God of War PC Gameplay 4K Max Settings - RTX 3090

CG writes: We take a quick look at the God of War PC gameplay running the game in 4K using max settings and no DLSS. We’re using the top-end RTX 3090 to get maximum performance. The game looks and plays great where the port has been highly lauded thus far.

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Flawlessmic127d ago

If you squint hard enough and zoom by 400 u can really see the difference of what a $4000 pc can do above a ps4 lol

And yes i know if devs really focused on pc games would look a million times better but fact is they dont and u end up all with games like this, need dedicated video to point out the difference and some higher frames.

DarXyde127d ago

Not a PC gamer, but let's not pretend the community isn't going to have a field day with mods to enhance the experience. Games have had literal graphical mods that go above and beyond what developers have done.

And all you have to do... is download it. With PC, developers provide the foundation, and as they take a backseat, mod teams touch their brushes to the canvas.

A game like this? As popular as it is? Inevitable.

TheRealTedCruz127d ago

If you insist.

I originally played it on my PS4 Pro.
I played it via the PS5 upgrade.

All I'm saying is I have it now on PC, and I gave my original version to a friend.

The inevitable mods alone will have this aging like fine wine for years to come as well.

Master of Unlocking127d ago

Who's interested in seeing Kratos naked?

Cuzizkool127d ago

@ Master: Rule 34 comes to mind. Also any ga(y)mer who is into muscle bears. 🙋‍♂️

UltimateOwnage127d ago

It’s true. I have a decked out PC with a 3080 Ti, Ryzen 5900x, 32GB 4Ghz RAM, 2TB 980 Pro pcie 4 SSD - in the price range you noted - and the $500 PS5 performs nearly as well on the games optimized for it. It’s really astounding how much mileage well optimized hardware and support can take a $500 box. Ratchet and Clank on PS5 looks outstanding compared to anything I have on PC, for example. I’m just glad more folks can play a game that came out on last gen PS4 hardware. PC has been in need of some decent AAA releases.

Flawlessmic127d ago


Appreciate the honesty buddy, most pc master race wont even aknowledge that.

For the money people spend on pcs, you guys deserve better from the devs and shouldnt have to wait for unofficial mods that may never come.

I reckon if more pc players got upset and made it known to devs rather than trying to justify the money they spent for minimum gains over a console, pc games would look way better.

CrimsonIdol127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I don't think it's particularly honest to say a PS5 performs nearly as well as a rig like that, unless that rig is broken or something. Any objective way of measuring performance will show a 3080 Ti with a CPU like that wiping the floor with a PS5 or Xbox Series X. You can however subjectively say that there are exclusives that look better than anything on PC, but until they come to PC we can't really compare how they stack up performance wise (but lets be honest, you know how it would go).

I agree that pound for pound good devs are going to squeeze way more out of a PS5 than equivalent PC hardware, but it's pretty understandable why. A single hardware platform to target. And that's why people end up brute forcing the problem with outrageous graphics cards like the above. but lets not pretend they're on par.

Also, PC gamers get way too upset over nothing all the fuckin' time.

CaptainHenry916127d ago

"PC has been in need of some decent AAA releases"

I think that's subjective. It's a lot of game's on PC. With the Steam, Epic, GOG, gamepass and now PS catalog It's more than enough. Not to mention the emulation you can do on it.

BQ32127d ago

You guys are fools, let’s be honest you might squint and say the game looks the same on your ps5 as it does on my 3080 11900k but I’m also playing it at double the frame rates lmao.

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andy85127d ago

Let's be honest unless it was side by side most would think this is how it looked on PS4 (aside from the frame rate). That's why we're lucky to be able to get close to looking like this on what is essentially 10 year old equivalent tech

TheRealTedCruz127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

On the PS4? Not even close.
Not even close on the Pro.

PS5 upgrade holds up, but I noticed the difference almost automatically, and I didn't need a 3090.

Not to mention the PC version is future proof, unless you believe Sony to remaster this game for yet another generation, outside of a full blown, retail, remaster.

Shiore2u127d ago

Could have just said you have an inferiority complex and left it at that.

Flawlessmic127d ago


Sure buddy i feel really bad that i paid 1/6 of most of you pay, and 9 out 10 people wouldnt be able to tell the difference side by without df 400, zoom vids 😂

But sure if it makes u feel better your overpriced machine does play games better and look slightly better jsut a shame you can barely notice it without Digitial foundry.

Shiore2u127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Dude, you're the one exaggerating to such an uneducated extreme, completely unprovoked. You clearly feel inferior to what others have that you do not either from a lack of trying, or understanding. The latter being the most likely as par for the course for quite a few on here.

Flawlessmic127d ago (Edited 127d ago )


Its really not that.

I just cant fathom why when i look at or play pc versions i cant see a night and day difference when it comes to top videos cards and why its just excused by everyone.

Its no different than anything else, if buy an expensive tv which i have done, and then there is another tv for a fraction of the cost getting even close to mine then id be pissed.

Im just trying to understand why ports that work and have no issues are praised when there is so much untapped potential.

I get how iv come across would make u think that, but its really just me putting myself in ur shoes.

My bro has a 3070 and spent a fair bit on his comp and yet i just dont see the value is all.
Unless you literally ahve cash to burn doesnt really seem worth it.

