Americas Sales for the Week Ending December 6, 2008

Coming off the Black Friday high, videogame sales are down a bit this week, but the drop is typical. Sales will begin rising again in the run up to the Christmas-Eve madness.

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TheColbertinator4427d ago

Sales numbers.Gives me a good time to check my stocks.

Elven64427d ago

Might want to wait for NPD numbers before you making any drastic decisions to your portfolio.

According to VG Chartz, Mk vs. DC Universe should have been in the top 10 NPD for Novemeber, unfortuently it wasn't even in the top 20. (Sold like 130k ish on the 360 with around 100ish on the PS3)

heroicjanitor4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

Don't bother

Breakfast4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

LBP is not a FLOP...says vg...

fishd4427d ago

According to Vgcharts Sony sold a bit more than 7 mil in 2007,according to Sony's official number they Sold 8.8 mil PS3...I wonder who is right!lol

acedoh4427d ago

But it is nice to see the consoles still doing very well. Great news for gamers... It would be nice to see the PS3 reach that 20 million mark...

N4U4427d ago

is an Americas?

And how is it pronounced?

My guess would be Uh-mare-ee-cass, but I'm phonetically challenged so take it with a grain of salt.

Whatever the case, feel free to chime-in if you have any clue what the hell is going on here and what f*ck1ng alternate universe these week ending sales are taking place in.


I'm sorry...I'm just a bit grumpy today. I have this little pet-peeve when it comes to the incorrect usage of the apostrophe. I'll admit that it's a little odd and maybe even a bit trivial, but if I don't feed the ego who's to say that Id won't come-a-knockin'?

Speaking of Id, if one more person says the word "than" when they mean to say "then", or vice versa, I think my head might just paint the world red, so to speak.

JoySticksFTW4426d ago

Yet the $500.00 160GB Uncharted bundle is sold-out on

Go see for yourself. Someone's been buying it

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swiftshot934427d ago

lets see how many disagrees i get...

Breakfast4427d ago

lets see how many agrees i get...

INehalemEXI4427d ago

Shenmue II, KOTOR etc. I can agree to that.

Danja4427d ago

lets see how many agrees I get..

projectile4427d ago

This kind of proves that there are mostly ps3 fans here :)
On an other note vgchartz has been pretty close to NPD numbers... So who can we trust with sales numbers? The big company's usually only release shipped numbers.

INehalemEXI4427d ago

Wow , Shenmue II and KOTOR was good ....I love my PS3 games but I still got love for those games too.

Jock4427d ago

lets see how many agrees I get.

psycho3604427d ago

Megan Fox is a babe see how many agrees i get.

Sarcasm4427d ago

breakfast is a poor underaged virgin teenage boy who cries for attention on N4G. Let's see how many...

Eh nevermind, we all know the truth.

Xbox is the BEST4427d ago

all know which game system in the BEST

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Bladestar4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

I guess there is no point of undermining VGChartz... it seems the PS3 is doing bad on all charts including NPD...

If one compares NPD vs VGChartz it seems like VGchartz weren't that off for the month of November... as matter of fact they were more generous for the PS3... Same goes for the month of October....

The ratio seems to be on par with NPD... that means that whether you like it or not... VGCharts seems to be somewhat correct...

Kyur4ThePain4427d ago

Saved for future reference.
Thanks mate. Hope that decision doesn't come back to bite you some day.

Rob0g0rilla4427d ago

It's amazing to me since you don't even own a PS3 and you don't like it yet it's rare you don't mention them in your comments. 90% of your comments are Sony related. It's like they did something to you that's got you emotionally butt hurt.

VGChartz is crap. LBP didn't sell a million yet it did on VGChartz. It's seems like it's rarely accurate. I don't know why the site's news get approved on here when we get the real numbers which proves VGChartz is spreading FALSE information.

projectile4427d ago

These are the fastest ESTIMATES we can get on sales numbers. They are bound to not always be 100% correct, but often very close to the NPD numbers witch are supposed to be better but not published so often.

I do not really see the problem posting these numbers. We all know they are ESTIMATES and usually tell who is selling better. (If you need that kind of thing to continuously justify your own console)

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