Dying Light 2 Trophies Revealed, 58 Trophies in Total

Here is the complete list of Dying Light 2 trophies, with 58 achievements in total to collect for perfectionists across platforms.

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BrainSyphoned119d ago

So a trophy every 517 minutes of gameplay

sourOG119d ago

I thought it would be a lot more ignorant with the 500 hours they were talking lol. That seems fairly simple.

Hellcat2020119d ago

The last 3 on that list already sound terrible

sourOG119d ago

Those don’t bother me too bad. I was expecting “beat the hardest difficulty in 4 player co-op” kind of bullshit.

Nitrowolf2119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Trophies are usually never an indication of hours tbh

I know some games tie it to 100% like spiderman, but plenty don’t and just have them as a baseline for the major content

Like Battlefield 2042
I will platinum this game long before I unlock all the stuff

sourOG119d ago

That’s my 100% lol. I figure if I get the plat I’ve seen everything they wanted me to see.

anast119d ago

Here come the game hour guards to keep us all safe...