The Halo Shop is Changing Next Week

343 Industries has announced that the Halo Infinite Shop will be changing early next week following feedback it's received from the community.

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Sciurus_vulgaris131d ago

I really which monetization was focused on special skins or simply bypassing progression. More content should be earn-able.

Kaii130d ago

Selling blue for $7 lol
Whales should gtfo
"Gamers" that said Its F2P so It's only right they charge you, should also gtfo

Snookies12130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It's like you can't see the forest for the trees... Do you actually want content for this game to continue coming out? If so, they need to make money. Plain and simple. Servers cost money. Updates cost money. New content costs money. Where are they going to get this money, when it's a free game? You just expect them to continue putting out maps, game modes, events, etc. for years without any return? That makes no sense, whatsoever. I've played over 300 matches so far. Haven't paid for a single thing. I'm happy others can though, as it keeps the game alive and well.

Crows90130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Not a free game though. It's 60$

Campaign should've been 40$ at it's current state.

They chose to make the mutliplayer f2p because they know they can make money off the single player AND the mutliplayer.

It's called greed. And tell me...what content are they going to be releasing? Seems to me that all they're doing is adding other words playlists with different parameters....that's not really new content. It's using content that already exists and changing some settings.

You telling me they need millions to design a few new maps?

Snookies12130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@Crows90 - You're trivializing it by saying "they need millions for a few maps". It is not that simple, if it were we'd have 20-30 maps by now. And again, I said "servers", "updates", and "new content" as well. Not just maps. Every one of these things costs money and developer time to create and maintain.

And yes, the multi-player is a free game. You literally stated that yourself, in your post I replied to below this comment chain.

Freeball130d ago

Agree. @crows90, yes it literally does cost millions to design a few maps. How much do you think these game designers and engineers get paid? A minimum of $130K each. If there were just 10 of those guys, thats already over $1 million. I'm sure there are more than 10 too. Plus that's not including the testers, the application systems to run them on, and all the actual hardware for the designers and engineers to work on. They certainly don't pay for their own stuff. So yeah, millions. Get a sense of the real world and how worklife is then talk.

tbagmonster130d ago

crows90, greed?, dont buy anything and problem solved, play the game, theres like 10 dudes here, we play the game, no one needs skins, no one needs cosmetics and guess what, the game plays fine.

no one needs to buy anything, its all cosmetic.

EvertonFC129d ago

We understand they need to make money as it's f2p but £7 for the colour blue is a piss take

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Jin_Sakai130d ago

Gamers" that said Its F2P so It's only right they charge you, should also gtfo”

No one’s forcing you to buy any of these cosmetics so there’s that.

tbagmonster130d ago

i dont get the complaints, im 50, i just play the game, none of the guys here care about skins and that crap.

4Sh0w130d ago

Been back n forth between enjoying the campaign & multiplayer. Every now and then I like equipping different skulls & just messing around in the open world. Then its back to the multiplayer, lots of fun and I dont buy this point I dont know why folks buy or care about the cosmetics, mostly dont even see your character anyway, so I just take the free stuff I earn, the game itself is much more fun when you just play for, yes fun.

Kaii130d ago

I [CARE] for the IP itself, I don't just BLINDLY hate F2P games with microtransactions, the way they've handled them In this game (from the looks of it) is pretty appalling. This isn't a tiny Indie studio, because if it were my bet is they would listen to the community, you've got core devs saying this is a problem and it takes gamers "rioting" for the suits to take notice.

MS>Suits>Aren't your friends/buddies/& don't care about you #Hugs out =)

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Crows90130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Halo infinite is NOT free to play though. The mutliplayer is free but the campaign is not.

This is a hybrid game or to be more precise...2 completely different games.

Halo infinite campaign is $60 and to be completely honest that's pricey for the game

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is free to play....and like many free to play it's full of garbage monetization. But it can all be ignored. At least they got that right... pricing still garbage though.

So I don't believe for a second that this is an actual learning process that matters to players. The only thing they're trying to learn is what players will allow.

Snookies12130d ago

Yeah, the campaign alone being $60 is absolutely not worth it. Definitely agree on that.

CobraKai130d ago

Yeah. I was also pretty disappointed that the physical copy didn’t even have the game. It had to be connected to the internet, and one time it said I couldn’t start the game cuz I didn’t own the license (it was a glitch). It’s like everything people disliked about the Xbox One reveal is coming true and some people are now loving it.

tbagmonster130d ago

get gamepass for a dollar and problem solved

CaptainHenry916130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

What's the difference between the Xbox one version and the Series S/X version? They all look and play the same

Tedakin130d ago

I dunno, I did all the side stuff and the campaign took me 22 hours to finish. I've bought and played 60 dollar campaigns that were way shorter than that.

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OMGitzThatGuy130d ago

The topic of discussion is Halo Infinite multiplayer. There are no microtransactions for the campaign, it is a complete package. Whether you think the campaign is worth $60 or not is your opinion. Unless you are required to buy the campaign to play the multiplayer (you are not) then the multiplayer is free to play and none of the MTs are required to play the game and all it's content. Again, whether you think the MTs are worth it or not, is your opinion, in my opinion they are not, but stop phrasing its as the multiplayer is $60 because the campaign makes it a complete package is wrong when a lot of people won't care to play the campaign.

tbagmonster130d ago

or they can get gamepass for a buck and play that way and not complain about it being 60

Crows90130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I do believe the article says specifically that halo infinite is free to play but I might have misread.

Also, the campaign does contain some cosmetic collectibles so if an individual wants to collect everything then they do need the campaign and that is 60$ unless... you get gamepass obviously.

Mts are subjectively not worth it. All should be unlocked through play as it was before...and that's not my opinion. That was gaming standard before crap mts which nobody asked for and nobody liked. Unless your opinion is that people like to spend money on what would otherwise be free...

And no the campaign is not worth 60$ as it isn't even a complete package like previous Halo's. The open world is barren and there are not set pieces...that's not opinion. So in many ways it's missing what other halos had at launch. So therefore less value content wise and so should be less than 60

PapaBop130d ago

A good step in the right direction. The costs of stuff in the store kept me far away, I'm more than happy to buy cool cosmetic items for a game I see myself investing time in for a reasonable price. Halo Infinite is definitely worthy of that time and the timing of it couldn't have been better with both BF and COD disappointing and Overwatch 2 delayed. Having said that though, I took one look at the store and prices and haven't bothered looking again.

Tedakin130d ago

Good. At least they're doing something. I love Halo, and the new game, but what 343 did with the store and battle pass is mind boggling. How did they think fans would respond?