Microsoft's Activision Blizzard purchase is a disaster for gaming

Digital Trends writes: "It’s becoming difficult for Sony to compete. It is more successful by all metrics than Xbox, but it’ll need to break out some blank checks if it wants to mitigate more disaster. The endgame seems dire. Say that Sony responds by buying up major eastern publishers like Capcom, Sega, and Square Enix. That would further divide and stagnate the market."

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n-skyline118d ago

Good read with genuine concerns.

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CaptainHenry916118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

They keep saying Bobby Kotick is leaving. I think not

sourOG118d ago

That doesn’t say anything lol. Even if he stays in leadership he won’t be CEO. Spencer already said they will report to him. When you are “grateful” for someone’s service it’s usually because they are leaving, done, dead. Just saying.

gamer7804118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

They already said he’s going after the deal closes.

Zhipp118d ago

I dunno. To me, comments read like generic well-wishing for a CEO who's headed out the door. I guess we'll see in 18 months when/if this deal goes through.

DarthMarvin118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Even if he does, he probably just made +$10 billion. M$ thanks for him for his mental and sexual abuses of his employees.

derek118d ago

If you watched that interview with him and Spencer on cnbc it looks like he's not going anywhere.

agnosticgamer118d ago

He is leaving after the acquisition is complete. Before the acquisition is complete I don't believe MS has the power to get rid of him because they don't own them yet. After the acquisition is complete it has been stated the company will report to Phil Spencer directly not Bobby Kotick. A replacement will be made.

CaptainHenry916118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I guess will find out in 2023. Sounds like Microsoft hasn't made a decision yet but it does sounds like he's staying around after the acquisition in some capacity.

“Bobby Kotick will continue to serve as CEO of Activision Blizzard, and he and his team will maintain their focus on driving efforts to further strengthen the company’s culture and accelerate business growth,” a spokesperson for Microsoft wrote in a press release today. “Once the deal closes, the Activision Blizzard business will report to Phil Spencer, CEO, Microsoft Gaming.” A follow-up statement meant to clarify Kotick’s future was similarly vague."

Jin_Sakai117d ago

“They keep saying Bobby Kotick is leaving. I think not”

Even if he doesn’t leave he’s not the CEO anymore and has to answer to Phil. Either way it’s a good thing.

Jin_Sakai117d ago

“Even if he does, he probably just made +$10 billion. M$ thanks for him for his mental and sexual abuses of his employees.”

So you’d rather seem him continue to be CEO of Activision and continue the toxic workforce? And it’s around $400 million payout. $10 billion lmao. You guys are so full of it.

Epicor117d ago

Bobby leaving is pretty much guaranteed. When a company is acquired like this the normal procedure is that old top management of such company is either demoted or they are being let go / they resign. This combined with the fact that general public want Kotick gone is a really strong indication that after the merger is done, Bobby is gone. I don't have any insider info on this but I've been dealing with company mergers in mid management level for quite some time. Not that this means anything but I do have some basic business understanding in place.

Si-Fly117d ago

Of course Bobby is going, he’s done the best thing he could do by selling out and he’ll leave with a huge payout.

ziggurcat117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Pretty sure they're going to klick him to the curb with a nice retirement package once the deal has been finalized.

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-Foxtrot118d ago

"Say that Sony responds by buying up major eastern publishers like Capcom, Sega, and Square Enix. That would further divide and stagnate the market."

That's what I'm worried about, I wouldn't want them to but it would be mainly because Microsoft is forcing their hand where they would think "if we don't do it, they might".

They should go for someone smaller, someone who isn't doing anything like Konami since they are just wasting their franchises.

darthv72118d ago

the difference between MS acquiring and Sony acquiring. Sony wont let games go to other platforms after the acquisition. MS will.

It is a game by game basis and many of the titles in the Acti/Blizz library will remain multiplat while others may not. the best possible outcome is less teams working on CoD and instead being given free reign to make their own games. Which is what MS has been doing with their teams as of late.

-Foxtrot118d ago

"Sony wont let games go to other platforms after the acquisition. MS will"

Microsoft will?

There's no evidence to support that other than "it'll come to PC" but then Sony is doing that with some of their games now.

"and many of the titles in the Acti/Blizz library will remain multiplat while others may not"

Again...speculation, we don't know what will happen with new games after the deal finalises.

