Platinum Trophies Are Getting Easier, and That’s a Good Thing

Acquiring platinum trophies was an impossible feat when they were introduced during the PS3 era, but they have since gotten much easier to earn.

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Knightofelemia127d ago

Not really if a game pops out a trophy as easy as putting soap into a dishwasher then where is the challenge. It's not fun to say I platinumed My Friend Peppa Pig when your friend was saying they platinumed ME2 on PS4. I hate trophies that are near next to impossible to unlock and I honestly hate online trophies. I had fun trophy hunting RE8, ME2, Days Gone, Horizon. Platinuming a cheap game like I am Bread or even Peppa Pig there is not satisfaction I find I admit I have platinumed a cheap game like that it didn't feel rewarding like a regular game.

slayernz126d ago

yeah im not a fan of MP trophies either - dont mind a couple of MP trophies for dipping toes in the water (ie try multiplayer modes, participate in a match or a handful of matches) but any grindy ones like reach level 50, get 500 kills etc i will more often than not skip the game entirely, got a huge amount of games on the backlog so not going to spend weeks grinding out some multiplayer

DarXyde126d ago

Online trophies make me homicidal.

Sephiroushin124d ago

Oh if you have mastered it then you wont feel its hard to get platinum; I did to the point that on original dmc4 i "fought" some japanese guy on leaderboard, I also did so for Deadnation, Hard Corps Uprising and Soldner (dunno if was spelled like that been long), but i no longer challenge myself that way ... but my point is that dmc is a game that you need to get quite good (thing that you and many of us did with dmc3) to get platinum, on games like horizon, days gone, re8 I dont find them challenging at all, you just cant be bad (I do find them fun though)

Yes online trophies can be hard and annoying, Id say i still have nightmares from killzone 2 but I loved that game so...

Sephiroushin126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

But all of those arent very challenging, you mention RE8 (but then compared to other RE like RE1, RE Zero, heck even RE2 it by miles easier, so its true; trophies are getting easier)...
They are using more stuff that completionist do on a game instead of dumb challenging trophy that doesnt even reward anything on game..
If you want something real challenging go plat DMC5, you would need to master the game!

I still consider those trophies that even though they may not be super hard to get they take countless of hour and and some luck to; they are like a Trial of patience even when you likethe game cough Star Ocean the last hope

DarXyde125d ago

DMC V was more time consuming than anything for me. I used my original DMC 3 strategy to platinum that game: master the hell out of Royal Guard. V was tricky though, and Nero was Nero.

If you're not familiar with the original Devil May Cry 3 on PS2, that game was ridiculously nuts. But if you get through DMD mode, none of the future games can stop you, not even for ranking.

isarai127d ago

The only things im glad are becoming less of a thing are MP trophies for games with a campaign focus. Also kinda like when some games exclude difficultly modes for trophies, especially RPGs and such. Otherwise i like the challenge of trophies when it's a game i just wanna keep playing.

Eidolon126d ago

There are some games I play for the online, but stay for the single-player. Like recently, COD: Vanguard. The campaign was great, but the online trophies are easily 15-20 hours of online play when the campaign was a fraction of that, not to mention most of that has to be dedicated to ZOMBIES, which I never put much time into beyond just trying it out. (also got a glitch where only the first mission was logged as played on veteran and only got the base "beat the game" trophy, so I have to play the entire game again on veteran making sure it gets logged correctly)

-Foxtrot127d ago

They should be a challenge but I do hate 3 types of trophies / achievements

1) Making you go through the game like 3-4 times to do certain things because of a lack of backtracking or because you can only do a certain number of choices in each play through.

2) Collectibles which take the p***

3) Online trophies which are SUPER specific and you literally have no chance unless you get lucky or you are playing the game constantly like it's the only game you own

Eidolon126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

I agree with all 3.

1&2) I like to play the game and enjoy it without looking a guide the whole way, will be fine with some clean up later, having to play the whole game through with a guide (for collectibles and task specific trophies) is a platinum killer for me. Like the games that 90% of the trophies are missable, I usually do not aim for the platinum.

3) It's rare that this happened for me, but there are some I can't clearly recall that were specific and hard/luck based enough, and I want to say they were Battlefield games. There are some of course where even the single player trophies were such a chore that I wasn't even considering the platinum, so I dismissed the online trophies altogether, forgetting how hard they might actually have been. I'm sure there are a bunch of games with ridiculous online trophies that would offput platinumers from obtaining it.

what about 4) Where the they require to basically perfect a playthrough on the hardest difficulty. Like the Mein Leben trophy for Wolfenstein 2? lol

ziggurcat126d ago

In general,. maybe, but there are still games that are a massive PitA.

NerdBurglars126d ago

I dunno if this is true. Uncharted drake's fortune was the first platinum and it was a walk in the park.

All that has changed is we have less grind trophies and less multiplayer trophies. Many hunters argue that 100 hours to get 100k kills isn't Hard as such. Anyone can do it. We see less of that now

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