PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Launch Sales Comparison Through Week 60

Through the first 60 weeks available worldwide the PlayStation 5 is ahead of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S. The PS5 is ahead of the Switch by 1.19 million units units and is 5.84 million units ahead of the Xbox Series X|S. The Switch is ahead of the Xbox Series X|S by 4.65 million units.

The PS5 has sold 17.51 million in 60 weeks worldwide, while the Switch sold 16.32 million units and the Xbox Series X|S 11.67 million units.

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CaptainHenry916128d ago

Sony should be at 30 million by the end of the year if they can manufacture more PS5s

tbagmonster128d ago

they are not, they are making more ps4's instead

Nasdac128d ago

1 million of PS4 is nothing, this cannot interfere with the PS5 production because they use different and inferior parts.

CaptainHenry916128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I know. I said *if* they could manufacture more PS5's this year, they would be at 30 million at the end of the year easily

tbagmonster128d ago

nasdac, they arent making more ps4 and ps5, it looks like they are making more ps4's because they cant make as many ps5's. so hitting that goal wont happen this year.

septemberindecember127d ago

At least 30M. It's probably at 17-18M shipped already, and I think they will definitely sell more than 13M consoles this year. It'll probably be close to 35M shipped by the end of this year.

rlow1128d ago

And yet the Switch is over a hundred million and the next gen is no where even close. So I don’t understand why they make it sound like this a big deal. Glad everyone is doing well. Peace

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DeusFever127d ago

Switch sales are in the mix to perpetuate the 20 year story of 3 gaming companies vying for dominance. The Switch is also a handheld, and the handheld market is different from and bigger than the home console market. But if you really wanted to include mobile gaming, you would also look at iPhone, iPad, and Android sales. Apple alone makes more on games (not hardware, just the 30% cut in game sales) than Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony combined.

343_Guilty_Spark127d ago

Switch is a home console with a handheld form factor. It is no different than the Sega Nomad which was a portable Sega Genesis.

SurgicalMenace127d ago

As far as the Switch goes, it's a casual system. Casuals far out number hard-cores much like McDonalds does The Eagle's Nest. It sells exclusives and legacy games; they are in a different market, really.

There's nothing about the Switch that uses the features of premium 4k or 8k TVs, which are priced between $2k-20k. The customers that purchase on this level are who the PS5/XBSX appeals to while the Switch isn't included in this conversation.

Being outsold or outnumbered by less than premium products isn't often a concern. Do you see Ferrari, Porsche, or Bentley concerned about how many more Chryslers, Hondas, or Toyotas are being driven? A Bugatti is outsold by Chargers, too, but which one has higher quality? 2 different markets, very different markets. They don't seem to care for the hard-core market anyway; they're in their niche.

TheRealTedCruz127d ago

There's no need to be an armchair analyst. We have no idea what the numbers would be. Everyone is having chip issues.

No easier finding a series X than a PS5. People are harping on the series s buffing numbers, but now they're in much more homes, and the general consensus is that people are actually really liking them. Which tells me they'll be a much more popular and viable option, even when the series X is more readily available.

What I do know is we're in a situation where Sony is focusing back on the PS4, and MS is doing away with last gen, which could make this year for current gen really interesting.

DeusFever127d ago

“We have no idea what the numbers would be.”

Sure, except for NPD, the UK sales data, import records, investor reports, etc.

“ What I do know is we're in a situation where Sony is focusing back on the PS4, and MS is doing away with last gen”

Reports are that Sony is making 1M more PS4s in 2022. I wouldn’t say the focus is back on the PS4 when Sony plans to make 15M PS5. (And if you accept that report, you should probably accept VGChartz.) MS stopped producing the Xbox One S and Xbox One X way back in 2020. The fact that this is “news” shows you how badly gaming news sites mangle this kind of information. In reality, all old stocks have been sold.

TheRealTedCruz127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Dude, I don't need to study and cross-fact every outlet in order to know the tone of the market, and what I see with my own eyes.

If you care so much to deep dive, go ahead. I'm still holding to how I'm looking at things.

All I said was we can't speak on what numbers would be if the chip shortage wasn't an issue.
Xbox is having a solid generation, and series s has been a sleeper hit of a console, and I feel that will continue.
And that Sony is reinvesting in their last gen console, while MS is not.

That's literally all I said, and non of that isn't factual.

SurgicalMenace127d ago

Sure you do, that's how proper analysis works; it's not something you can eyeball.

Furthermore, Sony has publicly denied Bloombergs' claim of PS4 production to counter PS5 shortage.

SpineSaw127d ago

The Xbox Series S is Microsoft main console and its in far more homes the Xbox Series X and that will always be the case even when the chip issues end. So how is the Xbox Series S a "sleeper hit". The Xbox Box Series S plays the same games as the Xbox Series X and that's all the Xbox Kids and causal gamers need. The Xbox Series S was always expected to be the most popular Xbox next gen console. no one is paying $500 USD for a Series X to play them little Indy Game Pass games lol.

SurgicalMenace127d ago

Actually, I saw 5 SXs on shelves in two stores this weekend, and the reps said they'd been there for a couple of weeks. They stated that people were wanting the PS5 instead. I was actually surprised with all the current narratives in the media. This scenario does support the fact that the PS5 is outselling the XB by at least 100k weekly. I personally have purchased 3 PS5s, myself, and will be grabbing another one after I buy my Steam Deck.

x_xavier_x125d ago

"I saw 5 SXs on shelves in two stores this weekend,"

Where might these stores be located? I'd like to get my hands on a Series X.

DeusFever127d ago

I can feel the PS5 sales when I’m loading into games on on-line multiplayer. For the past year, PS4 players have been slowing down game loading, but more and more, I’m loading into matches with all PS5 players. Fast loading is bliss.