Once the ZeniMax deal was finalised they then said Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI wouldn't come to the PS5.

At least with someone like Konami we have a chance of getting new instalments of Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. Would you rather have someone do something with them or just let them sit on a shelf gathering dust.

Jin_Sakai118d ago

“Sony wont let games go to other platforms after the acquisition. MS will. “

I highly doubt that. Starfield and ES6 aren’t coming to PlayStation. You think this is any different? We’re talking about a $70 billion purchase. Most things will become exclusive to Xbox and release on Game Pass day 1.

Crows90118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Other platforms? You mean other platform that they kinda own. So yeah, no shit they let it be on a platform they own.

What would you say if sony released a powerful handheld like SUPER VITA and released those games on it.
Then Sony would be releasing on other platforms too. But it wouldnt matter since its only on platforms they own.

Golfcoachh118d ago

I still believe this is a way to get a version of gamepass on Playstations in the future. I could see there being no xbox next generation because they want to get there games on as many devices as possible. MS sees they cant win a console war, but if you get your product on every device you really have won. It is all about $$$$

CR7JUVE1897118d ago

Sony, to my knowledge, never took away well established multi platform franchises from a competitor. There is a huge difference between a company not sharing their exclusives and a company taking away multi platform franchises from another platform. Apples and oranges here

itsmebryan118d ago

MS now let's you play on other platforms you have Xbox, PC, mobile, tablets, cloud, etc.... Just not PS.

MS is making value for it's customers. Were are the people that said "Xbox has no games" and MS needs to "invest in exclusive games.". Now that they are doing what was asked people that are not their customers are upset. Why should MS care about people that are not their customers? What has Sony done for people that are not their customers. They kept Spiderman off of other platforms in the 3rd party Avenger game,. They have made game content in 3rd party games exclusive.

tombfan118d ago

But Sony does work with exclusive deals years before they aquire something, they won't go to other platforms because the multiplatform games stay multi, and Sony just Purchase Studios with long PlayStation exclusives in their sleeve.

DarthMarvin118d ago

Just like God of War didn't release on PC this week.

Ryushaa118d ago

If you think the 'exclusivity' will stop in the consoles I'm sorry for you. How long until MS bound, even temporally, their franchises to Microsoft store / GamePass? This will lock out Linux Users (and Mac for what it matters), and don't even expect native ports to linux then.

S2Killinit117d ago

The difference being that MS is buying up huge chunks of the gaming industry and blocking half the gamers from playing what they would have been able to play otherwise. Sony has bought studios strategically, historically to use their talent and manpower to make new franchises.

The way MS is going, we will be having a less vibrant gaming industry more similar to what goes on in the telecommunications industry. Everything you will play will be owned by a select few conglomerates. If anyone thought it sucks to play the same Fifa or Assassins Creed over and over with a fresh layer of paint, wait till MS gets its way.

PS-Gamer-1986117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

"I still believe this is a way to get a version of gamepass on Playstations in the future"

I feel the same way. Because of all the buy ups of these huge franchises, ms might plan on sony to be forced to allow gamepass at some point on playstation consoles, something that at this point is still impossible

Profchaos117d ago

I'd disagree Microsoft like to point to Minecraft as an example where they continued to publish on other platforms however it was already in other platforms when they acquired it. Also the target demographic for Minecraft is kids. Since that demographics have little money they were not going to expect parents to fork out another few hundred for an Xbox to continue to play it.

There's no evidence that Microsoft will continue to publish AAA games on competitor platforms in fact there's more evidence they won't. Starfeild and es6 are almost garunteed to be exclusives.

ziggurcat117d ago

"Sony wont let games go to other platforms after the acquisition. MS will."

Are you sure about that? I don't recall Starfield or TE6 or Hellblade 2 or any other sequel being announced for PS or any other platform other than PC.

Class_Viceroy117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Actually Sony has started letting their games go to PC....they are obviously dipping their toes in evolving their distribution strategy. Also rumors of them releasing a new tier of PS Plus subscriptions etc is clear they are probably looking for ways to compete with Xbox without having to absolutely clone their model in scooping up studios and pushing a subscription service. They are staying true to their philosophy while bending a little.

