Shadow Warrior 3 Launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 1

Shadow Warrior 3 from Devolver Digital and developer Flying Wild Hog will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 1.

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Hellcat2020500d ago

The discounted price is a little worrisome

TGGJustin500d ago

I mean is it really discounted? It's an indie game which are always priced at different things. The previous Shadow Warrior games weren't $60 titles.

Eidolon500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Fun/solid games none the less, at least the one I played was(2). Were the previous iterations released $40? Did the $10 current-gen price hike affect it, you think?

TGGJustin500d ago

Looking back at their price history yes the first and second games were both $40 at launch.

Vengeance1138499d ago

Indie means the game is self published by the developer. Devolver Digital is publishing it for the developer Flying Wild Hog. It's not Indie.

TGGJustin499d ago

@Vengeance1138 Then take that up with other people. When you see "Best Indie Game" you see games from Devolver Digital, Annapurna, etc despite the fact that they are just published by them. That doesn't stop them from being indie games.

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secrettalkshowhost499d ago

Lol you people are so propagandized. $50 is what games used to cost, they went up for no reason other than to please shareholders who want infinite growth every quarter.

People pay 60 and 70 for empty, unfinished MTX loaded trash like CoD and Battlefield and then endlessly complain and argue about them all the time on twitter and YT but an indie boomer shooter that will play about a million billion times better and will be a finished, complete game with no monetization is $10 less and people "worry" about it lol

tbagmonster500d ago

the first one was great, the second one was horrible, lets hope this one is better

Eidolon500d ago

Had a lot of fun with 2, then I gotta play 1.

FinalFantasyFanatic499d ago

I also hated the second one, I lost my save file when I was near the end, tried to start again, but I just don't have the motivation to play it again. I hope the third is at least as good as the first game was.

got_dam499d ago

I enjoyed 2 for a little while... I'm not a huge fan of procedural generation, so I lost interest after 6 hours or so. I loved how it controlled. The actual game feel was damn good. Never played 1. Probably give it a go after I finally finish the mass effect trilogy.

sourOG499d ago

I hope it’s a story like the last few. Everything I have seen about this game looks like an area shooter. They keep showing the same stage over and over. It looks fun but I hope there is more meat to it and we’re not confined to trap arenas.

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