Dying Light 2 Last-Gen & Comparison Gameplay, Co-Op Footage Shown Off

Techland has finally given us our first Dying Light 2 last-gen gameplay and comparison footage! Not only that, but we got our first look at co-op gameplay as well in these new videos.

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gamingtext2020134d ago

It looks good on last gen consoles and I’m sold on the current gen consoles because they’re running at 60fps.

porkChop134d ago

The current gen versions look pretty smooth. I'm good with how they look. I'm gonna wait for player feedback first though. The game has been in development hell for so long and has seen so many delays. I loved the first one but with how much games cost these days I can't just blindly buy games.

XbladeTeddy133d ago

I'm with you on that, not pre-ordering and waiting for player input. I don't hold hope for games any more especially for PC and optimisation.

CorndogBurglar133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

So, question. Maybe I should know this, but I don't. I saw that Dying Light 2 has 3 settings. Quality, Performance, and another one. Basically quality adds things like Ray Tracing and faster refreshes, but locks it at 30 fps. Performance supposedly takes away Ray Tracing but unlocks 60 fps.

How much better does a game really look with the Ray Tracing? Because honestly, just the 60fps alone feels next gen. I guess I just haven't really experienced Ray Tracing to know exactly what it does.

camel_toad133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

"How much better does a game really look with the Ray Tracing?"

It really depends on the game. It looked great on the PC version of Cyberpunk but there are other games where it's not noticeable enough.

I've been playing the ray tracing version of Minecraft and I honestly find myself sometimes just staring in awe at its effect on the game; especially at sunset when the lighting is really moving and stretching shadows. I'd never go back to vanilla minecraft now.

JEECE134d ago

So disappointing they didn't make the smart move they did with the first game by ditching the outdated last gen consoles (Dying Light was originally supposed to launch on 360 and PS3 alongside XONE and PS4). When the UK numbers come out it will be interesting to see what the PS5 to PS4 ratio is now. A lot of titles last fall ranged between about 2:1 to over 3:1. My guess is that this spring we'll start seeing gaps more like 6:1 in favor of the PS5. This fall and next year will just get embarrassing.

CorndogBurglar133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

PS5's are getting easier to find, slowly....but it's happening. Stores are getting larger numbers stocked and more frequently.

I was finally able to land one 2 weeks ago. I was using an app called Hotstock that would send notifications to me any time a store in my area was about to put them on sale on their website. I went from getting notifications once or twice a week to about 3-4 times a week now. It took me about a month to land one, even with this app. The app doesn't purchase for you, like a Bot. It just sends you to the website and you have to be ready to hit the lurchase button and check out first. The flood of people on the website to check out first was insane.

But when I went to Target to pick mine up, they had 3 pallets of over 100 PS5's. If Sony keeps that up, then most people should be able to get their PS5's relatively soon.

rdgneoz3133d ago

To get mine last year, I followed a few profiles on twitter that would announce new stock 15 minutes to an hour or so ahead of time. Got lucky on Walmart restocking every 15 minutes, by the 3rd restock. 2nd time I got it into my cart, but it was out by checkout 5 seconds later. 3rd time around it was in the cart already, so I could spam checkout.

Visceral89133d ago

It sucks but they can't afford to lose all the sales from people stuck on or can't afford a next-gen console yet.

smolinsk133d ago

Let's just wait for the next gen update. Surely coming