Welcoming the Incredible Teams and Legendary Franchises of Activision Blizzard to Microsoft Gaming

Creators of Call of Duty, Warcraft, Candy Crush, Tony Hawk, Diablo, Overwatch, Spyro, Hearthstone, Guitar Hero, Crash Bandicoot, StarCraft and more join Team Xbox As a team, we are on a mission to extend the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet.

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GhostofHorizon127d ago

Didn't have this on my 2022 bingo card.

RaidenBlack127d ago

Strange to see, Crash Bandicoot being an Xbox IP now ...

RaidenBlack127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I understand they'll make future Blizzard stuffs Xbox exclusive.
But CoD? ... especially since Warzone is THE thing now.
They can't have a dwindling live-service without updates on a once-leading platform [PS].
Guess future CoD releases will follow the Elder Scrolls Online & Fallout 76 route {i.e. staying multiplat}, just for the sake of Warzone being the common binding factor.
@Nakiro What I am saying is ...
Warzone is definitely staying on PS i.e staying mult-plat. But I am talking about the yearly CoD releases.
All the progression & map overhauls & updates are tied to the yearly CoD titles.
Future CoD has to be mult-plat so to maintain uniformity in Warzone.
I am talking from Warzone PoV. Which is currently the main binding factor in the CoD franchise.
@Nakiro What I am saying is ...
Warzone is definitely staying on PS i.e staying mult-plat. But I am talking about the yearly CoD releases.
All the progression & map overhauls & updates are tied to the yearly CoD titles.
Future CoD needs to be mult-plat so to maintain uniformity in Warzone.
I am talking from Warzone PoV. Which is currenlty the main binding factor in the CoD franchise.
@Nakiro What I am saying is ...
Warzone is definitely staying on PS i.e staying mult-plat. But I am talking about the yearly CoD releases.
All the progression & map overhauls & updates are tied to the yearly CoD titles.
Future CoD needs to be mult-plat so to maintain uniformity in Warzone. Or else the whole live service will look weird as a whole.
I am talking from Warzone PoV. Which is currently the main binding factor in the CoD franchise.

GhostofHorizon127d ago

Warzone will continue to operate same on both. It's not in their best interest to stop supporting the game, much like how they continued to support Minecraft, new games in the series will most likely become exclusive though.

Parasyte127d ago

Guitar Hero and Spyro as well

darthv72127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

The next candy crush... day 1 on GP. Best day ever!!!! /s

On a side note, im thinking this happened due to the bad press going on over at Acti/blizz. Hope this means no more Bobby K.

Is EA next?

NotoriousWhiz127d ago

We'll see how long this quote holds true from the article:

"Activision Blizzard games are enjoyed on a variety of platforms and we plan to continue to support those communities moving forward."

4Sh0w127d ago

Talk about money....I told people Microsoft was a sleeping GIANT, the last thing you want to do is wake 'em up by saying they have no games, play nice is your best bet, they literally can just outspend the competition to build a massively larger portfolio....yes Sony will be OK but understand that they now will be in part supported by Microsoft good will for these future franchises. Think about that.

Army_of_Darkness127d ago


It's like your saying "don't challenge the big rich bully or else!"... And I say, Go for it Sony playstation! You got this!

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Jericho1337127d ago

Just wow - can’t believe all these games will be day 1 gamepass! If you’re a gamer you’d be mad not to be subscribing.

curtain_swoosh127d ago

hi, im mad.
im not subscribing.

RaidenBlack127d ago

My above comment's edited part got triple posted somehow.
And now its looking weird & clumsy.

CobraKai127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I’m mad too. I’m letting my sub expire.

Hopefully MS can do something about mixing up these tired franchises. I can’t find joy in CoD anymore.

Sayai jin127d ago

Not sure why you're getting down votes.

Terry_B127d ago

If you are a gamer, you know the many much better video games that were not made by the ubisofts, Activisions, Bethesdas or electronic arts. microsoft like companies of this world for the masses.

blacktiger127d ago

mad, dude it's laggy cause it's called streaming. If Mouse 2020 still lag what makes you think streaming is not.

CDbiggen127d ago

This reads like a corporate sell heh - Wow, subscribe now! You're missing out!

MADGameR127d ago

Expect a price raise for gamepass. Don't think you'll be getting all of that for the same price.

