Gears of War Weapon Analysis

Want to know the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon? Want to know when to use which weapon? Check out this in-depth weapon analysis by the folks at This guide will give you that small edge that can make the big difference.


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Peace5710d ago

this would be the equivalent of me putting the resistance fall of man stradegy guide on the site.

PureGamer5710d ago

i agree with you ye what a piece of NEWS this is brilliant

Havince5710d ago

rifle medium range, sniper long range, shotgun close range

there ya go

joemutt5710d ago

The chainsaw is one of my favorites.

ryanjtravis5710d ago

Hahaha, the best part is that pretty much every weapon had a "Using this can be considered noobish" disclaimer.

Dukester1015710d ago

that's because the general consensus online and on many forums is that those particular weapons are "noobish."

in my opinion, every weapon has it's place, and just b/c you get killed by it doesn't make it "noobish," people just want to b1tch!

Rasputin20115710d ago

who cares about the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon..if you are true harcore gamers then you make whatever you are packing take I will bust ass with the standard issue pistol and make no excuses about it baby!

joemutt5710d ago

You sound like him, I use the Colonel.

Covenant5710d ago

Under the Longshot description, he lists the "one hit, one bash" attack as a "unique" feature. Can't tell you how many times I've done that in Halo 2--body shot at close range w/the sniper rifle followed with a melee attack. Same with other weapons in H2. However, although not unique to Gears, it's still an effective strategy. First time I used it in Gears, I was accused of "cheating." I was told that such an attack was "not fair." Huh. :)

CompGeek5710d ago

A part of the game not fair? Excuse me while I "lol."

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