Sony's latest patent hints at cloud streaming for PS5 games

The company recently published a patent that would help increase the speed of storage at its cloud gaming servers, likely in an effort to make streaming PS5 games possible.

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rlow1121d ago

Ramping up for a Gamepass competitor.

just_looken121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Yep and again sony has had this tech for a decade heck they purchased the company that first put it on the market but again they invited the water bowel and when its almost empty they finally decided to use there product.

Ps5 psv psp etc streaming should have been day 1 things over time with 720-4k 30/60fps features being added over the years.

But 10 years later is still onlive reskinned

Activision120d ago

4K streaming is expensive for Sony. They probably cap it to 1080p.

phoenixwing121d ago

Normally I would downplay streaming but the fact ps5 is hard to get streaming may be the only way to play some exclusive games for ppl

just_looken121d ago

Yep and sony has had the onlive/gaki servers tech sense 2010 but hey a decade later there like hey lets take playstation now to other platforms...............

F0XHOUND121d ago

pretty sure 10 years ago it wouldn't have been overly viable for streaming to be pushed as mainstream on the PlayStation? Rivaling Gamepass is one thing, something sony has failed at... but streaming games 10 years ago is another beast. They bought out that company with good foresight though, as it is now something I think we can expect to see at a solid standard on all consoles tbh.

just_looken118d ago


If you dig in the past onlive was going to have a tvapp and controller setup like googles service.

Sony put that in one tv lineup but then tossed it too the trash.

Sony could have done it 10yrs at 720p and 5years ago 1080p going into tday with a 1440 or up too 4k implementation.

Yang_kai121d ago

It’s called PS Now 😂rlow1 🤦🏿

porkChop121d ago

No, man. They're talking about Project Spartacus. If PS Now was the answer to GP then Sony wouldn't be phasing out PS Now.

just_looken121d ago

That is just reskinned onlive you can stream select games over a certain hardware board and its older versions limited features with bad resolution.

Just yesterday someone showed me battlefield 4 on playstation now streaming only and it was the ps3 version no online like what? it played in native 720i LOL

Sony could be a xcloud 1-1 competitor but first too make/buy the tech and last or just abandon the tech is the sony way.

rlow1120d ago

I know what it’s called. Yes you could stream games to your console. But not to pc or phone, so no it’s not a true competitor until they match gamepass, feature for feature along with pricing.

BrainSyphoned121d ago

Works well with the new collapsible analog stick controller patent.

Hoping Spartacus has a bunch of old school rpgs, could almost cancel my Steam Deck pre order if that was the case since it is all I'm buying the thing for anyway.

Magog120d ago

Well of course. You can already stream ps4 games.

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