Most Disappointing Game of 2021

VGChartz's Christian Evans: "‘If you expect disappointment, then you can never really be disappointed’ may be the mantra to live by for MJ, but within the machinations of gaming's hype-machine we're promised the best, thus we expect the best. Of course, as if the universe expects balance, what the gaming gods give with one hand, they taketh away with another, and some endeavours inevitably fall short of our lofty expectations."

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SoulWarrior851d ago

Oddworld Soulstorm for me I think.

slayernz851d ago

for me it was phoenix point on PS5, got it on release day and the amount of bugs and constant crashes made the game impossible to play.....even the PS5 update released lately crashed out on me after the 1st mission i went on so quickly deleted it and will never return

Tacoboto851d ago

This wasn't a 2021 release, but I did only play it in 2021 and it did come to PS5 and Switch in August.

The Falconeer as it released on Xbox. The voice actors all sounded the same, there was so much open space that every mission I played up to had a "Skip" button appear almost right after you'd start up. You would fly for minutes to get to the mission and the missions were all the same. Checkpoints were infrequent, the feedback didn't feel right when shooting or getting hit, and the flying just wasn't fun to me.

To date, it's the worst game I've played on Game Pass.

gangsta_red851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

I have Battlefield sitting on my table from Gamefly, not even opened. Been hearing nothing but disappointment from the game.

Will probably return it and get Guardians of the Galaxy which in turn people have told me it's excellent.

Viva La Gamefly

coolbeans851d ago

I heard 2042 (on console) has been... not too bad. But considering how slow important updates have been taking (even according to a DICE dev), bouncing to Guardians is way more reasonable.

gangsta_red851d ago

I should just give it a whirl since I have it...but yeah, I definitely would rather just skip to GoG

Orchard851d ago

Battlefield and COD Vanguard for me. Both were very disappointing.

GTA was pretty broken at launch, but I still had great fun with it, mainly for nostalgia reasons.

rataranian851d ago

Who has high expectations for annual COD/BF games?

NoFanBoy851d ago

The millions of people that buy them maybe ?

coolbeans851d ago

Battlefield games aren't annual releases.

TheColbertinator851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

I expected much of COD Cold War since I had big hopes for an SP with 60s/70s weapons. I expected much from Vanguard and I was disappointed in the SP and MP map designs


Battlefield 2042 Dev Goes Behind the Scenes on Reworked Stadium Map

In a Game Rant interview, Battlefield 2042 map designer Gabriel Sanchez discusses all the fine points of Stadium's rework.

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poppatron3d ago

Does anyone care at this point? Fingers crossed the next bf is golden, don’t think the franchise could take another epic misfire. Good on them for continuing support for 2143, just too little too late


EA says largest Battlefield team yet is building ‘another tremendous live service’

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson stated in a recent EA Earnings Call, that the next Battlefield "it is going to be another tremendous live service.”

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-Foxtrot12d ago

Another? ANOTHER?

Is he honestly trying to make out like the last Battlefield was a huge success, not just as a game but as a live service game? I'm sure these guys live in their own echo chambers, they are so far removed from reality or they just like talking out of their arse trying to rewrite history.

Also why say such a tone deaf statement when you know the state of live service games at the minute and how many gamers feel about them. Bigging up the next BF game as live service does not give me any excitement or hype.

LordoftheCritics12d ago

''is building ‘another tremendous LIE service’''


just_looken11d ago

This is nothing too new

They had plans of a universe of live service games

Also these studios made 2042 there is no new massive team its the same team

Well same team minus the seattle boys that were canned

This is all again same news different year but it seems very few remember what happened before covid.

Walalon10d ago

At least they put car freshner trees up their asses to think smelling their own farts smells good at this point to be so out of touch.

RaidenBlack12d ago

Just make another Battlefield 2 ... or BadCompany 3 ... EA

XiNatsuDragnel12d ago

Bad company 3 instead of live service bs