Top ten games of 2021

Tom Chick - "In 2021, I finally came to appreciate the Hitman games, although part of appreciating them is realizing how little they’ve progressed since their latest model. Hitman III is great, to be sure. But it’s also just more levels for Hitman I, so this would easily make my list of top ten games of 2016. When it came to roguelikes, I enjoyed Returnal’s dark sci-fi/horror aesthetic despite my inability to get past Housemarque’s trademark “get good” barrier. Imagine Earth was a smartly focused planetary development game based on head to head competition with other players. It was a realtime boardgame, really. Although unlike a boardgame, it’s hard to read, and not just because the developers thought it would be cute to make you spin a 3D globe instead of look at a map. Remember, developers, 3D globes are never a good idea."

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Flawlessmic913d ago

Never even heard of half those games lol so i wont pass judgement due to that.

My list in no particular order

Ratchet and clank
Hitman 3
Resident evil village
Tales of arise
Forza horizon 5
Halo infinite
Bravely default 2

Stopping at 9 as nothing else i played was a real standout for me this year.

2022 will be a much better year for gaming 2021 wasnt that great to be honest

Crows90912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

Mine...based on games I played in 2021

Demons souls
Ori and will of wisps
13 sentinels
Nier automata
Pillars of eternity
Narita boy

I know...quite the backlog I've had but that's what I enjoyed the most that I played this year. Kinda in order more or less.

This year so far has been just marvels guardians of the Galaxy.

Still got on me to try:
Metro Exodus
Devil may cry 5
Metroid dread
Chivalry 2

But if I don't hurry many of these will stay on backlog...horizon and elden ring are coming up soon...also dying light 2


Forza Horizon 5 Races To 40 Million Players

Discover the massive player count of Forza Horizon 5. Learn why this racing game has attracted 40 million players and counting.

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Obscure_Observer19h ago


Fable couldn´t be in more capable hands.

Here´s hoping for Forza Horizon 6 to be set in Japan. Already feeling that INITIAL D vibes!

I can´t wait!!!

GaboonViper18h ago

Fantastic milestone for a stunning game, and yes Fable is gonna be beast, Playground are the crown jewel in MS first party roster IMO.

And FH6 in Japan would be breathtaking, just imagine the graphics.🙀


The guy is using a tweet from one of the biggest xbots clown to do an article 😂😂😂 there's no 40 million players stop the 🧢

ChasterMies17h ago

“While this isn’t official from Xbox we now know Forza Horizon 5 has hit a staggering 40 million players thanks to the in-game leaderboard.”

I’m calling b.s. on this.


Four new cars set for Forza Horizon 5’s Chinese Lucky Stars Pack

The new paid-for downloadable content will include four cars, three from Chinese brands and one synonymous with the nation.


Top 30 Best Xbox Series X Games You Need to Experience (2023 Edition)

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Gamingsince1981242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

It's lies anyway , it has starfield in the list

SoloGamer1242d ago

i can experience most of these on PS5.. most of these arent XB exclusive.. why would i play multiplatform games on an inferior console.. when i can play them on the winning console, ps5.. that actually has way more awesome EXCLUSIVES.

Plague-Doctor27241d ago

Cause you can't play all of them on a PS5? Maybe people prefer the Xbox controller? Maybe that specific game runs better on Xbox?

Why play multiplats on a PS5 when you can experience them on a PC?

The3faces241d ago

So Series X is the inferior console compared to PS5? Um ok...

Wretchedstain241d ago

Clicks and likes, clicks and likes clicks and likes... clicks and likes clicks and likes clicks and Liiiiiiiiiiiikes...

ChasterMies241d ago

Only 30 games? Wow, that must have been super hard to narrow down.

zacly241d ago

This list just shows how bad xbox is struggling. I have been an xbox owner since the original on day one. This generation caused me to switch over to playstation and I haven't looked back. They need to stop buying all these companies up and start investing in some games