"MS will" Funny people who bought playstations expecting to play Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 on them would beg to argue. I'm not so sure 3 years from now MS will be that multi-platform friendly overall besides a few big franchises. They only let a lot of the recent games release on Playstation because they were already at end of development. Pretty soon in the next few years you're going to 100% need an Xbox or PC to play nearly all of theirexclusive games. Not many will be on PS besides already existing ones like Minecraft etc..

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4Sh0w118d ago

Big Win for Gamepass subscribers and yes Microsoft is more consumer friendly than Sony, some games will be on all platforms, some just pc/xbox, either way you look at it they aren't locked to one platform for timed exclusivity like Sony does and while I appreciate Sony recognizing theres money to be made on pc, a few Sony studio games a year later is NOT the same as Microsoft sharing the wealth on pc day one with all their 1st party. Two different strategies though, I like what each does but lets not act like their the same or pretend Microsoft hasnt been very consumer friendly, so forgive me if I dont buy the boogeyman stories.

Crows90118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Yeah we shouldnt pretend microsoft isnt removing platforms and gamers from access to games they otherwise would have.

Lets not pretend playstation has never permanently done that. Playstation games have never been on other platforms so they never removed a fanbase from access.

And btw...loving this concern xbox gamers have for pc gamers. I can sense the sudden new found brotherhood. I bet some have difficulty sleeping at the thought of pc gamers not having access to xbox games or what not.

Vits118d ago

Also Cloud. Microsoft supports their cloud endeavours with day one releases as well. With Playstation, the PSNOW is still not available on many platforms and when they add first-party games, a lot of them are just temporary additions.

So yeah, for the consumer is a completely different situation between Microsoft buying these companies and Sony doing that.

BlackTar187118d ago

You just said MS is more consumer friendly? Hahahahhaha

Do you work for MS? Have you done any research into that claim or i dunno the long history of brutal practices MS had used in every single business they've been in?

Sometimes it's hard to tell if these are bot accounts or people who are genuinely this misinformed.

Wowza man read a book.

P_Bomb118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

“ Microsoft is more consumer friendly than Sony”

That depends on your angle. Why can’t I buy one year of XBL Gold from the Xbox Store like I can with PS Plus? I only see the more expensive 1 month/3 month stacks.

Ethereal118d ago

Locking games to certain consoles or timed exclusivity has, traditionally, always been present in gaming. It hasn't been quite as emphasized in the last decade or more but generations of old were squarely built around exclusive title offerings and resulted in nearly the single reason you bought a console. All console makers did this. With recent innovations in the industry like cross-play, online gaming services, and digital delivery, has resulted in those lines having been blurred and it isn't the sole reason to buy one platform over other anymore.

Removing established franchises that have been accessible on a variety of platforms in the past is another discussion all together.

Ratchet75118d ago

I hear everyone comparing Microsoft with disney buying all the biggest franchise and yet Netflix and hbo max are the two with the biggest growth this year.
All Sony has to do is to create new and fresh franchises in order to compete. I believe both companies will be successful regardless.

dumahim118d ago


This year? I doubt you have numbers for this year already. Last year? Ah, HBO Max which launched midway through 2020 had large growth? youdontsay.gif
Also, you're comparing apples and oranges. HBO Max and Netflix are just about streaming while what Disney has been doing is buying up other companies for their own traditional and streaming. HBO Max and Netflix have not been buying out massive companies for their content.

4Sh0w118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

"You just said MS is more consumer friendly? Hahahahhaha"

-Not only did I say it, I explained it. You only give me some vague statement about the old days, which frankly business wise Microsoft must be doing something right given they are still standing in a extremely competitive space, all while failing with mp3 player, pc laptops never been on top, failed in cell phone space, and so many other failures I could talk about literally the only thing they dominated is pc work/consumer software. Who exactly did they kill for that? Nobody, Microsoft isnt the best they fail all the time but overall they make smart longterm decisions and thats why they are successful....and like ANY successful giant it comes with a certain amount of hate, Microsoft killed my dog & the are responsible for all thats wrong with the world, yeak OK but you couldn’t address my point that this IS A WIN for #1 Gamepass Subscribers as we can now expect a huge amount of more AAA titles coming day 1 to us for a insane value, #2 Yes Microsoft is more consumer friendly by tapping into this service making a huge value proposition for the gamer AND giving you a variety of options to access that content, btw *buying any game outright is *still a option too. Sorry if you dont like the truth but then give me a good counter argument not vague old wild wild west stories.

