The Elder Scrolls 6 should have multiple protagonists akin to GTA 5

Bethesda should maybe take a few pages out of Rockstar’s handbook.

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-Foxtrot126d ago

That would be awful

You can spend hours on a character creator because that's your carefully chosen character, the "champion" of the new story which will revolve around them. Having multiple characters would make it feel the character you're currently playing isn't as special and time would be split between them. Then you'd have to share loot, sort equipment out constantly and so on.

There's a reason why you're chosen character always has a special name, because they are the hero of that new story and setting.

The Eternal Champion
Uriel Septim's Agent
Nerevarine Reincarnated
Hero of Kvatch
The Last Dragonborn

Nitrowolf2126d ago

lol no

GTA is story focused on the character you are. they have a past, history ect.

Elder Scroll has always been make ur own character and the world reacts to them

Jin_Sakai126d ago

I’d rather stick with one main protagonist. Sorry.

Christopher126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

The game known extremely well for you creating the protagonist you want and working with factions within the world how you want should get rid of that to be more like some other extremely popular game.

How about you play GTA6 and let Elder Scrolls be Elder Scrolls?

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The story is too old to be commented.