Xbox Head Says It's "Not Our Intent To Pull Communities Away From" Other Platforms

Following today's bombshell announcement that Microsoft is purchasing Activision Blizzard for $70BN, many questions still remain, not least regarding how the deal will impact platform exclusivity for the third-party publisher's previously multi-platform titles - and it's something Xbox head Phil Spencer has started to address, albeit in the vaguest of terms, as he continues his post-announcement PR rounds.

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Jin_Sakai122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

He said the same thing about Bethesda. You really think Starfield and ES6 will be on PlayStation? They spent $70 billion on this acquisition and I guarantee in the near future most of the content will be exclusive and release on Game Pass day 1 to boot.

Magog122d ago

Yeah I remember that. This is the same lip service. Once the deal is finalized Phil will announce exclusivity for all new games going forward.

Obscure_Observer122d ago

"Yeah I remember that. This is the same lip service. Once the deal is finalized Phil will announce exclusivity for all new games going forward."


Phil had enough of exclusive dlc, skins, weapons scam in CoD.

Mr Pumblechook122d ago

Phil Spencer has to be diplomatic so to not cause a public relations backlash that could possibly affect anti-trust investigations.

He's saying the same thing he said after the Bethesda deal which is it's not Microsoft's intent to divide communities, or take games away from a player base. However, his actions do take the games away from other platforms.

Eurogamer's piece is written like a friendly piece of PR with no real critical evaluation.

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CaptainHenry916122d ago

He should have been quiet about it or word it different.

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Thegr81122d ago

It’s def or speak since the deal isn’t finalized he has no right to comment he must keep it vague. We just went through this with the Bethesda acquisition then of course after it was final most things are now only where game pass is.

gravedigger122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Sure, sure. Gif

Yeah, they said same about future Bethesda games. Same will happen with future annual CODs once the acquisition is finalized. Though, Warzone will remain on PS. But nevertheless, Phil Spencer is a lying bastard

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DarXyde122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Put simply, intent is not the same as action. "We don't intend to pull games away.... We just want you to buy into our ecosystem."

Honestly, this is highly consistent with what to expect from Microsoft: throw money at the problem and tip off politicians to take a hands off approach to tech monopolies.

They really have no passion and care more about gobbling up massive studios/publishers. On the upside, Kottick can piss off.

I'm remarkably unsurprised at this development. Terrible for the industry, but Xbox fanboys will love this. Been saying for a while that after Bethesda was acquired, this would get ugly. Now we have Sony and Microsoft in a buying war and Microsoft has already absorbed two massive publishers.

Be worried, lads.

UltraNova122d ago

Let's be realistic for a minute, how can Sony respond to this? Buy T2? They don't have that kind of money (merger maybe?). Furthermore, would that make things better for us the consumers? IP consolidation means less access as more and more games fall under 2-3 companies' control.

Then we have the subscription model issue - prices will increase and keep increasing until most gamers will not be able to able to afford them (look at Netflix, they are raising their price on a yearly basis now).

As for the whole MS buying Activision thing - it was inevitable and I don't think they'll stop there. What does that mean long-term? Do we really need a Disney in the gaming world?

DarXyde122d ago


I would much rather Sony not engage in this. I personally don't think they need to respond with acquisitions; this is clear desperation from Microsoft, and any denial of that is delusional. They're like the kids on the playground getting their asses handed to them so they pay someone to fight their battles. The purchase of big studios on Sony's part would effectively be to preempt Microsoft's acquisition, and I hate the idea of that. Hate to say it, but they very likely are looking to acquire a massive Japanese publisher to plant a stake in the region. That's deeply concerning.

How would I recommend responding? Keep making great games and offer some very pro-consumer incentive to play on Playstation. Pummel the competition with great games and, I hate to say it, really make PSNow and PS Plus worth everyone's time. Better yet, streamline the packages at an attractive price that's comprehensive. Tether it to other popular subs if you have to.

But I would be very curious to see whether this effort is dissolved via antitrust laws. The industry consolidation was something I was deeply concerned about as soon as Microsoft acquired like 7 studios at once.

If Sony responds with acquisitions, that would be bad. My guess, if they do, is to stay the path. Sony seems to be out for chemistry, a contrast to Microsoft's control.

We'll see.

