Switch Best-Selling Console in the US in Dec, Xbox Series X|S Outsells PS5

(From VGChartz) The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console in the US in December 2021 in terms of unit sales, according to figures from NPD. NPD includes the dates for the five week period of November 28, 2021 through January 1, 2022.
The Xbox Series X|S was the second best-selling console, while PS5 came in third. The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 were essentially tied in terms of dollar sales

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septemberindecember910d ago

So Switch is best selling in unit sales for December. PS5 effectively tied with Switch in dollar sales. Xbox Series X/S were second best selling (behind Switch but above PS5).

This tells us a couple things:
1. Switch sales are quite a bit higher than PS and Xbox (1.5-1.75x), since MS and Sony have much higher priced SKU's than the average Switch unit.
2. Leading sales for Xbox were probably the Series S model, otherwise Xbox Series would not be third in dollar sales while being second in unit sales.
3. Switch is best selling in unit and dollar sales for 2021 overall, with PS5 likely second very closely followed by Series X/S

Switch sales are very likely to remain competitive in 2022, though I predict certain months they will be beaten by their competitors. The first should be February or March due to Horizon: Forbidden West's launch. However, this depends on manufacturing as well.

MrNinosan910d ago

It doesn't matter that Horizon or whatever release. PS5 has sold out every single week/month with or without games. Sales won't be higher due to Horizon because they can't produce more.

So most likely, Switch will sell most even in february.

septemberindecember910d ago

I think that Sony plans to release a large amount of consoles for their big releases though, as is pretty common in the industry. So I think February/March Sony will produce more consoles with a bit of a drought in January or April because of it.

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gravedigger910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

Quote :

3. Switch is best selling in unit and dollar sales for 2021 overall, with PS5 likely second very closely followed by Series X/S


PS5 is the 2nd one for 2021, said by Piscatella


septemberindecember910d ago

Thank you! I wonder how close Xbox Series was to PS5 in 2021. It seems like there was a big gap earlier in the year, but the holidays gave Series a bit of a boost.

Babadook7910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

The big boost in SX SS was because potential ps5 customers couldn’t get ahold of PS5s. This benefits their competition at the moment.

ThatsGaming910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

It really says very little actually. Until both PS and XB are completely not constrained by supply sales numbers only tell us how much the manufactures were able to get to market.

gravedigger910d ago

Quote :

but the holidays gave Series a bit of a boost.


Actually, not buy much. Between 150-200k. So, not that big of closing the gap

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Magog910d ago

Aren't all of these Vgzhartz guesses supposed to be labeled rumors and not news?

Sgt_Slaughter910d ago

It's not VG, this is NPD. Look at the article before commenting.

YodaCracker910d ago

This is NPD. VGChartz is just reporting on it.

randomvoice910d ago

In other news, the console that people could buy readily sold more. This means nothing as long as demand doesn't outstrip supply by such a magnitude.

frostypants910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

A shame that even today, years after launch, the hardware build quality is such garbage relative to MS/Sony's hardware.

Sgt_Slaughter910d ago

Never had a single issue with my Switch, as have many others. My PS4 from launch had controller and Wi-Fi connection problems, my Pro has a fan that sounds like a Boeing plane is taking off, and my Xbox One S needs to be hard shut off to connect back to Xbox Live/Wi-Fi every so often.

Plus there's controller drift in every controller, not just Nintendo's.

frostypants910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

@sgt_slaughter the joycons feel like third tier Chinese knockoff gray market junk. They never solved the drift issue, and those complaints dwarf anything in the modern gaming era other than the 360's RRoD. In addition, the microSD slot is sketchy (especially the ejection mechanism which is often DOA). But really it's those controllers. It says something when the best controller for the system is made by a non-certified third party (8bitdo).

ChasterMies910d ago

Not that surprising. Xbox sells well in the US and it makes sense for Microsoft to send more units to the US. Xbox also won a few months in the U.S. during the last generation.


After today's acquisition, I expect Xbox will be outselling Playstation worldwide in the long-run....especially if Microsoft also grabs Ubisoft and EA which are heavily rumored to be next on Phil's list.

Aloymetal910d ago

That's quite a prediction, gonna save this comment/post for future reference...

Sunny_D910d ago

Can you link me to these rumors?