PlayStation Exclusives On PC Day One, Gravity Chase, PS4 Keeps Going - Last Word On Gaming

The big question gets asked PlayStation Exclusives on PC Day One? The PS4 continues for 2022, and much more on Video Games 2 the MAX.

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Teflon02125d ago

Sad that's not gravity Rush

My_Name_is_Earl124d ago

Just like how PS games on PC never happened?

Teflon02124d ago

Sony always had games on PC. Look up Daybreak, they use to be Sony Online Entertainment and mostly made PC games like Planetside and Everquest. Some came to playstation as well but was focused more on PC until later years

Magog124d ago

Day one? Try year 5! 🤣

TheRealTedCruz124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Not a single release that took 5 years to come to PC.
Not sure why you love that number so much.

My guess, 2 will be the new standard soon. Then one. Then 6 months, with even a few being day one.
Sony didn't create a Playstation Steam page, hire on a team who solely work on making good ports to PC, just to drip feed content. Not to mention, if this MS acquisition affects things in the way many assume it will, the PC market is going to be that much more enticing to cater to.

As soon as initial sales drop off, and more people are heading towards the used game market, there's no reason to start pushing on PC while the hype is still there.

Magog124d ago

Uncharted 4 will be almost 6 years old by the time it hits PC.

jeromeface123d ago

@magog yup.. and Last of us 1 is older yet still not being chosen. Point?

zsquaresoff124d ago

The day Playstation exclusives come out Day 1 on Pc, is the day the Playstation console will become redundant.

Magog124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

After this Activision purchase Sony need to reevaluate putting their games on PC at all. They need every point of differentiation they can get.

ocelot07124d ago

Why? It's perfect what they are doing now. Drip feeding old games on pc at near full price. Making money of old games that don't sell on playstation anymore.

Then release the sequel's on playstation exclusively for 3 years.

ThatsGaming124d ago

Everyone thinks that Sony needs to dominate console sales for some reason. There is nothing special about PS5 or XSX. Both are made by the same chip makers with generally the same physical architecture. They are essentially PCs and could easily run PC operating systems.

The OS and firmware are pretty generic as well. Sony uses a Linux based OS and MS uses Windows as its base. Again nothing special.

It is all about the games and services. To me, Sony still has the best games (Even after this acquisition). But it would be more profitable if they were a third party game maker on the most powerful platforms. They don't have the data centres Amazon and MS do, and it does not make sense for them to build them because they are not in that business.

ThatsGaming124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Consoles are not redundant. They are a really good living room devices. Easy to manage and pre-configured for TV and entertainment. No messing around. I can buy a console, bring it home and in under 15 mins it is doing its final updates to use. I buy a PC and I spend hours getting it to a state equal to a console. There is a place for consoles and there is a place for PCs. If consoles have to survive based on time exclusivity of games then they were not meant to survive.

Commodor124d ago

God of War is actually pretty good on PC

PeaSFor124d ago

Better late than never i guess.

PeaSFor118d ago

Played it in 2018, how salty can i be?
Lol, projection at its best!

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The story is too old to be commented.