Brand New Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Easter Egg Discovered Months After Release

Despite the fact that Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was released more than six months ago, someone has discovered a whole new easter egg.

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Magog121d ago

It took 6 months for them to pick their jaw up off the floor to report the Easter egg. 😍

CobraKai120d ago

Yup. 6 months later and I still can’t believe this game looks this good. I think at this point, the only ones who can outdo Insomniac would probably be Insomniac.

abstractel120d ago

Why the downvotes? This game is without a doubt one of the best looking and technically impressive games out right now. If you forgot how good it looks, go check it out again.

TheRealTedCruz120d ago

Look at his comment history. People are just getting tired of him being in every article, repeating the same schtick day after day.

GhostofHorizon120d ago

That's great and all but it's only been about 6 months, they really didn't have to tease an easter egg so soon.

There's a big difference between someone stumbling on an easter egg and someone trying to purposefully find it knowing it's there.

Feel like they could have just waited and if nobody found it by their next game, perhaps tease it shortly before that comes out.

IanTH120d ago

I didn't read the initial tweet about it, but maybe they were asked directly about easter eggs & they responded with how many were found, but a few were as-of-yet unfound. Not sure. If they did tease it unprovoked, I guess you have a point. But I also don't think it matters all that much in then end.

fitofficial120d ago

Surprised anyone played it long enough to figure that out. Most boring Ratchet ever released... by far. All 4 One doesn't count.

Elda120d ago

Your unpopular opinion.

fitofficial120d ago

Oh please. Half the people downvoting are just kneejerk Sony loyalists that haven't even played the game. Even less of them have played the original trilogy and know how excellent it is compared to Rift Apart.

Elda120d ago

Most people that have played Rift Apart enjoyed the game. I've played all R&C games from PS2,PS3,PS4 & now PS5 Rift Apart & I'm enjoying it so far. Again your opinion is an unpopular one.

fitofficial119d ago

I'm aware my opinion is "unpopular". I've been downvoted to oblivion here time and time again for pointing out that the combat is weak, the weapons are almost all reskins, the gadgets are the laziest in the series with special mention of the rift skips which are the most hyped yet least innovative concept ever added to the series, the sub-bosses ARE all reskins, the planets are empty, exploration isn't rewarded at all, the story is corporate-forced and cheesy beyond words, and the level design is trash.

Literally the only thing the game has going for it is it's "pretty", and there's never been a single person here say anything other than "your opinion is unpopular" in defense of it.

It's a weak Ratchet entry, IMO the weakest, and I don't care how many fanboys disagree. Unfortunately for me you're all seemingly happy with mediocrity so I'm sure Insomniac will dribble out more of the same. Enjoy your visuals and hollow gameplay.

Elda119d ago

You are wasting your time replying to me about your unpopular opinion of Rift Apart. I don't agree with your negative critique of the game nor do I find any truth to it. I'm going to keep playing & enjoying Rift Apart as I've enjoyed most R&C games.

fitofficial119d ago

Have at it! Enjoy your mediocrity.

Elda119d ago

LMAO! I sure will. Enjoy your delusion.

fitofficial119d ago

What delusion? The part where the combat is subpar, the planets being empty, the sub-bosses and weapons being reskins, the gadgets being weak, exploration being unrewarded, rift skips being overhyped A-B traversals, the story being bland and corporate, the side missions being weak and uninspired, the dialogue being written by a journalism dropout, or the gold bolts literally just sitting in open fields?

Just want to make sure I'm focusing on the right "delusion".

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Lexreborn2120d ago

I just platinumed this yesterday. Really fun game, and the way they mixed up the gameplay really kept me engaged. The jet boots on savali was so fun. I spent a lot of time just exploring the map when I got those boots.

Retroman120d ago

Hope next Ratchet and Clank is Not like Rift Apart all open world crap.

fitofficial120d ago

It'd be different if there was anything to find in the open world. It's basically just wide open empty space with no reward for exploration.

Popsicle120d ago

You mean you didn’t feel satisfied after finding all the Craggerbears? :/

Retroman119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Agree 100% after watching videos on YouTube I find "Nothing " interesting to challenge me like in Tools of Destruction. even the Reboot 2016 ratchet and clank was more interesting than Rift Apart. like you said creatures are reskined, planets are boring, the Arena is lame , clank parts is unnecessary. Guns have limited ammo. Ryno is colorful but thats is.
Like you said the game is pretty thats about it for me.
it would have been a Fantastic game without the Rifts and open world empty space planets.
I bought the game for purchasing PS5, after reviewing the game I canceled buy PS5 and returning the game back to retailer.

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