The 'golden age' of video games was not 20 years ago, it's now

Are video games now better than before?

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Flawlessmic123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

My first console was a sega megadrive and i have owned every console and handheld since then outside of the nintendo 64, original xbox, nintendo wii u.

I enjoyed every gen i dont think u say any era is the golden era. the games may look and play better now but at the time of release they all looked and played better and my enjoyment of them was the same so id say u cant really pick a golden era.

If u wanna nail down a particular golden console then id easily say it has to be ps2, the amount of quality games we got was insane and sequals didnt take 5 years to make either.

3 gta games
3 dmc games
2 gran turismo games
3 final fantasy games
Both need for speed undergrounds
2 kindom hearts games
2 metal gear solid
Shadow of the colusses
2 god of wars
3 jak and daxters
Racket and clanks

Could keep going all day lol

Ok im wrong, you can pick a golden era ps2 era was the golden era 😂😂

MaximusPrime_123d ago

My first console was MSX. My next console that really got me into gaming was Sega Mega Drive.

Ninver123d ago

My first console was a megadrive. Ps1 came after that. Been owning a playstation since

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

I also started with a Mega Drive, then went on to own the PS1/SNES/Saturn/ect... Strangely, I never owned a Dream Cast, don't ever remember seeing them on the shelves in Australia.

RedDevils123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

PS1 also need to talk with you.

PapaBop123d ago

Yeah I'd agree with the PS1 era, the lower development costs in comparison to future generations meant we got a lot of little gems of games. For every AAA game I can think of in that generation, there was something like Hogs of War or Bishi Bashi Special which largely flew under the radar but offered great experiences.

Smitty2020123d ago

What I like about older games is that u didn’t need to update them every month or pay for dlc the full experience was in the cartridge, even bk them when I played gouls and ghosts I was like wow in terms of graphics lol

Gamer79123d ago

My first console was the Sega master system and owned nearly every console and handheld since. Currently own ps4 Pro, xbox-one, 3ds psp and wii.

Ps2, og xbox was my golden era, so many great game on both consoles.

Army_of_Darkness123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

As awesome as the ps2 ear was, I'd still pick ps1! It was jrpg heaven and the console that established a lot of franchises you see till this day...
Final Fantasy 7,8,9
chrono cross
Metal gear solid
Resident evil 1,2,3
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Silent hill
Crash bandicoot
Gran turismo
Vagrant story
Final Fantasy tactics
Legend of Dragoon
Mortal kombat trilogy
Tomb raider
And so so many more! This was not the golden era, this was the platinum era! 👍👌😎

TheLigX123d ago

I’d say the same about ps3/360 gen. 2 gtas, 3 uncharteds, 3 mass effects, 4 gears of wars, 3 halos, 3 ratchet and clanks, 3 bio shocks, the last of us, 2 infamous, 2 killzones, 3 resistances… and on and on.

Fonsecap123d ago

Agree, this is the dlc-micro-transacrions-nft' ;s era, and the buggy launch games era, and the remasters era, definitely not the golden era, at least not for gamers, now when it comes to publishers that's another story, this one is definitely the golden era for them.

Popsicle123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

My for system was the NES baby. “Now your playing with Power!” I can remember being a kid and there was rarely a more exciting feeling than tearing the shrink wrap off of a new game and sticking the cartridge in the console for the first time to start a new adventure. Well usually it took two or three times because of the need to blow in the cartridge and then shift it around while pressing the reset button to get the game aligned just right.

I have to say though, once I take the nostalgia glasses off I notice that not only has the quantity of games increased, but as a whole the quality is considerably better. Back then and as a child you mostly picked out a game by looking at the box art and the screenshots on the back. You had no idea what the gameplay was going to be like until you got home. Back then it seemed that for every truly awesome NES game there were 2 truly terrible games. But when you found the right game it was a bliss.

Master-Tonberry123d ago

Absolutely! it was also a time when console gaming was everything in Japan, there was a huge amount of creativity coming out of the Japanese studios in those days.

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago

Idk, PS2 was great, but the SNES and PS1 eras where fantastic too, lots of good memories there.

