Insomniac Animator Says Sunset Overdrive Helped Form Spider-Man, Miles, and Rift Apart Games

Lindsay tweets: "I think a really cool thing to note is how all of our recent games have paved the way for the next one. This game was a huge proving ground for all the work we ended up getting to do later in Spider-Man, Miles, and Rift Apart. It was super fun to make too! #sunsetoverdrive"

isarai768d ago

I mean that's just incorrect. R&C has all the same navigational mechanics just used differently. From r&c to sso and Spider-Man is just a natural evolution of the mechanics they've been refining for years

FallenAngel1984768d ago

Spider-Man was literally built on the same engine Sunset Overdrive used

Zeref768d ago

No it isn't. If you played Sunset Overdrive, you can definitely tell how it's mechanics influenced Spiderman.

GhostofHorizon768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

Which mechanics are you reffering to? Other than both games being open world, they don't share a lot as far as game mechanics go.

Ratchet & Clank is by far closer to Sunset Overdrive than Sunset Overdrive is to Spider-Man.

EDIT: I think Lindsay is talking about the spirit and the tone of the game. Just that fun nature that Insomniac games tend to have.

Nitrowolf2767d ago (Edited 767d ago )


Insomniac hasn’t been shy about their influence being Sunset Overdrive. This is from 2018

“And that's exactly what Intihar says the team has done, citing Sunset Overdrive as the basis for making Spider-Man, "especially for swinging and overall world creation".

"We knew Spider-Man was going to move a lot faster, and we knew that we wanted our New York to be bigger. Another thing is that Sunset didn’t have vehicles, didn’t really have a lot of NPC or pedestrians walking the street, so we had to take all that stuff into account. But I think if it wasn’t just for getting our feet wet with Sunset as an open world, we would have had a harder time doing it, but our very talented team was able to run with it."

And then these two went on to influence Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

brewin768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

There's a quote from one of the developers saying as much in the article. If you'd read the article you'd know it's not incorrect 🤷🤦

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Profchaos768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

This is a tweet from the animator of the studio not an opinion piece.

GamerRN767d ago

I love how people can argue against the people who actually MADE the game 🤦

Crows90767d ago

You didn't play sunset overdrive. The same parkour and traversal mechanics were used in sunset overdrive that spiderman took as its own and improved.

Tedakin767d ago

You know more than an actual Insomniac animator?

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FallenAngel1984768d ago

It’d be nice if they rereleased Sunset Overdrive on PS4 & PS5

It’s like the only PlayStation owned IP that’s never been on an actual PlayStation console before

LoveSpuds768d ago

Couldn't agree more, hopefully this would also lead to a sequel. Sunset Overdrive was an absolutely brilliant time and I don't understand some of the commenters here getting so defensive about the fact that Sunset Overdrive set the groundwork for the traversal design in Spidey, I pretty sure I have read as much from the developers themselves.

I suppose the title of the article is kind of flamebait as I am pretty sure the Spiderman games would have existed regardless of Sunset Overdrive and Insomniac are talented enough for us to assume that they would have nailed it with or without their experience of working on Sunset Overdrive.

SDuck768d ago

Because Microsoft owns the publishing rights so it's not a PS IP

Nasdac768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

The main reason why Insomniac publish Fuse and Sunset Overdrive outside of PS was initially because Insomniac were allowed to keep the rights to the IP's, so this is incorrect. Sunset Overdrive owner is Sony. 2019 Sony registered a trademark about it.

IanTH768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

Interestingly enough, I think there's truth to both. Sony may own the IP now, but MS must have time remaining on their publishing rights. If you check Steam, it is still listed as being published by Xbox Game Studios. I can't imagine Sony wouldn't have put themselves as the publisher at this point if they could.

Someone with more time to dig, or knows specifically, could maybe help me out here. Is it just that the publishing rights need to expire, or is it something else entirely?

Mr Logic768d ago


Yes and no. Insomniac owns the Sunset IP, and in turn now Sony does.

MS retains the exclusive publishing rights for the first game. If this deal was structured similar to Alan Wake (IP owned by Remedy) then those rights will expire after ~10 years.

badz149767d ago


MS published it the first time like they did with the first Mass Effect on the 360. and just like what EA did with Mass Effect after they acquired Bioware, Sony can do the same for Sunset Overdrive as Insomniac, and that IP belongs to Sony now.

neutralgamer1992767d ago


Absolutely incorrect Sony owns the IP just like how obsidian owns outer worlds IP so take two can't dictate it's future

And sunset overdrive will get a PlayStation release sometimes soon. It's easy money and Sony recently bought few studios experts in ports

SDuck767d ago

To everyone downvoting and replying to me, I worded myself wrong. It is a PS IP but the original game isn't available for Sony to relaunch

AmUnRa767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

No thats not true, Insomniac ownes the rights for Sunset Overdrive, MS only published the game. Now thats Sony owns Insomniac, therefore Sony owns the Sunset Overdrive IP.

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CptDville768d ago

Don’t worry, you are not missing anything special. It’s a fun game, but no as special as Spider-Man.

neutralgamer1992767d ago

I agree but I think the IP has a much better future on PlayStation than it ever did on Xbox. Games like ratchet, sly, jak, sunset overdrive, crash have PlayStation gamers willing to give them a chance while Xbox gamers like a bit different games

Exvalos768d ago

Funny thing is it is only not on playstation because insomniac wanted to retain the right to the ip. And sony said no. Now sony owns the game and the studio.

Profchaos768d ago

Yeah it's a bit weird maybe there's some technical complications or more so insomniac are way to busy to revisit it.

We've had Spider-Man and it's DLC packs, miles Morales, ratchet and Clank since 2018 and Spider-Man 2 and wolverine in the works I just don't think they have the time to revisit a game that is awesome but sold poorly.

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FallenAngel1984767d ago

BS you say? Let’s see what Ted Price had to say about this matter in 2019

"We realized that this game we had just made, Sunset Overdrive, really does help us think about how we could take traversal to the next level in a Spider-Man game," Price said, "because we had been focusing on many of the same challenges within Sunset Overdrive."


So you’re saying the president of Insomniac is wrong about how his own company developed Spider-Man?

Teflon02767d ago

Tbh most higher upside in a company don't actually know what's going on lol. I can tell you this 100%, does Ted? More likely than a average company. But the context is a bit of a stretch. As sunset overdrive is essentially a sandbox version of Ratchet and Clank. Saying that is no different than saying Ratchet and Clank is the reason they could make Sunset overdrive in such a way. Sure, every game teaches you new things unless you play it safe. The people who are against the statement are because it's a bit misleading. Ratchet and Clank for example is still Ratchet and Clank. It really doesn't take anything from sunset. If anything it went back to A Crack in Time more than anything. As someone who's designing characters I can assure you EVERY single character, pose etc done influences everything I do in the future. That's what it is. Either way, good on them because A Rift Apart was my game of the year and the Animation was superb

FallenAngel1984767d ago

How many people from Insomiac have to say the same thing?

Insomniac’s creative designer, Brian Intihar, cited working on Sunset Overdrive as experience for Spider-Man


People denying what so many Insomniac devs are stating are living in denial. Yeah Sunset was helped by their experience from Ratchet, just like the sandbox and traversal from Sunset helped Spider-Man

Terry_B767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

The article had a different and rather provocative sounding headline before, my BS comment was a reaction to that. Guess they had to change it..since it was..BS.

CantThinkOfAUsername767d ago

Terry_B is right. The original headline was quite sensational. 'Spider-Man wouldn't exist without Sunset Overdrive.'