AKS122d ago

@UltraNova Sony has several franchises they've just shelved and left to collect dust like Warhawk, SOCOM, Resistance, MotorStorm, Syphon Filter, Killzone, Sly, Jak and Daxter, ect. that would not require a multi-billion dollar acquisition or any money at all to have to rights to use given they already own this stuff. I'm sure there are plenty of teams that would have loved a chance to try something with those franchises. Apparently even games that were recent hits like Days Gone just aren't up to their high standards and are left to twist in the wind. They could use a higher volume of high quality games even if every single title isn't a potential Game of the Year frontrunner. I'm going to get Horizon: FW, GT7, and God of War: Ragnarok whenever they are released, but I'd love some more fun games that may not be regarded quite as prestigious like Warhawk between their most elite titles to pass the time during the drier spans.

Sony cannot try to get into a spending race with Microsoft. They cannot possibly win that type of a competition. I think the smaller acquisitions they've been making have been very wise moves for the most part. Insomniac has become their best PS5 publisher up to this point by far, and they only acquired them a couple of years ago and for a very good price. If they find a great deal on a larger developer, that's great, but they can't outpurchase Microsoft so they should focus on making more smart choices rather than extremely high priced ones.

DarXyde121d ago


Preaching to the choir, lad. I would absolutely be over the moon for more Warhawk. I can't tell you how many hours I've lost in that game. It was a bit plain and unrefined, but man was it just a genuinely fun game. No campaign, only chaos. Loved those close quarters shootouts in the Arctic village on foot. DLC maps (Omega Factory and Tau Crater if I recall) were a bit of a step down.

Starhawk however... I'd love to forget that game.

AKS121d ago


Hopefully at the very least they have someone working on modern versions of Warhawk and SOCOM. There is a lot they could do with those franchises. I think Sony is starting to get too particular to the point that it's cutting down on the volume of games they can produce. They're shelving franchises and seem to be trying to get monster sales out of a few key franchises and want every game to receive a 9 or 10 from "critics" or they consider chucking it. I don't see how burying Warhawk and SOCOM in a box in their back yard somewhere is helping them deal with all the online competitive multiplayer games Microsoft either makes or recently acquired. I'd say a Warhawk or SOCOM game that is deemed a 7.5 to 8/10 by the activist "critic" squad in San Francisco is a lot more useful than just letting those franchises collect dust. Perhaps neither will be able to match the monster franchises like Call of Duty or Halo, but it's a lot better than nothing at all. I think what Sony really needs is to make some adjustments to what they're offering rather than trying to acquire huge companies in a spending match they can't win and stop canning franchises just because they didn't get a bunch of GotY nominations. I have GamePass on PC, and a lot of those games are decent fun but nowhere near elite. Some games I just play to have fun and get a change of pace. They have the talent to make a really good Warhawk game. I can't imagine Sony putting a really solid team with the development talent they have on that and it failing and losing a ton of money. I'm positive a game like that would do well currently, and Sony is pretty thin on that type of game outside of what multiplatform developers are putting out there.

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Zhipp122d ago

All he means is that existing games won't become exclusives. I'm surre some/most new titles will be.

fr0sty122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Microsoft is officially a third party developer. One more step towards them exiting the console hardware wars that have never been profitable for them. The profits the Xbox brand has made has come from services and software, and MS is expanding on those strengths. If they were smart, and I think they are, they'd have GamePass on every system, handheld, tablet, phone, PC, etc. out there, and quit worrying about trying to sell hardware.

Ashunderfire86122d ago

Some of those games will remain multiplatform like Call Of Duty, they just can’t get rid of crossplay feature with Warzone.

Epicor122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

This guy doesn't business. They spent $70 billion on this acquisition. They cannot afford NOT selling Activision-Blizzard games on all possible platforms. At least not within many years. They need to fund this investment somehow. Gambling that massive amount of gamers would move to Xbox platform doesn't really justify this kind of investment. +10M player base on Xbox Series X/S isn't enough. And a realistically expected increase in player base isn't enough either. Successful Call of Duty games alone ship around 20M units. Most successful ones over 30M. Diablo 3 sold over 30M copies. Not confirmed but it is estimated that Overwatch has sold around whopping 50M copies!!!! There's been a report that Warzone makes $5M revenue EVERY DAY. Anyone thinking these franchises will go MS console exclusive is DELUSIONAL (or simply uneducated). Activision is in it's own league compared to any other recent game company acquisition (ZeniMax, Insomniac, etc.). Activision IPs are simply too big to make them exclusive.