I completely agree with what you said but notice you keep referencing the past, the industry has been forever changed for at least well over a decade now in terms of how exclusives are handled. Sure theres a place always for true built from the ground up exclusives but theres been alot of back door deals cut for a leg up on the competition for a long time. No doubt that will continue but theres more than one way to do things, in fact thats the new thing everywhere, a sign of the times, the industry is different, its not any one companies fault, things change whether we like it it or not....failure to adapt makes a company the next Blockbuster or even the newspaper industry.

derek118d ago

Just look at this comment from @4Sh0w it demonstrates the power of corporate propaganda. Saying "Microsoft is consumer friendly" while they do the exact opposite. Have you no understanding or knowledge of how Microsoft historically has acted in competitive markets?

4Sh0w117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Derek, the propaganda is from you. Again I explained my position, YOU didn't= emotional Sony loyalists only say Microsoft is the devil but give no actual evidence. Now if you want to walk down memory lane I'll give you a dissertation on Sonys past practices with Sega too, hint, hint neither company is a Saint....but thats ancient history.

My point remains what's not consumer friendly about a sub service for gaming that has allowed millions of gamers to play tons of games they likely could not afford through conventional per game purchase? Personally I played all I wanted even before Gamepass but it was expensive, and I understand many couldn't do that. Now I spend less and lots of other gamers are playing more games too -I don't care how Microsoft does it financially as long as we gamers are getting a good deal.

Michiel1989117d ago

@crows all the while you are shivering in your boots your favorite company might not be number one anymore.

just stop the nonsense, ms has released quite some games on pc before, so its not new. They literally had a ms store on pc, it was an awful store though that stupid games for windows live.

i can do the same like you did; oh this new found concern from the sony camp for the indsutry, when games become 70 bucks its "good" for the industry when it goes in sonys bank account. when they go back on their promise we believe in generations its good for the industry, when they lock out fornite acounts from every other platform if you only logged in on it once on a playstation "good for the industry". When gamepass is exactly the same model as ps+ with how they get games on there, its only bad for the industry when ms does it.

I often defend xbox and/or gamepass because i want sony to get a run for their money and to get better games in general from all of the big 3, but me (and i imagine a lot of other people who arent anti-ms) dont like this acquisition either. but just stop acting like a child.

anast117d ago

Nice. I like your style.

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MrBeatdown118d ago

I'm not concerned with Sony buying anyone. They've only ever bought the occasional developer. I'm concerned about Amazon and Facebook and Google.

If they ever want a piece of the pie, they're going to try to get a piece before Microsoft gets it all.

Extermin8or3_118d ago

Amazon already have bought several developers but so far they seem to have no bother letting their stuff release on other platforms aswell.

darthv72118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

too many people are thinking small fish stuff. The bigger fish are out there hunting as well. Kotick said that they needed to partner with someone who could take on amazon, Google, Facebook and Tencent. You can't do that with Sony, they havent the capital or the size. so Ms was the best choice for them going forward. If this deal had fallen through (which could be until next year to close) then Activision was already in talks to bid on zynga from under Take Two. By having both Zynga and King, they would have a huge leg up on the mobile gaming space. Both of those companies make tons of $$$. Now King will be making tons of $$$ for MS.

MS was making a big fish move to head off other big fish. the whole console wars thing with sony and nintendo... thats all petty rivalry now. MS has bigger competition in their sights.

Extermin8or3_118d ago

I can't see how they have any choice. Bethesda they could ignore that purchase but this one is so large and signals MS's intent gpojg forwards that I think they may have to respond in kind. They could definitely afford someone like ubisoft or square Enix and cap companies or Sega.

Godmars290118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Yet to read the article - of course - but the concern for MS should be creativity. The only IP they've managed to make ongoing successes have been Halo and Forza. Everything else, and even Halo, are things they've brought in. And again with much of that we've yet to see results under MS, and wont for some time.

"They should go for someone smaller"

You mean someone not having major employee and reputation issues to a point it may kill an entire production house?