Fadehread127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

You can't see a difference because you're rashly basing your judgement on a compressed youtube video. Anyone with the actual hardware knows the vast difference.

I can speak as someone with high end hardware both desktop and monitor. Playing with Nvidia Reflex on a 165hz monitor over 100fps is a world of difference compared to my TV.

It doesn't get any smoother. There's also graphical differences that are even more apparent in person, higher resolution shadows, improved screen space reflections, better screen space directional on..makes me wish I had an ultrawide since this game supports it.

andy85127d ago

@flawlessmic that's basically what I meant. Like there's obviously a difference, but on the DF zoomed in screenshots you can see the difference but it's not exactly world's apart. Would you notice these differences clearly when playing normally? Not as much as those zoomed in screenshots as it looked beautiful anyway. The massive difference for me is being able to go 100+ frame rate. I wish we had that on the 5. My only point was they did amazing to get it looking like they did on a base PS4. That nearly a decade newer technology isn't able to improve on it in leaps and bounds.

And yeah...isn't an inferiority complex. I welcome Sony bringing games to PC. More sales = more sequels. I have a PC myself (not ultra high spec). But it gives me options over the PS4 version.

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LordoftheCritics127d ago

When the first comment on a PC appreciation video is this, we all know what the truth is.

TheRealTedCruz127d ago

We're living in an interesting time where PCs now actually cost what console only players always claimed it took to run circles around console.

Then again, the majority of console gamers grabbing the PS5 and Series X are now happily paying scalpers what it should cost to build a high end PC.

We're living in an interesting time.

derek127d ago

Get real Ted, there are no consoles being sold that even touch the cost of a high-end gpu let alone a whole gaming pc.

annoyedgamer127d ago

You don't need a 3090 to do this. But you already knew that...

Michiel1989127d ago

Yeah, everyone here seems focussed that only a 3090 can run this properly. I have a card from the gen before and im sure it will run it great/fine. Maybe not with all the whistles and bells turned on at 4k, but thats s what you pay the big bucks for. The price to performance drops of greatly after the mid tier cards, but that goes for basically any product in the world.

The 3090 is not for everyone and never will be if they follow the route they did with the 2000 series, hardly dropped of until the new series released.

ChubbyBlade127d ago

The PS4 was 1080p at 30fps. Stop being a fanboy.

It’s more in line with the ps5 upgraded version. Even then, the Pc version has better shadows and lighting but only because it was further developed later. Ps5 could probably handle the additional features easily.

As for the “$4000” pc, it’s probably closer to $2k with MSRP prices not scalped.

And the recommendation for specs to run it at 60fps is a card from 3 generations ago which you can get for cheap.

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InUrFoxHole127d ago

Looks the same to me. The frame rate looks smoother though. Imagine this game was made specifically for pc?

Army_of_Darkness127d ago

I don't get your point? There have been many games made specifically for pc that came to consoles and most look nearly identical, so I don't get what you are trying to imply?

InUrFoxHole127d ago

If it was built for PC ground up it would look better. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

VerminSC127d ago


What’s weird is I can’t think of any Pc exclusive that looks so good

andy85126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

It probably wouldn't to be honest. As you can't make a game just for a specific spec of a graphics card. The newest PC games have to be playable on PCs weaker than the newest consoles. That's why the PS5 games won't be as good as they can be until they ditch the old gen. I'd be interested to see how a new gen God of War would have looked if they hadn't had to cater for the PS4. Sadly we won't even see that with Ragnarok.

Binarycode127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Imagine if this game was made ground up for PS5.

This is a PS4 game wilth a 5min upgrade for PS5, hence the 60fps and checkerboard instead of using PS5'S CPU/GPU/SSD ETC.

It's an old game that still looks good.

Were that PS5 from scratch of course it would be native 4k or close, 60fps, no loadiing. higher textures with improved sound and one and one. Of course the PC does a fine job as well.

LordoftheCritics127d ago

Now imagine that game on a PC??

fr0sty127d ago

Unfortunately, for many PC games, that's all you can do... imagine. There aren't anywhere near enough games that maximize modern PC hardware, because the percentage of people that actually own that hardware is very small, so they end up having to target mid-range systems so more people can play it. As such, that $3000 GPU doesn't really get maxed out until there are consoles out there that can do the same. To be specific, by "maxed out" I'm not talking about running a game at a higher resolution or framerate, I'm talking about graphics that could not be possible on a mid-range PC or console at all.

Flewid638127d ago

Looks like it does on PS4 Pro running on performance mode.

I usually get single player games on PC, but I dont feel like I need to replay this one. Got what I needed when it first dropped.

TheRealTedCruz127d ago

I mean, I literally played both versions, and it's not.

Destiny1080127d ago

the game is already stunning on the PS4, so any improvements to that, is going to make it look insane

randomvoice127d ago

I'll be honest, I know there will be differences and it will be slightly better looking or hit more FPS, but having played it on the PS5 at 60FPS, I think it looks kinda the same lol. Again might be Youtube compression or whatever but it is crazy what a 500$ console (if you can find one) can achieve nowadays.

Eidolon127d ago

Digital foundry does a decent breakdown of the differences, though they were very specific on the PC rig they were testing on. It clearly shows how the BC mode is showing "PS5 version" in bad light.

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