I can guarantee that yes, these games will release on Game Pass on day 1. I can also guarantee that Game Pass price will increase. Most likely there will be some Xbox console exclusive content like special cosmetics and maybe timed exclusivity for DLC or something like that. Also some new Activision-Blizzard game could be fully exclusive to Xbox/PC. But not the big established franchises. This dual channel strategy will still move some big amount of new Xbox hardware while also ensuring steady cash flow from your competitors' players.


"They cannot afford NOT selling Activision-Blizzard games on all possible platforms."

I heard this SAME argument with Bethesda...and Starfield and ES6 got locked down.

Phil's goal is to get Game Pass on Playstation. The only way to do that is to take away as many 3rd party IPs as possible to force Jim Ryan to put Game Pass on PS5.

Allowing Playstation to keep mainline COD games would be counterproductive to Phil's plan.

Although I don't see this happening, I'd like Phil to allow COD games on Playstation IF Jim allows Insomniac to make Xbox versions of all their games.

Gaming4Life1981122d ago

When the deal finalizes the games will not be on ps anymore bottom line and I agree. They own the company so why would they keep the games on a competitors platform especially one who loves to make a point about games not coming to xbox.

gamer7804121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

What he means is it’s not our intent. If they put Microsoft Windows on the platform or gamepass then you can still play

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Father__Merrin122d ago

Call of Duty will remain on PS5 I think the new Diablo is also likely to hit PS5 and same as overwatch

sparky77122d ago

They didn't spend $70bl to make Playstation games, just like with Bethesda all games going forward after the deal is closed will be Xbox/PC only.

My guess Sony will likely pay MS big $$$ to keep it on the system because without COD Playstation won't last very long.

EvertonFC122d ago

All of a sudden everyone loves cod, I thought you lot hated it ?

mkis007122d ago

Nah if anything this will just make PlayStation create their own games. more devs and such.

Destiny1080122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

call of duty can be replaced in a heart beat, with a new MAG release, a new Resistance release / etc etc

if this was 10-15 years ago, yes this would spell disaster for sony, but know there's no shortage of fps and i expect a lot of future fps to be a whole lot better then call of duty, just look at, hell let loose from a indie developer which in my opinion has easily matched, and in many ways surpassed what call of duty or battlefield are doing

call of duty sales are down by 6 million, battlefields launch has been a train wreck

sparky77122d ago

I have no interest in COD but a massive chunk of the Playstation user base buy a Playstation JUST to play COD, if they can't play COD they will move to Xbox just as easily as they move from the 360 to PS4.

That will take a lot and Sony has never had a successful FPS. COD is still the number one selling game every year on Playstation, it going to Xbox is a killer blow.

andy85122d ago

Without COD Playstation won't last very long? In the last 30 days only 6% of hours played on Playstation have been Call of Duty games according to the time tracker.

P_Bomb122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

“ Sony has never had a successful FPS.”

Killzone and Resistance did fine. If this spurs those IP back to life with a little TLC, I’d be happy.

darksky122d ago

Lol people buy Playstation because of the exclusive games and the library they have built up, not CoD.
I doubt a huge amount of people wil jump to Xbox because of one game.

Elda122d ago

XB COD exclusivity will not bankrupt or stop PS. It hasn't stopped Nintendo nor will it stop PS.

itsmebryan122d ago

Isn't COD one of the highest selling 3rd party games?

thejigisup122d ago

Without call of duty playstation won't last long ... worst take I've heard in a long time.

derek122d ago

@sparky Sony will not pay to keep cod on their system. If there is any deal it will be to allow Sony to keep selling the game on their platform like mindcraft.

Einhander1971122d ago

PlayStation won't last long without COD, give me a break!!

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hombreacabado121d ago

lol cod has been trash for quite a long time.

Profchaos121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I disagree the industry doesn't a decade trying to dethrone cod with some of the biggest rivals failing to do so. Cod can't simply be replaced I'm not a fan by any stretch of the imagination but I'm not naive cod is a system seller and has been since 07.

Mandy gamers decided their console to buy based on what their friends were playing cod on.

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moriarty1889122d ago

That’s very wishful thinking my friend.

122d ago
dmonee122d ago

I wish could agree with you, but the sad reality is that these games will no longer be on a PlayStation platform. That’s one of the reasons of the acquisition.

stefd75122d ago

There is always Medal of Honour and im sure there will be a lot more games like COD on the way for Sony gamers, i think we will be ok

ZeroX9876122d ago

Out of all the Activision lineup, the only game I can see on PS5 is Call of Duty and nothing else, but expect to see maybe a more early release on Xbox and lots of additional content. As for Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and anything else, there's absolutely no way they're on PS5.
I would gladly play some of those games on PC, but the GPU market isn't the best right now. I wouldn't buy an Xbox for sure since I'm a big PS fan, but I can tell you that MS got a new customer with me for sure. I'll subscribe to the cloud streaming service as soon as one of the titles I want to play is there.

gamer7804121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

War zone/free to play and existing games will be supported nothing more. Just like with Bethesda , if a game launches after the deal is closed it will be exclusive unless a contract for that specific game has already been signed

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-Foxtrot122d ago

Say what you want but after your past statements about exclusives, putting them in a almost a negative light, you will always be a massive hypocrite Phil.

