Sony's PS3 "Home" Plagued By Sex Fiends

Horny dweebs will always find a way to introduce sex into any 3D experience and make things insufferable for female avatars.

Sony's virtual world "Home" has been around for only three days, and it's already happening.

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va_bank4427d ago

This is written by the same "writer" that wrote the now infamous CNN article.

Genesis54427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

And xbox live is full of foul mouth, racist, homophobic screaming little brats. Is that better? Offending users in Home will be banned from using the service. There is also a blocking other users option build into Home.

va_bank4427d ago

I've never been on XBL, but ALL online communities have this, be it WoW, PSN or XBL.

Speaking of XBL, I saw this a while ago, same thing and kind of funny:

MaximusPrime4427d ago

i been on home and believe me, xbox lives users are alot worse than psn users.

i seen so many underage foul mouthed, "your mom this, your mom that", "f*** you f*** you" when playing halo 2. i never met so many americans online before being so rude.

home is different, so many variety of peoples from across Europe, few from Australia, few from america. the abuses are alot less than xbox live's abuse.

"grief reporting" is the reason for punishing these wrongdoers.

Since home is still a beta, things happen.

Sarcasm4427d ago

This sort of reminds me of my last play through with Home, some kid was being followed by some random guy. I kept hearing the 12 year old kid "Stop follooowwwing meeee!" funniest thing I've seen on there lol

Tomdc4427d ago

also keep in mind that while the other article was bull, this has a suprising amount of truth unfortunately...

JasonXE4427d ago

There both different though. Your avatar is for show to everyone so it makes for easy pickings than being anonymous in a game. As a girl in home you probably be harass in about 10-20 seconds, unavoidable unless you dress up as a guy,

PimpHandHappy4427d ago

this is the same guy who wrote the CNN article?

maybe he is making up for what he wrote because i dont know about you but saying somewhere is FILLED with sex friends will make lots of ppl come a runnin

but really

I find myself enjoying HOME
maybe its a bit sad that i meet a girl from Ireland
maybe its sad that i have had more then a couple converstations with adults


I guess Spore was filled with GAYS because everyone made a penis

i dont see ppl having sex in HOME and if thats what you see maybe you need to divorce your wife and go fuk some strange

morganfell4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

There is a commentary about the guy here:

People should also understand things like this are only possible because users of Home have actual freedom to do something with their avatars.

Milky Joe4427d ago

The thing is though, there is a wide range of blocking and reporting options when you press select so if you really don't want to be around these people, you can arrange it. That's not an excuse to do it though and I think these people should be permanently removed from Home and maybe even the PSN.

GVON4427d ago

just press select,report and chose sexual harassment.mods check him out.
this is what ted the dog the home community manger said on it

"A very interesting and topical discussion. I'll explain a few things about our approach to moderation in Home.

Firstly, even our moderation policies and practices are in beta. We've got both in place and we'll change them if need be. For example we're looking to change a couple of things to better deal with certain types of harressment. I cant go into further detail, its simply not ready yet, but the point is we're adapting.

Another thing is that all moderation will be done by SCEE staff. We will not be recruiting volunteer moderators. Its a job with customer services, business and legal ramifications and not something a volunteer force should be asked to do.

Our moderators are invisible and the grief reporting mechanism alerts us to people we should be watching. However grief reports are not something we take at face value, we always treat them as an alert that something needs to be investigated rather than a call to zap someone just because a grief report was submitted. Although invisible our moderators will be showing themselves occasionally to let people know they're there but moderating whilst invisible brings us a powerful mechanic and a huge efficiency at the same time.Thats probably stating the obvious but its worth saying anyway.

Suspensions and Bans are not from Home, they're from PlayStation Network and we have more control than I could mention (or can discuss i detail) and certainly more control than I think most people realise and we can do that without mac or IP addresses getting involved.

With regards to "bad people" we like to consider the intent of their actions. Some people can annoy others through innocent actions and some people just set out to annoy. We like to think we'll seperate those out and educate one group and moderate the other. Obviously something on the scale of Home will need public education schemes rather than 1 to 1 pep talks and we'll work on that too.

So, I'd like to reassure you that we will endeavour to tackle problems and we've got plans in place that we're working to right now and that we can adapt if we find improvements. Its early days still, this phase of the beta has just begun, but we're making progress and will improve over time."