Ozzy2407123d ago

I agree had every console since the atari 2600 and theres not really a golden era its just as technology has progress the games have to. But if at the time say when the atari 2600 launched you didn't know any better so that was the golden era of gaming .Then another console launches and the cycle repeats

DarXyde123d ago

Which, ironically, is 20 years ago. Not sure why Sonic 1 is used in the thumbnail.

I completely agree with you. On top of that, we got the entire Onimusha series, a ton of JRPGs (including 2 phenomenal Persona games), and so much more.

I'm pretty stuck in the past since I have always loved offline multiplayer, and I still haven't taken to online gameplay very much. Very few exceptions (Warkhawk, Metal Gear Online for MGS4, and Resident Evil Outbreak are pretty much it).

For sure, Gen 6 was grand. No MTs, games were complete with great QC, EA and Konami actually gave a damn, AA games still existed, developers could afford to get weird and experimental, there was better balance between western and Japanese games, budget-to-retail price was reasonable, dev teams weren't too big, on and on and on.

Only issue I have with G6—which wasn't a problem at the time—was the limitation of technology. A game like The Last of Us would really be hurt by the tech at the time, and God of War would really lack the grand scale it has now.

That said, I have phenomenal memories of G6, particularly PS2 and GameCube (Xbox to the extent that Ninja Gaiden really blew me away at the time). My PS2 is still hooked up and I do revisit games all the time (and still buy some oldies periodically). I think I'll revisit Shinobi and Nightshade next month. Last game I replayed on the PS2 was Siren (back in Oct/Nov).

Games now aren't bad, but definitely not my favorite eras. Not by a mile.

Long winded way of saying, "I totally agree". 🙂

jznrpg123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I started with Atari 2600 and Intellivision I forget what I got first and then NES all the way to PS5 . I didn’t get a few consoles over the years before this gen , Atari Jaguar , Xb1 , 3DO is all that I can remember besides the super obscure stuff I owned them all. PS2 had so many good games I missed playing all of the great ones just too many

ravens52123d ago

Started with sega, snes, game gear, gameboy, sega saturn, ps1, n64, ps2, ps3, vita, ps4, switch, ps5. I want to get my first Xbox.
Didn't have the atari, dream cast, game cube, x360, but my family did. Been gaming since I hopped out my mom, controller in hand.

KingofBandits122d ago

First console was a Sega Master System, had an NES too, then Genesis. Though gaming did not really hit home for me until the original PlayStation (Saturn too), just seemed to have the exact mix of games, style and design in line with my interests. There is no doubt though that the PS2 era was the true peak of that climb started the gen before.

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MrGameAndWatch123d ago

It was. 20 years ago we had finished games on day one, without a shitty timed exclusive or dlc strategy. We got dreamcast, ps2, gamecube and xbox with awesome games.

Si-Fly123d ago

There were also bugs back then that completely broke games or save games, it wasn’t like everything was perfect and there was no way to patch those!

Ratty123d ago

There were but that was excessively rare. It might have been more common with shitty games looking to make a quick buck off a movie license but that's it.

I'm not saying you're completely wrong. It's a good thing to be able to patch games post launch to avoid those issues. However instead of using patches to fix post launch issues, devs nowadays use them as a means to release a broken mess ASAP and MAYBE just MAYBE fix these issues eventually. I popped Skyrim last year and it still had most of the issues from 2011 yet they had the means, money and manpower to fix it but didn't.

We need an inbetween. Devs need to release an actually finished product and use patches for their intended purpose.

curtain_swoosh123d ago

on really really rare occasions.

Angyobangyo123d ago

How many games from back then do you remember that were utterly broken to how games many games in the last year?

They actually had game testers to make sure games that were released weren’t broken unless it was a LJN game, as opposed to games today’s with minimal quality testing, releasing it broken regardless, make an apology with a roadmap to fix something they sold, then decide it isn’t worth the effort to fix their game. Rinse and repeat.

ChubbyBlade123d ago

You clearly weren’t around then.

MrBaskerville122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

It was bad on pc, I've bought so many broken/unfinished games back in the day. Most Bethesda games were generally unfinished and pretty damn buggy, especially Daggerfall and Terminator Skynet. Did enjoy Daggerfall a lot despite everything, main story was broken without the patch and I don't think I've ever exited the game voluntariely.

