God of War on PC is a simply sensational port

Digital Foundry : Another huge PlayStation exclusive has found its way over to PC - and the results are spectacular. Sony Santa Monica has collaborated with partner studio Jetpack to produce a superb port for God of War that genuinely elevates the original experience across the board, improving graphical quality, boosting image quality and leaning into worthwhile PC-exclusive technologies such as Nvidia DLSS. Performance is generally excellent too and there's support for both ultrawide monitors and high refresh rate displays.

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Eonjay14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I remember one of those interviews where Jim Ryan or one of the execs was talking about wanting to reach hundreds of millions of players. Well, while I'm sure this wont do that, I think its an excellect show of good will to what is essentially a brand new market segment for them and they are starting out with a bang. And while of course its the number on game on Steam right now, I'm interested to see how well it sells to the PC crowd. I do know that Sony did right by creating a port that is worthy of PC gamers attention. Anyone complaing about comparisons is crazy because they are gonna show us high end PC hardware from last year vs console hardware from 6 years ago. Let it go lol

darthv7214d ago

The success and praise should be clear to Sony that there is an even bigger market they have ignored for far too long. Its nice for them to finally see it and appreciate there is more to their gaming than just the console space. All the other companies who make PC games welcomes them to the party (if they were a tad late) but fashionably late is better than never attending.

The PC space affords them the luxury of going beyond the limitations of their console to the point they may become addicted and then start releasing games on both day 1. But not right now... in due time.

Army_of_Darkness14d ago

Maybe this will encourage Sony even more to have the most powerful console next Gen (PS6) when they see how even more amazing their games look on ultra settings @60+ fps!

Mr_Writer8513d ago (Edited 13d ago )


"finally see it and appreciate there is more to their gaming than just the console space. "

And it's a shame that appreciation will go largely unnoticed by the PC gamers as it will sell okay at full price and it won't be until it's heavily discounted that it will sell "well".

Because as already shown with Horizon, and Days Gone, PC gamers are yet to put their money where their mouths are.

Christopher13d ago

***Its nice for them to finally see it and appreciate there is more to their gaming than just the console space.***

Do you mean like the streaming space? Perhaps mobile space? You know, those two things they did before others, but somehow by not going to PC means they don't understand things outside of the console space?

So easy to hold on high something someone else did instead of recognizing what Sony has done that others hadn't until recently (or not at all) in order to reach more gamers.

Aloymetal13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Exactly! Plus some people keep forgetting that PS brand became the most successful and popular home console brand without the PC space/crowd for more than 20 years but suddenly they get praised because some other company was forced to do it for obvious reasons and somehow Sony has to follow suit. Funny as heck.

tbagmonster13d ago

army of darkness, you will get that with the mid gen refresh that im sure is coming in a few years

Gamer7913d ago

Didn't realise the ps5 was 6 yoars old.

generic-user-name13d ago


"All the other companies who make PC games welcomes them to the party (if they were a tad late) but fashionably late is better than never attending... they may become addicted and then start releasing games on both day 1. But not right now... in due time."

You don't need to rush to the life rafts when your boat isn't sinking.

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Jin_Sakai13d ago

Wonder how many gamers have a powerful rig because I know that 100% of PS5 users have the exact same experience.

Sireen13d ago

Have you seen the specs required to run it? You don't need a super powered rig

Magog14d ago

After playing it 3 times I'm ready to hear more about Ragnarok! Looks to crank everything up to 11!

foker14d ago

It is all well and good,.. don't like him mixing up 540p CPU stuff without saying what it Gpu it is running on,.. Also never knew GTX 2060 was a low end gpu,.. I learn something new everyday.

ANIALATOR13614d ago

RTX 2060 you mean. And it is the lowest of the RTX cards. Not low end no but low for an RTX card.

thesoftware73014d ago

Correct, I'm rocking a RTX 2060 super and while I want to upgrade, once cards go back to normal retail prices, I like the 2060 super. I am able to run any modern game at respectable levels and sometimes surprises me how good things run.

Andrew33613d ago

@thesofteware730. Prices will never go back to normal, the companies saw what people will pay and have started pricing accordingly.
They just announced the 12gb 3080 for $1350 when the regular 3080 founders was 699. 2gb and a bump in power should not equal almost double the price.

Mr Logic13d ago

GPU doesn't matter, that's the point. You're CPU bound on a 2060 or 3090 in that kind of scenario.

SinkingSage13d ago

Tell me you don't know anything about CPU benchmarks without telling me you don't know anything about CPU benchmarks.

foker12d ago

I am just saying,.. It is understandable to test CPU's like that,.. just not very practical for gamers

Stanjara14d ago

Its sensational, if you have sensational pc. But hey, everyone here is rocking 8k 120fps master race.

Aloymetal13d ago

Yeah, I always see it like this....
*terms and conditions apply - Ranging from potato to leviathan.

Eonjay13d ago

This is the beauty of PC though. If we only had high end card available there wouldn't be such a thing as PC gaming. Even worse the top end cards are even less attainable than the PS5.

ProjectVulcan13d ago

4K DLSS 60FPS maxed out is doable on an RTX 2060.

That's the slowest, lowest end RTX desktop card available, now three years old.

Hardly sensational hardware required then.

LonDonE13d ago

hmm until you look at the price of the said GPU

AT £470 Thats the price of a PS5.......or Series X, then you gotta add up the CPU etc etc
Bear in mind i game on all platforms, got a PS5/Xbox Series X and have a very capable PC too.
In fact my daughters rig i built for her has a RTX 2060 and is a decent PC.

Point being PC is expensive but worth it if you have the time and money to sink into it.
With a 60+ hour job and 2 kids and a wife i find more and more i have very little time to spend on my most loved hobby of gaming.

I have never understood why people compare, either work hard and buy all platforms and support this hobby we all love so much or just enjoy whatever you have and recognize all platforms have pros and cons. God of War looked and ran incredible on the PS4 which is where i played it at launch, i then recently replayed it all on my PS5 at 4k chequerboard 60fps and it blew me away all over again. Yes on A beast rig it will look and run amazing but trust me look at the steam stats, your average pc is not running this game at PS5 levels...
If you are lucky enough to have a above average pc then great. If not enjoy the game on whatever platform you can. Is an incredible game and more gamers playing it can only be a good thing.

LoveSpuds14d ago

Such strong foundations should result in such a good result really.

As a predominantly PS5 user, the only thing that bums me out about the game coming to PC is that I feel the devs should have knocked out a proper PS5 version of the game along with this release, but I am hoping we get a surprise announcement before the sequel comes along.

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