The Outer Worlds Backlog Review - I Did Smile at the Writing

Jason says, "I went into this with little in the way of expectations except having skipped it initially because it, indeed, looked like a cheaper Fallout game using a bit of that Bioshock writing. I turned out to be correct but adding to the pile isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What the game lacks isn’t in its mimicry: they’ve competently captured the “magic”, and even improved on the dialogue design despite not having the combat complexity of either. What the game lacks is content, direct consequences, weapon and enemy variety, and the need for a slightly higher graphical budget (namely to eliminate many of the “map doors”). I did smile at the writing, though, and that’s always worth something."

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TheRealTedCruz120d ago

The Outer Worlds, like most Obsidian games, was well written. Not their best work, but really solid.

The game, itself, needed to be fleshed out more though. Felt some mechanics were half baked, and wanted a bit more of an in-depth experience.

A fun, solid framework for what I hope to be a much stronger sequel. I'm definitely hopeful that will happen being they're now 1st party, with access to a lot more resources.

ZeekQuattro120d ago

They definitely laid a solid foundation and like you said having access to a bigger budget should benefit its sequel. I look forward to what they cook up.

neutralgamer1992120d ago

Exactly it was good but something was missing and I am hopeful with Ms resources now backing them we get something special on AAA level

Also hoping now they get to work on fallout new Vegas 2

anast120d ago

I would have played it, but the complete edition has been too pricey everytime I look to buy it.

TheRealTedCruz119d ago

I've noticed that.
I don't think I've seen it for any less than $40, even with the Gamepass discount.

pietro1212119d ago

That sums up my experience perfectly. I hope they can expand more with the sequel

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annoyedgamer120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

character design is bland and stereotypical

pietro1212118d ago

But the characters aren’t. Not anything bland about the pulp 60’s sci if vibe the game has. It what really carried the game along with the great writing.

Yui_Suzumiya120d ago

My favorite Action RPG since Fallout: New Vegas.

Muigi119d ago

I went back and played it after the 60fps patch, decent gameplay the voice acting and dialog were the strong points.