Also bought lot games published by Gametek, they rarely worked. Being an adventureous pc gamer in the 90s was rough, but a lot of the great games were among the best.

This topic reveals who grew up with consoles who grew up with pc.

I'd also say that a lot of the pc ports on ps1 were borderline unplayable, like Xcom: Terror from the deep with its 10 minute long loadtimes and CIV 2 where the ai's turns got longer and longer as the game progressed. There's a lot of ports that probably never should have been released. But the console space has a better track record.

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thorstein123d ago

Even the journalism was golden. Now it's just brown.

gamer7804122d ago

And devs made game show they wanted without pressure from games media to make them how they want. Which is a huge bonus since games journalism has gone down the drain.

Ristul123d ago

Long live the Mega Drive, love that console and still play some of the goldies today. Its my pick for golden era as both Mega Drive and SNES were amazing and still are.

But everyone will have their own golden era for sure.

Magog123d ago

Very true. Old games are objectively garbage, lol

phoenixwing123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I'm sorry to burst your bubble but Chrono trigger is goat and it came out on the snes

Until square enix does a proper remake that's just the facts

Flawlessmic123d ago

Just like your opinion is objectively garbage

Einhander1971123d ago

Most new games are garbage!!

Iceman100x123d ago

Very true they depend on people who don't read reviews or have money to waste.

MrBaskerville122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

That's as untrue as the other guys statement. Games were great then and they ate great now, unless you choose to play shit.

WillyC009123d ago

This opinion is objectively garbage. Thanks for sharing lol.

Magog123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Old enough to have played games in the early 90s when they were new. I just refuse to wear the rose colored glasses that people who obsess over those old games do. The graphics, controls, and overall quality were junk compared to the games we get today. There was some decent music and stories but that's all I will give you.

WillyC009123d ago

Wait, SNES games were garbage? What in the world….the sprite graphics still look fantastic today. That system also had the greatest lineup of rpgs and platformers of all time IMO.

This take is honestly hot garbage Magog.

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


I strongly doubt you played games in the 90's, between the 80s/90s, that was the golden era of pop culture, I still enjoy alot of games and media from that era. sprite/pixel graphics still look good, the controls I can give up on as some game's controls certainly don't hold up, music and stories were fantastic for alot of games. Today, we have alot of games that are pretty garbage, broken at release or never finished, full of DLC/Micro-transactions, loot crates/gacha, today's games also have alot of issues, moreso than the older games.

annoyedgamer123d ago

Yes old Playstation 1 games are objectively garbage. Right?????????

Profchaos123d ago

If they were garbage why are there so many remakes and remasters from the SNES, NES Sega Genesis, mega drive, PS1, ps2 and Ps3 generations still regularly releasing

Gamer75123d ago

You should be grateful for those old games as they lead the way for some of the ones that are available now

Iceman100x123d ago

Then i guess games like the new god or war are garbage, because it's almost 4 years old....smh

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Einhander1971123d ago

Bullshit !!! Most of today's games are unfurnished, dlc, open world rubbish. The 16bit era was the best always will be, pure gaming, pure fun, addictive, high replay value. Games I'm still playing to this day!!

Fntastic123d ago

I would agree, my only issue with 8 and 16 bit games was that a lot of them were quite short and could be beaten in an hour or less, but I didn't discover that until later, and of course some made up for the short length by being more challenging.

Syphos123d ago

No... your missing the mark, the only games that were short were ones specifically targeted at arcades and stuff... the 8-bit and 16-bit Era had JRPGs, lengthy action games, platformers what not some of which are longer then what comes out today, also because it was easier to develop things with less graphical fidelity which led to more fleshed out RPGs for example, instead of the main focus being graphics..

MrBaskerville122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

That's not even close to being true. You should probably broaden your horison a bit. There's so much stuff out there that one would have to be extremely picky not to find a ton worth playing. Get out of your AAA bubble.

And if you want 16-bit games, you are in for a wonderful surprise! You could start with The Messenger and take it from there, the rabbit hole goes deep. And it's not just a pc thing, psn and Switch is packed with excellent singleplayer games with plenty of replayability in almost any genre you could imagine.