not grounded in actual reality. So it's actually you that has the blind fanboy goggles on.

MS has taken way more risks by moving their games to PC, allowing them day and date on a sub service, purchasing not only high level publishers but independent studios on the verge of closing, they have more then invested in themselves with these risks. but let's be honest here, your only real take from your comment is "these games won't be on PS", everything else your concerned with is DBZ filler.

4Sh0w681d ago (Edited 681d ago )

Well said, I love how when it comes to Microsoft doing exactly what Sony does but only bigger (because they can) it all becomes a evil sinister plot to kill gaming. The mountain that ps loyal fans will never get over is WE ALL KNOW including them that they would jump for joy if Sony made such a move. Theres no concern for the industry here, these games may improve or not but they will be available on almost every platform except *some not on ps, you want to play 'em go buy 'em, no different than how exclusivity has worked since gaming started. Lastly Microsoft does NOT have to build their portfolio exactly as Sony does (again they both buy out established talent & create studios), Microsoft has the resources to do things differently so I applaud them for not sitting on all that cash and going all in on their vision of gaming. I love the competition between the two with different strategies. Give it time, ps folks just salty right now but it'll be OK, plenty of games for all still coming.

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maniacmayhem7h ago

"But, but wait, MS wants to be a third party publisher and then at the same time MS is a monopoly!!"

Which one will it be this month folks?

Obscure_Observer6h ago

"Lol they made a party days ago.."


That was fast! XD

Eonjay6h ago

MS is already a third party publisher on both PlayStation and Nintendo. The question I think was whether or not they would exit the console industry and whether they would exit the gaming industry. Here Spencer is saying that he thinks putting GamePass on PS5 and Switch would make the people who bought just Xbox feel like they were getting a bad deal. Which is easy to understand.

First there is no reason for them to exit gaming regardless of what they do. Even if they decide that GamePass wasn't lucrative enough, they have enough content to sell an make tons of revenue off of.

Will they exit the console industry. Maybe in the deep future but why would they exit it when the MAJORITY of their GamePass subscribers are on Xbox and that is their main income stream?

To understand what the CFO was saying...all he meant was that they would take advantage of the huge PS and Nintendo player bases and sell games on those platforms JUST like they do on PC. Just by doing that alone opens them up to massive amounts of potential revenue.

PrinceOfAnger5h ago

Even sony is already a third party.. isn't MLB on Xbox and they release many games on windows PC?

DarkZane4h ago

@Eonjay "Here Spencer is saying that he thinks putting GamePass on PS5 and Switch would make the people who bought just Xbox feel like they were getting a bad deal. Which is easy to understand."

But the people who bought Xbox are already getting a bad deal.

Magic_Spatula3h ago

"Even sony is already a third party.. isn't MLB on Xbox and they release many games on windows PC?"

Sony putting out MLB games on other platforms is because of the MLB. They wanted more money and going mulitplatform was their choice. If Sony didn't agree then the MLB wouldn't renew their deal. Also, releasing games on PC just makes sense. More money and people playing their games.