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-Foxtrot127d ago (Edited 127d ago )


But I still think with this they’ll end up as a publisher in the far far future

Game pass might be their goal but there’s no way they’d miss out that sweet sweet money with physical copies on as many platforms as they can

COD…an exclusive? I just can’t see that happen

Sad they are also keeping Bobby Kotick, that’s pretty shitty to be honest

Godmars290127d ago

Only through Game Pass they're going all digital.

UltraNova127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Mark my words, when MS is done and achieves their ultimate plan (gaming monopoly) GP price will be raised to the stratosphere. We will see how gamers like it then.

-Foxtrot127d ago


Yeah and why miss out a slice of physical sales which would mean more money for them

It’ll start with Gamepass but they’ll want more and more

I reject an online and streaming future only

Godmars290127d ago

Again: They've been pushing all digital since since introducing online to consoles. They may not mind revenue from disc sales, only through patches, pushing things like the Series S which only plays digital games, they've worked towards making physical media irrelevant.

thesoftware730127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Phil's quote still stands.
Phil: “exclusives are not what gaming is all about”

He said 'ALL" about, there are many factors, like making deals to get games on GP, AAA and Indies alike, cloud streaming, BC, features like VRR and DOLBY on console, DX12 implementation on PC development, partnerships with devs they don't own, and of course building an exclusive library is all part of the whole.

Joe913127d ago

I agree, COD is exclusive to Xbox\PC and available day 1 for what 5.99 a month I don't see that happening if it does it won't be yearly releases. I think this will be competing more with steam than Sony or Nintendo but even then I am not sure how they plan on making their money back they will need a large number of subs. Unless they really start to dumb the games down which would be sad as hell, does DLC come free to gamepass as well COD is known for the DLC how will that work?

Obscure_Observer127d ago

"COD…an exclusive? I just can’t see that happen"

I heard the same thing about TES VI

Witchcraft127d ago

CoD an exclusive? Why not? It's not like there is a 100 million PS5's out there. If big Bethesda games can be exclusive, so do big Acti-Blizz titles.

Sayai jin127d ago

Skewed logic. If that were the case, why if every company were trying to maximize all their profits, then Mario would be on PC, Ps, Xbox, etc....God of War would be on Nintendo, Xbox, etc,

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Outside_ofthe_Box127d ago

Obviously this is a great move for Microsoft, but I need someone to explain to me how moves like this are great for gaming lol

thesoftware730127d ago


I can tell you, I am a gamer and and a consumer just like you are, for me and you we can get play a lot of high end and indie games for a low sub price, its money saving. MS is also releasing all these games on PC, so you can own an Xbox or a decent PC, and even an android phone and enjoy a lot of what they are offering. If you are a collector you can still pay for the games physical or digital.

So the maine take away is you still have many options besides one box to play all MS games, can still buy them however you want and also have the option to play many many games a year and save some money.

Sony is not some scrub of a company, they have Major, Major exclusive franchises and a massive brand loyalty. They know the market, and have VR which they could possibly make more mainstream.

Now tell me how it hurts the industry?

darthv72127d ago

You gotta think like your name says.

annoyedgamer127d ago

it isnt. It just centralizes more of the IPs. The only way this helps is if foreign studios start growing and refuse to be bought by US companies.

Joe913127d ago

I think Sony will be getting more exclusives due to publishers not wanting their games on gamepass day 1. They can get a huge check from MS but I think MS would rather spend that money like this buying studios with major IP they can throw on their service and keep. So this will kinda make the industry more exclusive driven like it or not. I don't think Sony is having to knock on any doors or pay huge amounts of money to get exclusives because so many people are scared of gamepass model.

MrBeatdown127d ago

"Now tell me how it hurts the industry?"

Because it leaves the hundreds of millions of gamers who preferred PlayStation over the past 28 years with fewer options.

But enjoy your subscription.

Hopefully every other major publisher gets acquired. Maybe by Sony, Google, Facebook, or Amazon. That would be great too, right?

Lightning77127d ago

Sony and MS have gone mad this generation. MS buying Bethesda, Sony buying all those studios last year, SSOD 2, spiderman exclusive to PS, Like new Bethesda games are exclusive to Xbox plus all those 3rd party they bought out almost 4 years ago. Sony is trying to keep Final Fantasy off Xbox consoles at all costs going forward. Now Activision is with MS having all their games day one with the possibility of Overwatch 2 plus many others being exclusive or day on gamepass.

