Sony Files Patent for Collapsible Control Stick on New Controller

Sony has filed a new patent for a controller with collapsible control stick

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BrainSyphoned121d ago

Analog sticks for the Vita 2 so it is pocketable or a controller for cloud gaming.

"The protrusion of the thumbstick sticks up from the surface of the controller and can easily be caught clothing or other thin materials making the thumbstick prone to breakage.

It is within this context that embodiments of the present invention arise."

jznrpg120d ago

Vita 2 please please please

OtterX120d ago

While I would love a Vita 2 (I adored my Vita!), I think this has more to do with the PS5 streaming controller being developed, which uses a person's existing cellphone. Similar to a Razer Kishi. The patent on that ran through N4G just recently in the last couple of months.

DarthMarvin120d ago

Screw the Vita 2, I want an Xperia Play 2!

WelkinCole120d ago

lol! thought I am the only person that like that

DarthMarvin120d ago

Can you imagine an Xperia Play with a 6" screen and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor? Oooo weeeee.

Profchaos120d ago

Yes 100% one of the main issues around mobile gaming for me is crappy controls and outside of lugging a gamepad everywhere there's no easy solution.

I'd love a mobile device with built in gamepad controls that can slide out. Xperia play was ahead of its time and suffered from poor specs.

Have it play vita, PSP, PS1 and PS2 games and Android Games and you've sold me.

septemberindecember120d ago

The only thing that I would be worried about is it seems that this patent wouldn't allow for clickable analog sticks (which was a small issue for the Vita's controls). However, I think if they included some kind of back paddle button they could mitigate the button issue.

Sgt_Slaughter120d ago

They're the reason the Vita failed, why would they do it again? This is 100% for a streaming device.

spoonard119d ago

New mobile controller/case for a phone for the new Project Spartan cloud gaming tier. Phones slip in and out of pockets, not chonky Vita's.

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tawak120d ago

would be nice if a handheld with decent screen that can stream my ps5 games while i laid down before going to sleep. instead of playing on my phone. i can basically continue my game after getting tired in the big screen.

boing1120d ago

For a gaming phone maybe.

strayanalog120d ago

Reminds me of Apple's patent for a pop-out joystick for their iphone years back.

SyntheticForm120d ago

File a patent for a driftless controller while you're at it.

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