Even Elden Ring’s credits have now leaked ahead of launch

If you have been routinely combing through Elden Ring forums and Reddit threads, you will know well enough by now that a lot of Elden Ring has leaked ahead of the game’s February release.

Well, after a couple of weeks of dataminers uncovering everything from weapons, to boss fights, to voice lines, it seems that not even the game’s end credits are safe, with the full sequence now appearing online.

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Samonuske121d ago

Sucks for the developers. Must suck not having any surprises in store when playing a new game.

SimpleSlave121d ago

YAS!!! Now I don't have to finish this game.


IanTH121d ago

So now I can skip them in advance! :-p

gintoki777121d ago

Who are these dataminers. Just chill and wait for a game.

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