None of this can be good for the industry.

MontyeKristo127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Annoyedgamer - Soooo its okay to be bought out by Sony and Nintendo, just not Microsoft, correct..?

MrBeatdown - buying companies, names, IPs doesnt mean there wont always be fresh blood. Many devs leave the companies and start their own new outfit.

Chevalier127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

" ....buying companies, names, IPs doesnt mean there wont always be fresh blood. Many devs leave the companies and start their own new outfit."

Which major companies the size of Activision Blizzard left the industry in the last like 3 decades. Name one.

dumahim127d ago

As messed up as it sounds, after this buyout, MS is only going to be 3rd in gaming behind Tencent and Sony.

Christopher127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

***Now tell me how it hurts the industry?***

****for me and you we can get play a lot of high end and indie games for a low sub price***

Because that's only sustainable if they become the primary market leader when they are making $60b+ purchases and consolidating what used to be competitors under an umbrella that doesn't want to now see competition between their own studios.

Otherwise, prices will increase. Market reach will shrink. More customers will lose access to more games, especially considering Xbox One is being halted in production and the easiest-to-obtain Series console is digital-only.

Fewer companies holding more control over a market has never been good for competition, progress, and dollar value.

Having said that, who knows how this will work out in the end as it's such a huge change? Even when GamePass started, it would be years before we could see how it would work out, and all these moves are just adding to that.

I don't trust any company to give me more value for my money unless they're doing it to put pressure on the competition. It's business for them, there aren't any saints in this game.

Gazondaily126d ago

Its great for gaming just to witness your tears 🤣

Outside_ofthe_Box126d ago

^the "toxicity" of the Xbox community everyone =]

Remember when this guy said Sony was ducking MS at events because they had COVID concerns 😂

Console war be having people saying some wild stuff

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neutralgamer1992127d ago

As a gamer not happy about it. Sony will counter now and we are a step closer to gaming monopoly. I was always against buying up big publishers but now Sony should buy up square enix, Sega and Capcom which will cost them combined less than 20 billion and they will have some legendary IP's

Ms will buy UBI I can already see it. They don't want people to own the games and instead want subscribers. Ubi is next mark my words

Lightning77127d ago

IMO MS should of bought WB Games or bought Crytek and revive that studio to make Rise 2 or anew IP. Haven't played COD and don't plan on it just because it'll be on gamepass. Again that is literally just me.

There has been many speculation for several years that MS would buy EA or Activision. Ubisoft could be next... Maybe.. their subscription service is hitting Xbox later this year.

Christopher127d ago

This is the second time this week someone has used Monopoly to refer to a few companies having control over a market. That's not a monopoly.

What you people mean is an oligopoly.

Orbilator127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Microsoft will be responsible for ultimately killing the game industry. When there is no choice but to buy buy gamepass then there is no longer a choice and you pay whatever your told to pay. People think game pass is great, but it's not, it's never gonna sustain itself , I bet it doesn't make money even now. Xbox defo does t have 70 billion it's there parent company dishing out the cash.
If Xbox owns every up it will be a sad day and I for one think that the Monopoly and mergers commission will step in to stop this. It's very anti consumer. People think the getting something cheap and everything will be day one but I'm telling you now, once they have complete control it's game over for 10.99 a month. And all you people saying you can get game pass for a dollar, yeah maybe you can but you think Xbox won't see that eventually. That's the trouble with Microsoft in general, they got loads of cash from thier OS being so major, but let's face it, every OS since 7 has been dire and a piece of crap. There hardware has been sub par, series x the most powerful console but it don't act like it. 7 billion on Bethesda and we still got nothing on Xbox apart from back catalogue. Game Pass is a mistake and Phil can talk crap all day about how great it is but for the industry as a whole it does nothing but damage it.