Crows90122d ago

Not just the talk of exclusives.
He says he wants games to be accessible to everyone. But he removes access to millions.
He wants gamers to play on the platform they choose. But removes games from a platform.
Not his intent to take games away from other players...but does so anyways.

And during all these events he is happy and smiling. Classic Phil.

meganick122d ago

Pretty much. All these billions spent are just to keep games off Playstation.

Bathory666122d ago

You do realize sony has been doing this since ps1 right?

Teflon02122d ago

No they haven't lol. When have they bought whole publishers? If they were to do that they'd have owned Insomniac and Naughty Dog through a universal buy out in the ps1 days lol

itsmebryan122d ago

More people can play everywhere but, PS. What games does PS share with everyone?

Crows90122d ago (Edited 122d ago )


I'm sorry...please explain how more people can play Activision Blizzard games that couldn't before...I'll wait.

In the meantime I can tell you PlayStation only gamers won't have access to what they previously would.

Obscure_Observer122d ago

"And during all these events he is happy and smiling. Classic Phil."

True. Because he made Xbox bigger and better. Sony´s only getting what they´d asked for.

Tons of people used to hate how Phil closed studios, canceled games and would not invest in new studios, games, new IPs AND exclusives.

Now the same people is complaining for things Sony has been doing for decades. Keeping games and content out of others platforms. Sony is now facing the consequences of their past and present actions.

Crows90122d ago


And Microsoft is still not funding new studios and their IP's.

They're buying well established studios and buying their IPs to present now as their own. There's a big difference.

And yes exclusivity is good for the gaming industry. Between consoles Xbox is still very much pro exclusive and definitely if you look at PC as a Microsoft platform which it is. They are only doing what makes sense to them since they are Microsoft...they own windows and Xbox...just like Sony owns PlayStation and used to own a handheld.

And not sure what you're drinking. My only complaint is that monopolizing the gaming industry is bad. And it is. You'll see. No one wins here. Gamers sure don't. Especially not the ones calming to want everyone to enjoy all games since Microsoft isn't doing that.

MrBeatdown122d ago


"Now the same people is complaining for things Sony has been doing for decades."

Sony has never bought an entire multiplatform publisher.

Stop making shit up.

Obscure_Observer122d ago


"And Microsoft is still not funding new studios and their IP's."

YOU are the one that should giving some of whatever of you´re drinking, because I didn´t know that Awoed, Redfall, Hellblade, Project Mara, State of Decay 3, Project Midnight, Fable and Perfect Dark, just to name a few, are all independent projects. Lol.


"Sony has never bought an entire multiplatform publisher.

Stop making shit up."

YOU are the one making shit up! I said: "Keeping games and content out of others platforms."

In no moment I said: "By acquiring publishers"

Christopher122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

***Sony´s only getting what they´d asked for.

Tons of people used to hate how Phil closed studios, canceled games and would not invest in new studios, games, new IPs AND exclusives.

Now the same people is complaining for things Sony has been doing for decades. Keeping games and content out of others platforms. Sony is now facing the consequences of their past and present actions. ***

Did you say that people in the comments section of gaming forums are Sony execs? When did any official at Sony ever say anything you just mentioned?

What logic is this? Because of console war stupidity, it's okay for customers to be negatively affected by multi-billion dollar buyouts?

Also, are you whitewashing Microsoft of doing the exact same type of business, oftentimes with the exact same companies?

Crows90121d ago

@ obscure

I'm well aware of the games in production by existing studios. Microsoft is not funding new studios and their IPs they are buying existing multiplatform

Obscure_Observer121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

"Did you say that people in the comments section of gaming forums are Sony execs? When did any official at Sony ever say anything you just mentioned?"

I was talking about the average gamer that used to complain about Xbox´s past lack of studios, games and new IPs.

"What logic is this? Because of console war stupidity, it's okay for customers to be negatively affected by multi-billion dollar buyouts?"

