God of War PC Players Should Consider Using a Controller

After a long wait, God of War has finally landed on PC, but players should note that using a controller enhances the gameplay experience.

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Magog125d ago

Imagine playing this game with a mouse and keyboard 🤣

LordoftheCritics125d ago

Ikr? why would anyone want better aiming with the axe and faster camera turns and more accurate camera placement??

Sounds silly.

Pocahontas124d ago

Yeah and digital movement…. so advanced.

snowb420124d ago

Imagine not having good enough hand-eye coordination to play games with M&K.

Magog124d ago

Point and click gameplay requires far less hand eye coordination and skill.

Shiore2u124d ago

I can imagine the lack of stick drift, not that you'd know what that's like.

purple101124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Mouse drift is a thing too .

Saying that, p
Where the dualSense will really come into its own, is with gt7,

Shiore2u124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

@purple101 Usually for very cheap mice and much more rare in occurrence, a fix doesn't require taking apart and desoldering the whole thing, or throwing it away after only a few hundred hours of use. Controllers since the last generation don't have that luxury; they're all made with the same prone to failure joystick hardware, hence why it's been a growing topic involving class action lawsuits and numerous articles/videos on the problem.

Magog124d ago

Mine doesn't drift, friendo.

ChubbyBlade122d ago

Imagine thinking this game is 5 years old…like you do

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kainslayer124d ago

dualsense with haptics all the way on pc is the way to go,i l just love pc modding,so yeah more features than the actual ps5 release

Profchaos124d ago

I'd like that but I didn't think they introduced haptics on duelsense

neutralgamer1992124d ago

Play the way you want and enjoy. As a console gamer I feel like controllers have made big improvements/come a long way where they are a viable option for PC gamers now. But end of the day it depends on the type of game and gamers personal preference

Crows90124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

No they're not. I started as a cosnole gamer. Loved playing fps games and got used to it on controller but once I started playing them on PC it was worlds apart.

Much later on For one reason or another I found myself playing some fps on console and man is it tough to get used to and frustrating. The lack of control is very a game like destiny 2 it's better due to all that aim assist built in but man would I much rather play fps on PC with keyboard and mouse.

Even 3rd person shooters is an easier time. Basically any game where good aim can matter is better played with keyboard and mouse.

Doesn't mean you can't get used to it on controller. You absolutely can. But the level of controller is far superior on keyboard and mouse. Which is also why devs integrate aim assist on console and not on some games anyways.

porkChop124d ago

Controllers are absolutely a viable option on PC. Something being viable doesn't necessarily mean it's as good or better. Ultimately it just comes down to preference. I play most games with a m/kb, but for third person games I always prefer the feel of a controller.

Crows90124d ago (Edited 124d ago )


I understand what viability means but it makes no sense to use something that is "viable" when you got the mouse and keyboard right there. Why choose the "viable" worse option?

But yeah I dont always use m/kb for 3rd person. It depends on the amount of accuracy needed. Definitely easier on me versus first person shooters.

2D sidescrollers I always use the controller.

Lord_Sloth124d ago

If we're talking shooters then yeah, Keyboard/Mouse is the way to go for sure, but for a game like Devil May Cry or MGR, I'll go for my controller in a heartbeat.

CanadianTurtle124d ago

Why in the actual fuck would anyone even consider playing these types of games with a keyboard/mouse is beyond me. FPS games, I understand, but this ain't an FPS.

Profchaos124d ago

Cory Barlog made the game and said he's loving playing with the mouse and keyboard.

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