The Anacrusis Needs More Excitement to Keep Me Playing

GameSpew: "Sure, shooting stuff in video games is fun and all, but where’s the unique hook? Where’s the gameplay twist or truly satisfying mechanic that makes The Anacrusis stand out? Currently, it’s lacking anything really special."

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Fntastic131d ago

The whole thing just looks off to me.

If a developer wants to make a L4D style game i don't understand why they don't just copy it, and then add a ton of new things on top.

People say L4D 2 is perfect but IMO it's not, the leaked screens of the plantation running on Source 2 in 2014 made L4D2 look very dated. I know graphics doesn't = gameplay but there's still a bunch of new stuff they can do to make the gameplay fresh. More variety, paths and weather, night, day variation for starters.