It doesn´t have to be about stupid console wars. It just a matter of how and/or when Playstation or Nintendo only gamers that feel harmed by Xbox recent acquisitions, will start and demand those companies to allow Gamepass on their platforms. Other than that, there aren´t really much that can be done. The acquisitions won´t stop because you or me don´t like it. Business as usual.

"Also, are you whitewashing Microsoft of doing the exact same type of business, oftentimes with the exact same companies?"

No, I´m not. But I´ve been gaming for long enough to remember how Sony used to operate and I know for a fact that IF they had the same cash flow as MS they would acquire everything.

Sony stripped SEGA out of games to the point they have no choice but to leave the market. All that with a big fat check.

Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy... all the big franchises under their belt.

Is like they said: What goes around, comes around.

This is also valid to MS too. Today they might be laughing, but tomorrow, they might be the ones crying.

I honestly won´t care if Sony acquires CDPR, Take Two, EA, Ubi, Capcom, From, Square, Bandai, SEGA or any of these Big Publishers and Studios.

It´ll be (again) business as usual. Nothing more, nothing less.

BehindTheRows121d ago

Tried to tell folks how hypocritical Phil was and how dangerous pub acquisitions were, but here we are.

cell989121d ago

He meant everyone who PAYS for Games pass

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122d ago
MegaLogic122d ago

And Sony's chief wasn't? Anyone remember "we believe in generations? "Console exclusive strictly " Lmao , you guys always fall on your faces with this stuff, time and again Sony is no different from MS , in fact, Microsoft is far more honest! Well this generation always. Relax dude, Phil is as much a hypocrite as Ryan

Crows90122d ago

Well yeah i remember what Sony said. And that was in direct response to Microsoft alluding you wouldn't need a next gen Xbox to play next gen games and all games releasing across generations.

They went back on that part but that was Sonys response. Which obviously meant that they wouldn't do that. And they haven't.

In terms of exclusivity purely on console...yeah i agree's a shame they're porting them over. Even if it is many years later.

rippermcrip122d ago

Sony went back on the "generations" thing because the 100+ million PS4 players gave their opinion that matter. Sony listened.

Who was Spencer listening to when he lied about the Bethesda games not being taken away from any one? No one. That was completely anti-gamer.


The ONLY person keeping Bethesda and Activision games away from Playstation is Jim Ryan. Phil has been open about wanting Game Pass on Playstation.

blackblades122d ago

Its bad buisenss for Sony and Nintendo thats why they both decline which was talked about before. They are taking a different path the MS so your comment is trash. Also everyone talking about Sony but aint saying nothing about Nintendo

Obscure_Observer122d ago

"The ONLY person keeping Bethesda and Activision games away from Playstation is Jim Ryan. Phil has been open about wanting Game Pass on Playstation."


People mad at Phil should ask Ryan to allow Gamepass on Playstation.

It´s simple as that.

vallencer122d ago


Honestly I'd love game pass on my ps5. Especially if it allowed ps5 developers to use the adaptive triggers on the controller for games on gamepass too that would be heaven. But alas that is probably a pipe dream. Either way I don't think it's really bad business for sony. I think it's actually "worse" for microsoft if they allow gamepass on sony consoles. Think about how many people would just buy a ps5 and gamepass instead of a xbox and gamepass. I used quotes because they'd still be doing fine since gamepass is a subscription.

Christopher122d ago

Only way GamePass ever goes to PlayStation is if the service only allows people to play Microsoft exclusives. They'll never allow downloading and playing third-party games that are on the PS Store. And, even then, they'd also require the games be purchasable on the PS Store individually as well.

Crows90121d ago

I have a feeling that Sony may decide to allow gamepass on their platform. Perhaps as part of a ps plus tier.
That wouldnt be bad for sony...because then they really wouldnt need to release their games on other platforms and playstation would be the only necessary console for every gamer.

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Obscure_Observer122d ago

"Say what you want but after your past statements about exclusives, putting them in a almost a negative light, you will always be a massive hypocrite Phil."

Calm yourself. He´s not done yet.

More acquisitions on horizon.

mkis007122d ago

Let this one clear the ftc first before you jump the gun on another one. Even sony got held up by their crunchyroll acquisition and that was less of a big deal.

TheDibbler122d ago

You can be against the concept of exclusives on a personal level but if that is how the game is played then you have to on a business level. Have you never had to do something you disagreed with on your job? It isnt being a hypocrite as much as it is just what reality is. I am anti-exclusive as well and wish all exclusives would end but it isn't going to happen.