Diablo 2 Resurrected Cannot Be Played Offline If You Fail to Login Online Once in 30 Days

Those who own Diablo 2 Resurrected, if you don't log in (online) at least once in 30 days, you cannot play it offline regardless of platform.

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AizenSosuke119d ago

Oof you guys keep losing in terms of audiences' will aren't ya?

Eidolon119d ago

An online check every 30 days does not sound unreasonable.. What the fuck year are we in?

excaliburps119d ago

It's not that. It's why its' there in the first place. Why? Can you even pirate PS5, Xbox games?

Eidolon119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Exploits too. Could get insane modded weapons on Diablo 3 from save exploits.

Kornholic119d ago

Yes it does. Why should an offline game require online connection? Are you out of your mind?

TheRealTedCruz119d ago

Because it's dumb that a game without a competitive mode still requires online verification to play it on merit alone?

Because if someone goes without internet, for whatever reason, for an extended period of time they're now barred from a single player experience they paid for?

But I'll just swing back to my first point of it being dumb and needless, and just another example of companies putting in elements that only hinder their customers.

ArdynMDH119d ago

@Eidolon. Some people have other games they would like to play (including huge backlogs) as well as actual life responsibilities such as families, work, school, etc. I get where you are coming from and that it will take maybe a few minutes to login just to make sure you are within that 30-day window but it is still annoying at best for someone who is busy.

neutralgamer1992119d ago


Will the servers be up in 20 years because it will become unplayable than. It's about preservation not so much of a concern today

BISHOP-BRASIL119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

You'd be surprised but almost 3 billion people on this planet still don't have access to internet AT ALL. Not with their phone, not from a computer, not from a land line, nada, zilch, zero.

Of course, that doesn't reflect the makeup of the gaming industry target audience at large, but taking internet access for granted for anyone is a dick move, yes, even in 2022. Even in USA, a rich and developed country with pretty good infrastructure (and the major market for the gaming industry), 1 in 4 houses still don't have residential internet access, that's more disconnected households than the smallest 13 states combined have as whole, would you kick 13 states out of the market for no good reason? The real number may be even worse, those other 3 connected household include any kind of access, like the estimated 250k still using dial-up, who knows how many others have internet access through old (i.e. painfully slow) radio, satellite or ADSL links that aren't really up to the task of contemporary gaming. Heck, if you had noticed for the past few years many people started skipping the whole residential internet entirely as they just do whatever they need on their phone data plan, have you considered how many people who don't play online might had never even seem a reason to hook their consoles or PCs to the internet in the first place?

None of it should matter anyway, let's say you have perfectly capable internet access on your gaming platform, you brought the game a couple months ago, played through it, you are pretty much done, moved on... Fast forward to the present and you were just playing something else online, but your service went down, some idiot hit a power line close to a backbone somewhere or something, no big deal, service will be resumed in a few hours... Maybe you can play some good old and fully paid for single player Diablo II to pass the time... Oh wait.

Michiel1989119d ago

@ted youll be surprised with how hardcore people are for D2 ladders, even before resurrected people still went ham on it on a 20 year old game.

That doesnt excuse that the offline mode needs a connection check, just make those characters not be able to play online or something. or just not able to compete on the ladder.

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Eidolon119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Pretty sure this needs rephrasing, they mean you can't PLAY OFFLINE if you haven't did the online check in 30 days. Do online check. Then play offline.. How the fuck hard is that. Just loaded it up and was able to play after 2 months on PS4.

BlaqMagiq1119d ago

This shouldn't be there PERIOD. If you're playing OFFLINE why does this matter? You're not affecting anyone else's game but your own. Stop going up and down the page defending this bullshit.

ZeekQuattro119d ago

Wow. They really bungled the release of this game. It just seems to get worse.

Eidolon119d ago

There's safety measures for piracy on every game. Being Diablo II, a game where 90% of the users are online, it would make sense to protect the integrity of the game by incorporating SOME measures, this is HARDLY a major "nail in the coffin", it's just an online check after 30 days. BIG FUCKING DEAL.

Eidolon119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Not even piracy, hacking in general. Mods, save editing, exploits.

Kurt Russell119d ago

It's a pity as when it is all running well, it's a fun game... one I prefer to Diablo 3. But yeah, they keep tarring it every chance they get.

Eidolon119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Servers needed time to adjust the initial week, for sure. It ran well after that, just grinded too much and haven't played for 2 months(plus my brother got bored of it). What other ways have they messed it up? This really doesn't count to me, literally non-issue, given that it's not meant to be a full solo game.

Kurt Russell118d ago

I had server issues for the first few months myself. But people lost their minds over censorship and representation of various characters (mostly of the female kind)... and general DRM.

wiegraf119d ago

And that's why I won't buy it.

Eidolon119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Because it checks online every 30 days, a problem that will not arise unless you actually play it? When the hell are you not online for 30 days, and of those online days not Diablo II? You're right, don't buy it.. This game is a complete grind, and that grind is only worth it if you're playing online, with friends, or on leaderboards, or to experience the community and pvp, trading, etc. As a single-player experience ONLY, it's not great.

SavageFlamingo119d ago

Except there are fans of the game who for some reason or the other have to choose whether or not they can pay their internet bill for a few months. Locking them out for easily breakable “anti-cheating/piracy” DRM is just stupid.

wiegraf117d ago

If I'd buy it, I'd play exclusively online. I have played countless hours of original d2, which I owned since launch back in 2000. I still have the original cds and having installed and uninstalled it so often in my old 4GB HD, I memorized the cd-key.
Despite all of that, I can never support this kind of DRM.

CobraKai118d ago

Seriously. I was gonna buy it too, but this is a major deal breaker. Screw this game.

luckytrouble119d ago

Stupid DRM that only inconveniences legit buyers as pirates will inevitably find a way past it. It's so weird that developers and publishers just never learn.

Eidolon119d ago

Pretty lame single player experience.

rlow1119d ago

This was the same policy Xbox1 had when it launched. But now no one blinks an eye at it.

Eidolon119d ago

There's a lot of blinking going on RN. People up in arms at this one guys tweet, when it hasn't been a problem before.

Eidolon119d ago

Pretty sure it's bat an eye, btw :P

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