God of War Looks Even Better with Ray Traced Beyond All Limits Preset

It didn't take long for modders to enhance God of War on PC with a ReShade based preset that features screen space ray tracing.

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Magog119d ago

Alfheim would be a better place to try to show off ray tracing.

EvertonFC119d ago

Off topic MS have just bought Activision/blizzard for 70billion

Zhipp119d ago

Wow. I wasn't even gonna look it up cause I was sure you were trolling, but it's actually true.

EvertonFC119d ago

Crazy news, not sure how I feel about it tbh.

RpgSama119d ago

That is just stupid, how in all hell will you recoup that money back??

CaptainHenry916119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I was hoping it would be WB. Blizzard and Activision hasn't been the same in years. They also bought Bobby Kotick😁😂 the quality of their games are not worth 70 billion. Throwing money at micro doesn’t translate to better gaming that's what's happening unfortunately

alb1899119d ago

Captain, Is Sekiro a bad game?
Do you guys know how much money does make War zone everyday?
Do you know the library that will be part of Gamepass?
Go and read little bit and come back.

Crows90118d ago


Microsoft is only worried about having content for gamepass. They dont care so much if its good or not.