Best DLC/Expansion of 2021

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "As great as new games are, sometimes you just want to retreat to familiar ground. That's the beauty of good expansions: they can revive your enthusiasm in a title you've already enjoyed. This could be done in a few ways, from supplementing mechanics/game systems already there, to introducing new ideas you didn't know you wanted, and adding/concluding specific storylines, or a mixture of all three. Whether they're called 'DLC' or 'Expansions' by their respective marketing teams, the following examples showcase great ways to enhance the core game experience."

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VersusDMC122d ago

They are out of their minds for not including Intergrade(FF7R) and Island of Iki(Ghost of tsushima).

EmperorDalek121d ago

Echoes of the Eye was arguably better than any full game last year.