Master of Unlocking127d ago

Well said. I'm getting a bit tired of MS's antics. If it's just The Elder's Scrolls VI I'm going to miss out on, while unfortunate I can take it, but if Ubisoft are as dumb as Bethesda & Activision-Blizzard and sell out to MS and the next Assassin's Creed games are exclusive to Xbox, I'll be one disgruntled gamer at some point in the future.

neutralgamer1992127d ago


Totally agree for Ms to make profits they will have to charge $30+ per month and have 20-30 million subscribers. People are so happy to pay $10 now but once Ms have enough studios and content they will be able to dictate how much they are going to charge and a 6 month commitment at $30 per month would be required

What's really sad is by end of this generation we will be left with EA and Tencent because everyone else will be bought out so we will be left with greedy publishers

CaptainHenry916127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I see a few comments saying Bobby Kotick is leaving, you better think again, because he ain't going anywhere. Microsoft wants him to stay

itsmebryan127d ago

Anyone else see Sony stock dropped over 7% today. I wonder why?

UltraNova127d ago

You need some stock exchange 1O1 asap.

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BigBosss127d ago

Glad I also have a high end PC other then my PS5. I can still play these games without limiting myself. Congratulations to the team at Xbox

eaze2013127d ago

Winning formula honestly! Best of both worlds

eaze2013127d ago Show
eaze2013127d ago

@Naikro There we go, the first one...

RangerWalk267127d ago

It won't be long until Microsoft opens their wallet to buy Sony. You heard me right. I said SONY. Not just the PlayStation brand / division... The entire company.
It might even be cheaper than 70 billion.

4Sh0w127d ago

Microsoft foes not care how you give them your money.....going forward everytime you buy these games on pc it goes to Microsoft, ask Sony why God of War went to pc & more coming, they like money too.

fr0sty127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

PlayStation has far too many of its own (actually good) exclusives for this to be any threat to them at all. People are sick of COD, and Activision in general. This is a huge win for Microsoft as a software developer, no doubt, but Activision would have to start cranking out some original content before this would be any real threat to Sony, not just Call of Duty 3033224 Modern Black Warzone Ops.

I guess Activision knew they were screwed after what Kotick did and felt this was their best way out.

Funny thing is, many people see this as the end of Sony, I see it as the end of Microsoft as a console developer. Game Pass will appear on PlayStation within 2 years, mark my words. Microsoft isn't interested in selling hardware, they've always lost that war since the first Xbox launched. They've not come in first place one single time in 4 generations. They still can't sell systems in Japan. Going Gamepass only is their best bet, become the netflix of games, be available on every system, phone, tablet, and PC, and they don't have to sell consoles anymore. Bookmark this comment, we'll come back in 2 years and see what happens.

My prediction is by next gen, we'll have Sony making consoles, Nintendo ruling the handheld market as they always have, and Microsoft making games for all systems.

Cosmoplayer84127d ago

Why all those down votes? You perfectly right

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RangerWalk267127d ago

This argument is dead, bro. Everyone knows you can play Xbox games all the way from your 5 yr old cell to your 5k gaming PC. This is how you evolve... You make gaming accessible to everyone.

darksky127d ago

People forget that Microsoft tried to make Xbox One online only but that was shot down at the time. Now they are trying it stealthily with the gamepass and I expect everyone will be paying a monthly fee in the future.

anubusgold127d ago

If you bought a decent graphics card before the miners and sclapers started their crap at the start of 2021. You could have built you a good pc for about 900 bucks it was 700 before the scalpers . Now the prices are just stupid. I think i bought the last pc that was a decent price in march of 2021 I got a 3070 prebuilt pc for 1200 dollars and i thought that was high i only bought it for the graphics card to put in my main build.

xFEARxPHOENIXx127d ago

Microsoft was trying to do the same thing that's done on Steam and lock your games to your account and give its user more options like game sharing with friends. Console gamers wasn't use to this and freaked out. Even on Stesm you can't play a game in offline mode unless it's fully updated. You don't hear PC gamers crying fowl.

ElvisHuxley127d ago

Xbox fans get mad about this for some reason. I too have a good PC, but activision and blizzard have been mostly trash in recent years, so I doubt it's something that'll come up often.

anubusgold126d ago

Hey wow classic was sooo good shut your mouth ElvisHuxley lol

exputers127d ago

Ok, I didn't see that coming.

RaidenBlack127d ago

"... casually dropped a $70bn nuclear bomb"

Tacoboto127d ago

Take Two: *Buys Zynga for a record*
After a weekend to ponder, Microsoft: "Hold my brewery"

outsider1624127d ago

This makes buying 7 billion of Zenimax look like an indie...lmao!!