What Makes Hades so Special - A Metaphor and a Game

COG writes: Supergiant Games' Hades is the first game to win a Hug Award. COGconnected takes a deeper look at Hades and what makes it so special.

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Magog129d ago

Hug award? Lol, it's Hugo. And most of the authors voting on those awards probably never played a video game in their lives.

TheRealTedCruz129d ago

Why do you need to play games to critique writing, even if it happens to be in a videogame?

Magog129d ago

Because if you aren't playing the game you aren't experiencing the writing in the medium it is designed for. It would be like reading a movie script and reviewing the movie based on that. There is a lot more to game stories and writing than simply the written word.

Outlawzz129d ago

Have yet to play this game. People are really serious about this one huh, bastion and transistor were fun little distractions, is this game miles ahead of those ?

Magog129d ago

It was a PC/Switch exclusive. The hype was almost completely based on that. It's just a pixelated rogue like. A step down from their previous games IMO.

BlackTar187129d ago

I thought hades was an amazing game.

129d ago
Fishy Fingers129d ago

LOL Magog.....

But yeah, its fantatsic. If you like rougelites, it's the best one out there.

Outlawzz129d ago

Actually not a fan or roguelites at all lol
That's why I haven't played it, but I am really big on story and interesting ways they can be told.

I liked the narrator for bastion but never finished it. Same with transistor. I beat binding of Issac once and that was enough for me, too repetitive lol

Now is the story worth the repetition ? That's my main concern, big Greek mytho enthusiast too

pietro1212129d ago

It's a rougue like so expect repetition by design

EvertonFC129d ago

I've enjoyed it, 50 plus hours but I haven't touched it for a while. Certainly worth the purchase for its price if you like rogue games.

Outlawzz129d ago

I don't but I'm willing to try it out if the storytelling overcomes the repetition. How would you rate the story vs. Repetition ?

Urrakia34129d ago


As somebody who has only played a handful of roguelite games and also dislikes the repetition fatigue that sets in rather quickly, I can confidently recommend Hades. Especially if you're a fan of Greek mythology, like myself, and if you enjoy narrative focused games with SUPERB writing.

Absolutely every aspect of Hades is very well-done and of the highest quality. The music, characters, writing, art style, etc. The gameplay loop is crazy addictive and caters to a variety of play styles for lots of unique possible run-throughs.

Bottom line? For me Hades is a delightful masterpiece with minimal, if any, flaws and I felt like I got it at a steal for $20. Let's just say after spending a day playing it, I thought to myself I would've paid a full $60 had I known how amazing and quality a title I was purchasing.

pietro1212129d ago

I think it's their second best title after Transistor, I love the characters and writing.

EvertonFC129d ago

I couldn't get into transistor gonna have to give it another chance me thinks

Nacho_Z129d ago

If you're into Greek mythology and like anything that's tied into that it's the game for you. It's a lot of fun to meet all the different characters and experience a more grounded take on it. There's a lot of love poured into that aspect of the game.

That aside the game is fun to play, not too difficult or and you won't find yourself getting bored or frustrated like others in the same genre.

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anast129d ago

The game doesn't look that great.

pietro1212129d ago

It's actually really good