FinalFantasyFanatic117d ago

Not only that, but they have shut down or rested on IPs, I just think back to games like Scalebound which never saw the light of day, or games like Crackdown 3 where they drummed up features like "
Cloud Destruction" and delayed multiple days for a payoff that wasn't even that impressive. Activision/Blizzard have some good IPs under their belt and I'd hate to see that go to waste (not as if some of those aren't already wasting away).

ABizzel1118d ago

It's inevitable at this point. Most of these publishers are going to be bought up with MS buying the West and Sony if they were smart would do everything they can to buy up most of the East with Nintendo getting 1 or 2 JP developers (Sega maybe Tecmo).

The reality is we can either have MS, Sony, and Nintendo buy them up .... Or they can wait and have MS, Amazon, Apple, and Tencent buy them up. Pick your poison.

Sony and Nintendo can't compete with those companies financially as they're all trillion dollar companies (Tencent is almost at $1 trillion). So the best they can do is utilize the laws in their favor and buy Japanese publishers with priority. So they will likely have to split the JP publishers.

Sony: Capcom, Square, Bandai Namco (to further their anime monopoly), and maybe Konami.
Nintendo: Sega, Tecmo.

At this point it's clear MS is going for EA, Ubisoft, and potentially Take Two after this. Considering Take 2 just spent 12 billion to acquire Zynga I doubt their shareholders are looking to sell just yet, so GTA might be safe for just a few more years.

Sayai jin118d ago

Sony doesn't have the kind of cash on hand to make purchase of these magnitude. Not even close. I also feel Sony doesn't need to either. Sony will be just fine and will still
Be juggernaut jn the industry.

I don't think people understand the magnitude of this acquisition. The Activision aqcuisition is the largest all cash aqcuistion in history. The paid the equivalent of what Nintendo is worth. Almost half of what all of Sony is worth with all cash on hand. I wouldn't be surpised MS has been working to aqcuire a large eastern publusher already.

Knightofelemia118d ago (Edited 118d ago )


Sony could drop that bomb and buy a company like Capcom, Sega, SquareEnix. Problem is Sony has different divisions that would most likely have to pass a vote. Something small like Crunchie Roll or Blue Point Studios is easy for small cash. But dropping say 7.5 billion or even 70 billion to buy like Capcom or even Sega the other divisions most likely have to be on board. Playstation is just a division of Sony, like the electronics division, entertainment, music and the other divisions of Sony.

And as for your Konami "At least with someone like Konami we have a chance of getting new instalments of Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania."

Konami ain't doing shit with their game division we have a better chance of getting GTA 6 over a new SH game let alone Castlevania. Konami are too busy releasing old games and calling them Anniversary Packs they drop SH characters in Dead By Daylight to keep their hold on the patent. Let alone use the SH name to make pachinko machines. Konami are better off to dump their game division to somebody who would utilize the ip's and not bugger them up. If Sony bought the Konami gaming division fans would rejoice we might have a higher chance getting a new SH game even a Castlevania game. When it comes to gaming Konami stepped out on the fans and flipped them the bird. RE2 remake came out Capcom proved a remake can be done well and sell well. What did Konami do they just listened to crickets chirp while fans were wondering if Konami were going to release an SH remake.

Sayai jin118d ago

@knightofelemia, Sony doesn't have the funds to by a large publisher. I think people need to understand how these things work a bit more. They couls make smaller purchases of a few billion maybe, but 70 biliion. The whole of Sony is only worth 148 billion in total, so trying to make a purchase of half of your worth isn't possible. On the otherhand MS is worth 2.5 trillion dollars so that is why they were able to offer to ourchase Activation with 68.7 billion dollars cash, yes cash. This deal was not only the largedt in gaming history, it was the largest all cash purchase ever.

Sony will continue to look at studios that fit their model. They will unviel their game pass rival.

Interesting times indeed.

Knightofelemia118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

@ Sayai Jin

I know Sony does not have as deep of pockets as Microsoft. Even if Sony did have the cash the other divisions of Sony would still probably have to have a say in that big of a decision as well. To drop that type of cash they will have people fully analyze the purchase see how it is to invest and how does it fit us. I never once implied that Sony had that type of cash and was circling around like a hungry shark. And yes I know when Sony buys a studio it usually means they are happy with that studio, the game, the working relationship, the talent and want to add that to the Playstation family.