Pika-pie4427d ago

So one guy happens to bump into a group of about 4 people stood around a female avatar (which could be a real male person).

So now obviously that means Home is 'Plagued' with sex fiends because of 4-5 people out of the millions.. What a douche!?!

This really is the weekend for dumb articles. Is there a prize going for the dumbest? Writers really have it in for Sony and the PS3 these past few days.

phosphor1124427d ago

It's called "Block User"...

It also takes literally 2 seconds to block someone. Faster than I can do it in Counter Strike and COD4

Marceles4427d ago

Has this guy played Uno?

prowiew4427d ago

wtf. Thats a lame video. Anyway, everybody is expecting this. This is nothing new in this kind of "game"

No Way4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

Just hafta bring up xBox Live, eh? Typical.

"Given Sony already gave itself license to police its virtual world, it best get to it." What does that exactly mean..? o.O If they find you doing anything.. "wrong" they can do with you as they wish?

No Way4427d ago

Lol. That's funny, the girl pwned them in most of that video..

Anyway, that stuff happens everywhere, as you said.

I was at a friends house and my girl was playin the PS3, on Resistance, and was gettin hit on by some dudes that sounded like they haven't even hit puberty yet, as well as some older men and one female. There was 7 total. Ha.

I don't even pay attention to stuff like that when it happens. I simply mute people on my x360, unless I think it's funny, which half the time it is because some people are stupid and it's fun to laugh at em.. ;)

Megatron084427d ago

Home is still in beta testing thing about how bad this will be when (if) they ever release the full verison of home.

Oh and all the ps3 fanboys trying to make home sound better by saying how bad XBL is are idoits. 1st off no matter how bad xbl might be it never make home or the psn any better. 2nd 95% never even so much as used XBL. I've been on XBL for over 2 years and have only run in to a hand full "foul mouth, rude and racist" player. 3rd the raeson you dont see more of them on psn is cause no one uses a mic this completely defeats the purpose of any co op or team games. 4th psn is a very small when compared to XBL so you more bad and more good players on XBL.

SL1M DADDY4426d ago

Can be found in the report option they have included for each of us to use while in Home. Use it and move on.

JsonHenry4426d ago

I love these types of people being online. They make me laugh when I play with them.

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PirateThom4427d ago

Wow, Chris Buffa and Brian Crecente use Home?

MAR-TYR-DOM4427d ago

Most people do this crap to have fun. Something you laugh at, if you dont like it dont watch it. Nobody told you to go their.

rogimusprime4427d ago

sh!tting on the PS3 this weekend?

Timesplitter144427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

I tried making a ''hot'' female avatar to see what would happen and nothing happened. If you're surrounded by dancers, well you can just go away or block them.

Yeah it happens, but it's not much of a ''problem''

xhi44427d ago

i saw it, its pretty funny but wrong

guys were going up n like 'your so not a chick, i bet your really a fat old man, you scary pedo you'

pp4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

Sony has created a New place called HOME to breed peado's .Mark my words Home is a Massive Flop I can't understand how Sony is loving digging their own GRAVE. have they gone mad who's running day to day business at Sony .....Monkeys looks like.

Also their should be AGE restriction on purchasing a ps3 because instead of fun for all family friendly ps3 console they have made it a console for enticing poor kids to get into HOME which is Plagued By Sex Fiends.

panasonic234427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

I thought ps3 user was mature ahahahahhahah damn they worse then kids on xbox live damn. sony got a problem i can c now on the news 15yr kids playing home and them bam mom they rape me mom we gonna sue sony.

Ryangp4427d ago

Has it's share of little kids, and some adults that act like kids. Get over it.

Zeevious4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

Now how in the H3LL do I get this permanent marker off my LCD?


P.s. This happens in EVERY online chat environment.

Check your menu, because "Ignore Sex Act" isn't in there
but "Mute, Block, Report" - ending in - Ban . . . IS!

('Ignore Sex Act' hasn't been in the menu since Phil/Home Beta 0.63 ;)

Pseudo_Clash4427d ago

hey pp or should i say "proud p*ssy". when's the last time you got laid? You wish you could have a shot at those teen boys on home to grope and whisper all your pro xbox nothings to. oh it makes you just droooool to know they're having soooo much fun without you.

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