The Ascent and Returnal, considering the most underrated games of 2021

Xfire considers its most underrated games of last year.

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Magog130d ago

I have Returnal and I'll check out The Ascent when it comes to PS5.

Jin_Sakai130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I have Returnal also and I’ll check out The Ascent on Game Pass.

Magog130d ago

If you like it consider making a full purchase to support the devs. 👍

agnosticgamer129d ago

@ Magog

The developers are already supported by Microsoft there isn’t a need to buy the game. Companies are compensated on an agreed upon price and time frame the game will be on GamePass.

Of course the gamer will receive a 10% discount if they purchase while the game is on GamePass but it really isn’t necessary. So if they haven’t accomplished everything they wanted to while the game was on GamePass sure give it purchase I suppose.

Having a Game on GamePass is the game developers choice ultimately not Microsoft’s.

Eidolon129d ago

@Magog, Why not just donate to them directly, since the game is already part of the subscription. Lol.

You have a rare mentality. Most people like to save money. I would definitely not buy it if it's part of a subscription I'm paying for, one that's already paying the developers.

SurgicalMenace129d ago (Edited 129d ago )


They're willing to allow MS to pay their cost up front. That's their community, so there's nothing that can be suggested. Let Sony continue to have the premium customer base, which allows them to innovate with Controllers, VR, and blockbuster gaming, all of which cost.

There is literally nothing premium about the SX; everything handles cheaply. It was definitely a "just in case" purchase for me.

Michiel1989128d ago

@magog do you not install your games from ps+ then and buy the game instead? double standards

agnosticgamer128d ago


If you watch a movie on Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming subscription service remember to Purchase that movie to support the movie studio.

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Suave_Langosta128d ago


I could say something but it’d get be banned, but I bet your jaw hurts from Sonys presence in your life.

I don’t get why people are so defensive about consoles, and then type up a storm like they’ll get a blessing from their beloved company. Cost has nothing to do with it when you have a company with Microsoft, Sony just has a better passion for gaming. That’s all it is.

But if you’re serious about premium, get a PC. I made the switch and it’s hands down better than both, and Sony slowly adding their games to it only make it a sweeter deal.

monkey602129d ago

The Ascent was the 1st game I went to when I got my Series X a few days ago and I am loving it. I'll definitely be recommending it to a few friends on the Playstation side when it finally releases there.

rippermcrip129d ago

Under what definition of underrated is Returnal?

Article starts off saying while these games may not win any awards.... well Returnal won some big awards. It was highly reviewed and sold extremely well.

Crows90129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Just following the narrative that somehow the game wasn't received well when it clearly was one of the best received games last for the fragile individuals that couldn't figure out how to play the game.

And it really is one of those games where you're experience will vary depending on how you approach it. I beat it on my 3rd try. A friend beat it on his 6th try. And another who plays lots of platformers and difficult ones at that is still struggling with the 1st biome on his 15th attempt.

VersusDMC129d ago

I beat it the first time with 4 deaths. I even missed the 4th house visit because i didn't die after the 3rd house visit. Which meant i had to beat the game a second time and go to the 4th house visit to get the act 2 trophy to start act 3. So get the 4 house trips before beating the game the first time people.

I platinumed Returnal and Demon Souls. And Demon souls is way harder. I even looked up strategies for Demon Souls all the time. Didn't look up anything for Returnal for my first playthrough.

Reviewers said FIST was hard as well and i only died on the last boss.
Take a reviewer saying a game is hard with a huge grain of salt.

Crows90129d ago (Edited 129d ago )


Good on you man!
My first death was against the 1st biome boss I think.
My second death was in the second biome against one of the severed.
3rd attempt I beat the game.
I went on to beat it many many times. Gave up on the plat due to the RNG of the glyphs or audio tapes I forget which annoyed me more. May go back to it...especially if they add any new content. Did the secret...or true ending as well.

Demons Souls I managed the platinum...found it easier since I dont find these games particularly hard and theres no real RNG. Save for some grinding of certain materials.

blackblades129d ago

Won awards and was on alot of people goty DF is one of them.

darkrider129d ago

Returnal was one of the great games of last year and won awards. This doesn't make much sense... The ascent I don't know. Don't play indies

Fishy Fingers129d ago

Housemarque were indie at the time of Retunals launch


spoonard128d ago

They were fully owned by Sony at the time of Returnal's launch, it just wasn't publicized yet. Deals like this happen WELL before the public knows about it.

Elda129d ago

I enjoyed The Ascent & I enjoyed Returnal immensely where I put 166 hrs in & got the platinum trophy. Hoping Returnal has incoming dlc this year.

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