Sony Challenges Devs To Add VR Support In Games For Game Jam 2022

Sony recently issued a challenge to all developers participating in the Game Jam 2022 to have VR and eye-tracking support in their games.

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SullysCigar121d ago

Sony did say they want more hybrid games from now on (playable in flat and VR) and this 'challenge' would seem to back that up.

We know from past experience that they tend to provide tools to streamline/facilitate these kinds of goals being met, so hopefully that's the case with game hybridisation - and Game Jam 2022 could provide an opportunity to put this into practice.

Babadook7121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Thats a great sign of things to come to PS VR2. I really loved RE VII

jukins121d ago

Re7 vr is why i cant play re8 im just holding out and hoping.

Petebloodyonion121d ago

I like the idea of the challenge for a gaming competition and it's possible that some ppl create some neat concepts with face tracking (like a laser beam or staring contest).
But I hope that Sony leads by example with PSVR2 and makes sure that all future games from now on offer some PSVR support.

Cause if Sony isn't willing to do the move why would others follow?

IanTH121d ago

I agree. And it is partially why I was confused with the Horizon: CotM VR thing. I would have thought they'd use the newly releasing H:FW as a springboard for putting their franchises in VR. I know ground-up VR software tends to be best, but there are amazing flat/VR combos out there like NMS/RE7/Hitman 3.

But I'm with you. I hope that most of their future titles have PSVR 2 support. I assume some might not make sense to have it - it isn't always a perfect fit - but most I'm sure would. If they want VR success, nothing like a slew of AAA titles available to get people to shell out the big bucks.

bunt-custardly121d ago

This is an excellent change of tack. Makes me so happy to see this. Hopefully the mindset infects AAA developers as well.

skyrimer120d ago

I think Hellblade showed the way of how to convert 3rd person games to VR to be mindblowing, while Hitman 3 or RE7 did the same for first person games,I really hope it becomes a standard mode, right now most engines allow to play in VR quite easily so it shouldn't be much effort.

nishanth123120d ago

This is good. Also unrelated fuck M$

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