BF Portal Dev Admits It's Taking "Too Long" to Fix XP Issues, Rush & Other Objectives in Discussion

Ripple Effect dev admits that it's taking them "too long" to fix the Battlefield Portal XP and Tier 1 progression; talks more about Rush, rule editor & more.

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CantThinkOfAUsername125d ago

Kudos to the Senior Design Director of Ripple Effect. This is how communicating with your game's fans should be. Addressing the questions/concerns head-on, no excuses, no sugar-coating, no PR talk.

excaliburps125d ago

Exactly. What's weird is, DICE themselves are painfully quiet. Like, how hard would it be to send a tweet out?

seanpitt23125d ago

Well it took them 3 years to make a half finished game.. so it’s not surprising

Tankbusta40125d ago

Don't you guys remember the Battlefield 4 launch? Never buy a DICE game at launch

anast125d ago

Everyone had to have known this game was going to suck since it was announced. I am surprised that everyone else is surprised.

blacktiger125d ago

Wait till Web 3.0 comes out with Open Blockchain and Decentralize, then what, ppl are going to realease illegal copy and modify however they want and upload through Bitcoin Mining alike. THEN EA is going to cry. Matter of fact all games that they created think it's theirs is no longer theirs.

TheColbertinator125d ago

Great idea for a game and nothing is moving forward. Now they want to pump out their season passes but nobody wants to pay to fix their mistake.

BenRC01124d ago

I'd urge anyone disappointed with 2042 to go back to bfv. After 3 years of fixes it's just an incredible bf experience. The maps and squad play are expertly designed, something 2042 just can't ever fix without going completely back to the drawing board and reworking almost every aspect. Sure there's a mp shooter there but it pales in comparison to 4 , bf1 and bfv.
The tales about 2 full u turns during development are obviously true.
I just can't see how it could ever be fixed, I'm guessing they'll milk what ever community is left for skins and end of round quips and move onto 2142 (or whatever) ASAP.