Krysta Yang Departs Nintendo Of America

Nintendo Insider writes:

Nintendo of America's Krysta Yang has announced her decision to leave the company after more than 14 years.

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AizenSosuke121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Good luck in her future endevours.

ZeekQuattro121d ago

Not surprised unlike her co-host in the picture all she seemed to do was the Nintendo Minute segments. Once that ended there probably wasn't much need for her to continue to work there any longer. Either way she had a good run.

Jin_Sakai121d ago

I always liked watching these two. Hopefully she finds something she new and exciting going forward.

LoveSpuds121d ago

Personally, I found Kit and Krysta to be too saccharine for my tastes, however I appreciate that was probably what Nintendo insisted on. But in my opinion, this drive to be so sweet and jolly at all times led to the videos coming across as quite insincere and essentially, quite staged. I think it did hamper the natural chemistry between the pair, it was like watching Barney and friends but without the cool dinosaur costume 😂

Obviously catering for a younger audience is worthwhile for Nintendo, no other company courts young children as effectively as Nintendo does with their consoles and first party, but I think Nintendo do sometimes loose track of the fact that a huge percentage of their audience are adults who have grown up loving their games and Nintendo often fail to cater to that audience with their PR and advertising.