DarthZoolu118d ago

If I’m not mistaken streetfighter five was a Sony exclusive last generation before this purchase. It was all good just a week ago when Sony was doing it

darthv72117d ago

The reality of that deal stems from Deep Down (or the lack thereof). Capcom owed Sony an exclusive so they agreed to use SFV as that exclusive and tell everyone Sony funded it because Capcom couldn't afford it. which is bullshit because it is the #1 fighting game series in the world... they were going to make V with or without Sony $$. It was all just politics and saving face.

SFVI is going to be multiplat, no mention of finacial woes over that one... go figure.

Sully_III118d ago

What Sony should do:
1) Focus on supporting the developers they already have with their amazing games.
2) If they have to buy, buy smaller studios, then give them a bigger budget to make better games, like the developers of Hades.
3) Stop focusing on American culture and pleasing the idiots in their bubble in San Francisco, their culture is toxic and the world is turning away from them. A more nationalistic, Japanese approach similar to its golden days in the 80's is called for, instead of submitting culturally, start dominating culturally.
They're gunna be pressured to go a thousand different ways though so I don't feel a lot of hope for them right now.

darthv72117d ago

hmm... you do realize that America is the single largest consumer of video games... right? EU [as a continent] is larger in terms of combined efforts but there is nothing bigger than the good old USA when it comes to buying games. When it takes a combined effort of multiple countries to surpass one.... you know that one is something you dont want to ignore.

sourOG118d ago

I think Sony would be smart to go all in on capcom.

Epicor117d ago

To be fair it's a two-way train. It's not like MS is an evil company forcing competitors to do this. Sony has been playing the same game recently, albeit with much smaller stakes. But they have enforced their first-party studio line-up immensely.

I actually think MS is playing this rather smart, and this is coming from a vouched PS fan since the release of PS1. They are purchasing some of the the biggest developers and franchises in the world. Most likely they don't plan to make these games exclusive. Rather they will make sure that Xbox is the best place to play these games (e.g. exclusive cosmetics, timed DLC content, gamepass, etc.). While also providing the same core experience on competitor platforms. So basically whenever PlayStation gamers purchase Cod, Crash bandicoot, THPS, Overwatch, Diablo, etc games, Microsoft is making money. That money enables them to pay this investment and further grow their number of acquired studios. Also many gamers will transition to Xbox platforms if their favourite game has any locked content on PlayStation. It's a classic dual channel approach: Make your channel the most desired one, but also take a cut from your competitors' channel.

Sony is playing a bit different game. They are purely focusing on first party development and exclusive games (or at least timed exclusive). This is probably also smart as they cannot compete against Microsoft with the same strategy. They simply lack the money to do so. If Sony's in-house studios manages to create must-have games for the gamers, it's pretty much guaranteed that at least loyal PlayStation gamers will remain on this platform.

KingofBandits117d ago

I may be mistaken but I don't believe Microsoft can buy many of the Japanese devs. I read somewhere a while ago that Japan has laws that stop foreign multi nationals from buying Japanese based companies. Its part of the reason MS buying Sega or Nintendo (back in the day) never held water.

Joe913117d ago

To be honest, Sony needs to buy Konami's IP, they are not doing anything with any of it anyway. It would benefit the gaming industry. Sony has a bunch of brand new 3rd party studios working on new IP exclusive to PS5.

Kurt Russell117d ago

I think the dangled carrot may be, allow xbox gamespass on your system and you can have the games type of deal.
I got no idea... but just a thought that popped in my head.

Kribwalker117d ago

it turns out it wasn’t MS forcing their hand, rather activision wanting to be sold that brought it to MS. MS saving activision from tencent

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Jin_Sakai118d ago

Someone’s butt hurt. With Phil Spencer being the CEO of Activision and Kotick possibly leaving the company I’m happy. A better workplace for everyone. I’m also excited I can play their games on Game Pass day 1.

BlackTar187118d ago

A better work place? Read a book holy F at the lack of historical evidence from MS as a company.

Prem8tuaProcrastin8a117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I think you need to "read a book" as every one of your comments says the same thing. The problems at activision are well known, and extreme. No company is perfect but msft is by all accounts (glass door etc) a safe place to work. You see, there are websites where employees can anonymously post reviews of their workplace, which would count as "historical evidence" as you put it, and none of those show that msft is a bad place to work.

Gaming4Life1981117d ago

Most have praised working for and with MS.