Dying Light 2 Crossplay Not in, Cross-Gen Not at Launch, Story Can Be Finished With 4 Players

Techland has confirmed that Dying Light 2 crossplay won't be featured, with cross-gen not available at launch. Story can be finished with up to 4 players.

porkChop4d ago

Are you serious, not even cross gen play. Wtf? It's a game built for 4 player coop and we're in-between gens.

SurgicalMenace4d ago

There are plenty of systems out there, bro. Can't keep supporting last gen.

porkChop4d ago

Huh? What do you mean we can't keep supporting last gen? The game is cross gen. It's releasing on every system but the Switch. But the game doesn't have cross gen co-op. So PS4 players can't play with PS5, same with Xbox One and Series gamers.

SurgicalMenace4d ago

Yes, we should stop expecting it anymore.

Nitrowolf24d ago

“Can’t keep supporting last gen”

Only that’s exactly what they’re doing??

My_Name_is_Earl4d ago

Lol bro just say you misunderstood and let that be that. Not the hill to die on.

CorndogBurglar4d ago

What you're saying isn't wrong, but it doesn't fit here.

Yes, they should start to let go of supporting last gen. I agree.

But this game is on last gen consoles lol. It only makes sense to have cross-gen play on this game.

SurgicalMenace4d ago

It doesn't make too much sense because it's not there. I say good, start focusing on developing a next gen only ecosystem. Incentivising the new system purchases.

thesoftware7304d ago


Sure they can, MS supports it, Sony Supports it and the vast majority of 3rd parties.

In a sense Techland is as well, they made ps4 and Xbox versions lol. They just 1/2 stepped on a few feature.

CanadianTurtle3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

"Plenty of systems out there."
Lol what? Considering how hard it is for people to find PS5s in stores due to shortages, the developers absolutely should've made cross-gen play a priority

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MajorLazer3d ago

You can expect it until 2023 at the very least.

gerbintosh3d ago

Maybe they aren't supporting cross gen play due to loading times being significantly faster on the current gen than last gen

Sephiroushin3d ago

Yea i asked for a refund, preordered cause I read it was going to be crossplay so was gonna play with friend that are on ps4, me on PC, its even more stupid that not even crossgen; oh well 3 sales lost

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Aussiesummer4d ago

What I hate about co op games like this is only the host player makes real progress, you can't go back to your own and have the same progress so it makes it redundant.

Fishy Fingers4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

They (devs) cover that in their latest and last video they've actually given thought to that.

dsammy044d ago

My Co-op crew on PS5 so we should be good. But this would be a bummer if not. Considering the dev cycle you would of thought this would be included on launch day at least on the cross-gen scale.

PTMG4d ago

If I were to download the digital edition which features both gen version and install the PS4 version of the game onto my PS5, would I then be able to play with my friends on PS4?

GortJester4d ago

Yes you should be able to no problem

Lexreborn24d ago

Everyone I would play with is on current gen so I’m not to concerned. But it is sad that if I have the PS4 and PS5 copy I wouldn’t be able to play with my son. They’ll probably. Patch it later who knows

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