Humble Choice is Going Windows Only

Humble Choice will be a Windows-only option starting on February 1st, 2022

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porkChop504d ago

"A new PC launcher will be released as well, which must be used in order to access and download Humble Choice, Humble Trove, and Humble Games Collection titles on and after that date."

Wait... so they're ditching Steam codes too? And it says after January 31st you won't even be able to access or download your Mac/Linux games at all. You have to download them now and back them up. Wtf?

Machina504d ago

The blog post here - https://blog.humblebundle.c... - seems to say that the launcher is for Humble Games Collection (basically the Humble Trove). It doesn't mention the Humble Choice games being restricted to the launcher.

Reading the FAQ on the changes, it says:

"Humble Choice will continue to provide a curated selection of hand-picked games that are yours to keep forever, redeemable via a key for a variety of platforms when available."

So... fingers crossed. If they were stop giving out Steam codes then I'd stop subscribing, and I expect a huge chunk of their current subscribers would too.

porkChop504d ago

I already stopped subbing last year. Don't plan to sub ever again because it seems like the service gets much less valuable over time.

504d ago
lelo2play504d ago

Humble Bundle has been going downhill for some years...

XiNatsuDragnel504d ago

Man this is less valuable now than before.

Sephiroushin504d ago

Its going downhill since it was sold, at this point i wont be surprised if they just remove the sub completely next year! The 20% that was reason that I kept subbed but paused is gone if you pause a month, idc anymore Gamesbillet now better for day1 games anyways!

Add to that; that since PC gaming has been growing the sales of AAA games dont go as low as they did back then and takes longer so harder to secure a contract to pay for great games!

504d ago
UltimateOwnage504d ago

Another nail in the coffin for Humble. They started rapidly going down hill when they sold out to Ziff / IGN. Only gets less appealing by the year. I miss what it used to be.

Teflon02504d ago

It's sad because it was soo damn good when I first made a gaming PC like 4 years ago or so. Now I legit have it running but pause or make sure no funds are in my account every month so in hope to keep my classic plan incase good games come back. But nope. Once it changed from monthly to humble choice it was game over

autobotdan504d ago

Should have went Epic only lol

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