Death Stranding and the Power of Silence

Although players have requested an in-game MP3 player to fill the void, silence is an integral part of Death Stranding's overall atmosphere.

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MrCrimson121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

The game has an in game mp3 player featuring songs from the game - which are pretty dope and appropriate tbh.

anast121d ago

I'm enjoying this game quite a bit. It's got an addictive gameplay loop to me and the story holds up well. I don't mind the silence.

TheRealTedCruz121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I gave it a shot, but I'm in the camp where the game just did nothing for me but keep me bored.

porkChop121d ago

I really liked a lot of the ideas and innovation it brought forward. But the gameplay loop was just so boring. I understand the atmosphere being dull, considering the setting. But the gameplay loop just needed something more to keep it a bit more exciting rather than monotonous.

Inverno121d ago

I stopped playing for months because every time I thought of playing I just got reminded of how boring it was. Eventually I did go back and I pretty much filled half of the world with ziplines and got through it. Between the uselessness of the bike, the random tripping, and every mission being a fetch it's a very hard game to click with

Ethereal120d ago

I completely understand some being bored. It starts off great and then there is a significant portion early on that are basic solitude runs with little incentive but the game does open up quite a bit in the back third and introduces some interesting gameplay mechanics with vehicles, zip-lines, mountaineering, and of course a significant kick up in story content which is great. It just takes a little too long to get there but once it did it had me hooked. I hear the changes made in the early game help in the Director's Cut though. Fascinating title and I'm glad it was made because it was unlike anything I had ever played before which is very rare these days.

Snookies12121d ago

Gah, I still need to play this! I've owned it for so long, and never even inserted the disc... I actually have quite a few games I still want to play on PS4, but I've held off on them until I get a PS5. I had to stop my playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima after playing some on my buddy's PS5. It just felt so much better with the smoother framerate and resolution. Games like that deserve to be played the best way possible.

MegaLogic121d ago

God knows i tried my best to like this game.

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